The three blonde women walked silently down the hall along with six escorts trailing behind them. It was awkwardly quiet between the girls, who were cousins, but had never met.

"I'm sorry I was so offensive, Princess Elsa," came the sweet voice of the blonde. Elsa turned to look at her clearly for the first time. Large green eyes and golden blonde hair braided down her back in a long and thick braid. In fact, she was wearing something rather similar to Elsa, armor and clothes fit for a monarch, but worn enough to show that she did not sit on a throne and watch battles go on from afar.

After a pause, Elsa responded, "It's fine... I'm sorry for attacking your men."

The blonde nodded in understanding and turned around a corner, following Anna down a hall.

They finally came to a private room to discuss what they needed to. The three sat down next to a large window and a fireplace.

"Elsa, this is our cousin, Princess Rapunzel of Corona. She came with her personal platoon, those soldiers you faced in the main hall. She came here to ask for our aid," Anna finally broke the silence. "Rapunzel, this is my sister Elsa. I mentioned her earlier."

"Yeah. I remember you from the portraits we have of your family. I'm sorry about your parents.." Rapunzel said sadly. She was trying hard to break the awkwardness, but Anna and Elsa were proving hard to break.

"Look," Rapunzel said bluntly after another moment of silence. "I don't know what caused Arendelle to be so disconnected from the rest of us for so long, but we're together now. We need any aid we can get in this war."

"And what War would that be?" Elsa glared at Rapunzel. "A war like nothing our ancestors have ever seen. A war with a horrible death toll. It started out as a border skirmish, but it somehow turned into something else.

I have a horrible feeling that some dark power is feeding of the hate and chaos that has been caused by all of this and has only made it worse. I'm afraid that's all I can tell you until you decide to help us." Rapunzel's face showed genuine worry. Fear. On a seasoned warriors face, it was the only thing that led Elsa to believe her.

"Elsa and I will do whatever we can to help. Whatever you need." Anna quickly answered.

Elsa masked her shock at the quickness of her answer, and merely looked on. Their relationship had been so broken all their lives, and her spirit so contained that both the girls had grown inept at expressing their feelings at all. It was this fact that shocked Elsa at how easily Anna conveyed her thoughts to a complete stranger, despite their blood relation.

Elsa found herself in great disbelief of what had come to pass regarding Rapunzel's lackluster account of a war beyond their mist-covered shores, but she then again had no choice. And she did not protest the decision. Not this one, and not any other, as she braced the wind at the head of their fleet the next day, with all of Arendelle behind her. All her people, leaving their secluded world to help win the war of others.

Her people were eager to go, to leave their home. In a day they united and were ready to leave. Every last one of them. And as they sailed through the mist to Corona, Elsa had a thought, that perhaps she was more lost than the kingdom of Arendelle.

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