Hi minna. Long time no see. I'm really sorry but chappie 8 is still on the back burner, because I had to get a new computer which took forever and I lost all the work I had done on it. I'm horrible. You all hate me I know. I hate writers like me too. I'll try to get it rewritten and up asap but with all the Creative writing crap I have to do it could be a while. I'm gonna shoot for the end of the month. I love November I spend more time outta school than I do in it. There's a warning for the next chapter however. My writing style has changed drastically, but I still love this story and I don't want to see it die any more than you do. I'll eventually rewrite all of it but I'm sure you all don't want to wait for that. I'm also trying to work on some of my other stories but I'm trying to make this one my top priority.

Your Devout Miko,

Gracie Rin

p.s. forgive me please