Inuyasha I Don't Think We're In Edo Anymore

An Inuyasha/Stargate SG-1 Crossover

By Gracie Rin

Gracie's Ramblings: Hello everyone! I am happy to present you with my first crossover fic. If you've never heard of Stargate SG-1 your going to be pretty lost while reading this. This fic takes place before Daniel Jackson has ascended. I like Jonas and all but he just doesn't have the language skills Daniel does.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inu-Yasha or Stargate SG-1. I am merely borrowing them for the (hopeful) entertainment of my audience. Please don't sue me all you would get would be::checks pockets::lint and some sort of note from my friend Shavi. On with the fic.

"*word*"means it's said in Japanese


Inu-Yasha and co. were, as always, searching for Shikon shards. They had come across a particularly nasty demon(one of Naraku's minions no doubt) earlier that day. They were all still recovering. Inu-Yasha had a nice stab wound in his left thigh, but it was rapidly healing, Miroku had deep gash across his left shoulder, Sango had a gash from her right wrist to her elbow, Shippo had been knocked unconscious and was now sleeping happily on Kagome's pack, and Kagome only had a sprained ankle. She had her first aid kit out and she was tending to everyone else's wounds.

Little did they know they were about to go for the ride of their lives. When a portal opened right underneath their camp sucking al of them into... well who knows were.


SG-1 and General Hammond were just settling down for a debriefing of their last mission when 4 people and child?? came crashing down into the briefing table, shattering it into wood splinters. The intruders where instantly surrounded by dozens of airmen with M-16s.

"Hold your fire!" Gen. Hammond commanded as Col. Jack O'neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson pushed their way through the airmen to get a look at who had recently dropped in. What they saw was quite incredible. Two Asian men and two Asian women stood before them. One of the men wore a red kimono, he had white waist length hair, a sword that looked way to big to be possible, and white dog ears perched on top of his head. The other man wore black and purple robes, he had black hair which was pulled back into a short ponytail, and he was holding up his right hand as if it were a weapon. One of the women wore a black and pink cat suit, she had blackish brown hair that was pulled into a high ponytail, and she was holding a giant boomerang which she looked ready to throw at any moment. The last girl had long black hair, she wore a green and white sailor uniform, and she was holding what looked like a child with red hair, pointed ears and a big bushy fox tail. The girl with the fox child was standing behind the dog eared guy, and the other two were standing back to back, all were ready to fight or flee.

"Uhh hi," Daniel began holding his arms up, "we mean you no harm."

"Yeah like we're going to believe that," Inu-Yasha replied in flawless English. All his friends turned to him surprised.

"Inu-Yasha I didn't know you could speak English," Kagome said also in English.

"Of course I can speak English, Kagome you think my Mom didn't teach me anything before she died?" Inu-Yasha replied.

"Oh, well in that case why don't you put your sword away before these nice Americans shoot us,"She insisted. He still didn't put it away.

"Inu-Yasha don't make me say 'it'," She stated in an even voice.

"You wouldn't dare," he growled.

"You asked for it. OSUWARI!"


"Ow bitch!"

"What did you call me?!"




Miroku and Sango rolled their eyes and put their weapons away. They walked over to Jack and Daniel and bowed apologetically. Daniel, who had already figured that they were Japanese, followed suit.

"*Who exactly are you all?*"Daniel asked Miroku and Sango.

"Well my name is Sango I'm a taijya[did I spell that right?] this lecherous houshi's name is Miroku, the girl back there her name is Kagome, the obnoxious hanyou's name is Inu-Yasha, the kitsune's name is Shippo, and this is Kirara," Sango said pointing to all in turn and lastly pointing to the two tailed cat on her shoulder. Daniel translated to the rest of the room. He then explained some of the terms.

"A taijya is a demon exterminator, a houshi is a low level Buddhist monk usually trained in fighting, a hanyou is a half demon half human, and a kitsune is a fox demon," he explained.

"Daniel, are you telling me that those two," Jack pointed to Inu-Yasha and Shippo,"actually believe that they're demons?"

"Of course we are," Inu-Yasha said peeling himself off the carpet from the last osuwari," you think I have these ears because I like the way they look?"

"Sir all of this doesn't sound very plausible" Major Samantha Carter said. Miroku upon seeing the lovely major did what he did every time he saw a pretty women. He went over to her grabbed both of her hands and asked her to bear his child. Unfortunately for him Sam knew some Japanese.

"*I'll take that as a no,*" he said rubbing the red hand print on his cheek.

"*Hentai,*"Sango sighed bopping him over the head with her boomerang and then apologizing to Sam for her friend's idiocy. Sango noticed Miroku was swerving slightly.

"*Houshi-sama are you all right? Come on I know I didn't hit you that...*" before she could say another word Miroku collapsed to the floor. "*HOUSHI-SAMA!*" Sango ran to him. She put her head to his chest trying to hear a heartbeat. Inu-Yasha swiveled an ear in their direction.

"*He's still alive. He probably just passed out from blood loss. Kagome didn't get a chance to wrap his wound,*" Inu-Yasha said without even turning to look at the monk. Daniel repeated this to everyone else in the room.

Gen. Hammond picked up a near by phone and asked for a medical team to report to the briefing room. Inu-Yasha and co. were escorted to the infirmary by SG-1. Yes, Dr. Fraiser is going to have a field day with this group.


Author's notes: My current title is only temporary until my muse gets around to suggesting a better one. I hope all you Stargate/Inu-Yasha fans out there are enjoying this. Next chapter: Dr. Fraiser meets the Inu-Yasha cast. Please Review! It would be greatly appreciated.