Chapter 1

Saki was running through the forest on her daily morning jog before school. It was early morning in mid-October. The air was cool and crisp from the fresh rain the night before. This was her alone time. She lived in a house with six other siblings, only one of which she was actually related to, which left no room for peace and quiet. Even at school, she spent most of her free time with the track team and its members or her best friend, Ayane. The rest of her time was spent studying or sleeping. She could see her breath from the cool morning air, but the run was keeping her nice and warm. She always wore her teams track suit during this time of year.

Living in a small town with so few people, everybody knew everyone. On occasion, there were people who would come and stay for a while, but in the end they always left town. Most didn't enjoy the country life or were just plainly unable to adapt after living in a big city. As for Saki, she preferred to live in a quiet place. Nothing strange or unusual happened. No big crimes other than the occasional theft. No one she really liked or disliked. It was a typical, boring and normal life, just the way she liked it.

Saki stopped when she heard barking nearby. [i]'A dog?'[/i] She thought to herself as she tried to pinpoint where it was coming from. Not many people in this town were fond of pets and the ones that were normally kept them indoors. Small dogs, cats, even fish. This one sounded pretty big. When it came running out of the bushes towards her she let out a gasp, taken by surprise by the large animal. It ran up to her, happily panting as it waited patiently for her to acknowledge him. Saki couldn't help but smile when she realized that it was friendly. She knelt down and pats his head. "Hey there boy, what're you doing out here?" She took a look at his neck to see a collar, but no tags. Maybe the owner wasn't too far or maybe the dog was lost. "Where is your owner boy?" She asked with a smile and scratched behind his ear. Then she heard a voice coming closer, calling out a name and whistling.

Yoichi walked through the forest, calling for his wolf that had run off. "Cujo, come here boy! Where are you? Come on boy, we can play hide and seek later!" Yoichi called out and whistled a few times to try and get his wolf to come back. He soon spotted his wolf, but also noticed a girl about his age knelt down in front of him. [i]'Phew, from this distance, I would say she was about a C-cup. I call dibs!'[/i] He heard in the back of his mind. He had a split personality, but there was more to it than that. "Shut up," Yoichi mumbled to himself as he started to approach the girl. [i]'Can I please grope her?'[/i] The voice continued. "Shut up Katashi!" Yoichi yelled, at the same time hearing another voice yelling the same thing.

Saki looked up at the man, a little confused on who he was yelling at. She couldn't see anyone else around. Yoichi blushed when he saw the girl now staring at him and cleared his throat. "Um, hello miss, that's my wolf," Yoichi said in a nervous tone and patted his leg to try and get the wolf's attention. "Wolf?" Saki asked and took a closer look at Cujo, not realizing the man was right. "I didn't even know you could own a wolf. That's pretty cool," Saki said and took a moment to analyze the man. He was blonde with golden colored eyes. He had a unique look and definitely knew he wasn't around here. She looked back at the wolf with a smile. "So, your name is Cujo? It's such a touch name for a sweet little guy. Hopefully he didn't get his name because he has the same reputation as the dog in that movie," she said in a joking manner and began to stand up.

[i]'I want to grope her. Let me grope her damn it!'[/i] Katashi said in a very horny voice in the back of Yoichi's mind. [i]'Shut the fuck up you horny perverted bastard!'[/i] Another voice said, the two now having an argument within Yoichi's mind. [i]'Make me Ryuu!'[/i] Katashi snapped back. [i]'You and I both know lover boy here wouldn't do shit!'[/i] Katashi continued in an arrogant tone. Yoichi let out a sigh and tried hard to ignore the two voices and focused on the girl in front of him, but it became more difficult as the two spoke. Cujo wagged his tail, then jumped up onto the girl and tackled her to the ground. As she fell, her hat fell off and her long silver hair fell from her hat down past her waist. She couldn't help but laugh at how cute the animal was being as he licked her face. "Okay, that's enough," she said and managed to get the wolf off of her and stood up, brushing the dirt off of her track suit.

[i]'She is pretty cute. I think I like her! Can we keep her as a pet?'[/i] Ryuu said in a sincere tone of voice. [i]'Holy shit, I'm scared Yoichi! I think he just found love at first sight!'[/i] Katashi screamed in horror. Yoichi shook his head, really wishing the two voices would shut up. But Katashi was right. It was a scary thought that Ryuu had emotional feelings of any kind. "You must be new around here. Things spread pretty fast in this town and I hadn't heard of anyone who owned a wolf," Saki said and gave him a welcoming smile as she held out her hand. "I'm…," she stopped when her phone started to ring before she could fully introduce herself. "Um, I'm sorry. Excuse me for a moment," she said and reached into her pocket, answering her phone. [i]'Do you smell that? Is she wearing perfume?'[/i] Katashi asked. [i]'Katashi, you let me focus on her. You focus on the psycho with his 'newly discovered feelings','[/i] Yoichi thought, trying to keep his composure and unsure of what to do while the girl was on the phone.

[i]'Grope her, grope her now!'[/i] Katashi yelled with a perverted grin. [i]'Katashi, stop staring at her rack already! Oh, and you have a nose bleed, as usual,' [/i] Ryuu said in an annoyed tone. [i]'Ryuu, it is truly a sad day when you, a psychopath, is our voice of reason,' [/i] Katashi said, still a little horrified by how unusual the man was acting today. [i]'I wonder who the whiney chick is on the other line?'[/i] Katashi asked as he tried to listen to Saki's conversation. Saki hung up her phone and looked at Yoichi with an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry, but I have to go. I come through here every morning about this time. Maybe, we'll bump into each other again tomorrow," she said and gave him a quick wave before turning and running down the path towards town. Cujo walked up to Yoichi, holding something in his mouth. It was the girl's hat. Inside, was her name; Saki Nimura, Shingaku High Track Team. Yoichi reached down and took the hat from the wolf. "We should return this to her," he said with a grin, taking a moment to smell her perfume on the hat and closed his eyes. "Let's get Cujo home. After all, we don't want to be late on our first day."