( Timmy's PoV )


Tootie had told him that Vicki didn't want to give her 'The Talk'. However it seemed that Vicki didn't have the same plan for him. Or that's what he assumed as he sat across from her at a picnic table in the park. Vicki had told Tootie that since they, him and Tootie, were becoming more intimate. Said she should try to make a connection with him. Considering she had been the reason he was living with them. And the reason he was able to reconnect with Tootie, he felt they had connected. So this could only mean one thing.

"So... Timmy." Vicki finally said something, her lunch like his sitting forgotten on the table between them. Which only confirmed that this was going to be one heck of a talk... Vicki didn't ignore food lightly.

"Yeah Vicki?" He didn't know what he should do or say to try to make this as easy as he could... for them both.

"You see... I know about you and Tootie, uh, doing things." He fought the urge to make her elaborate, despite knowing what she meant. "And... well. I thought that maybe me and you should have a talk."

"I'm not going to hurt her Vicki. I'm not going to use her or anything like that." Truthful, it always seemed the best when dealing with Vicki. As long as you didn't lie... you didn't die.

"Good... But that's not what I meant. See, Shit... This isn't easy for me you know." Vicki scowled and grit her teeth. It reminded him of his youth. He was starting to feel dizzy.

He closed his eyes.


He opened his eyes.

"Look it's not easy, talking to you about being intimate with my sister. I always imagined twisting off certain parts of a guy's body for touching my sister." Why was Vicki talking to him about being intimate with her sister. Tootie of all people. He did all he could just to keep her off him. Now she was talking about him being intimate with her? He didn't want to have anything of his twisted off.

"I-I swear... I wasn't intimate with Tootie!" Not that he wasn't interested in Tootie... She had mellowed out a bit, but he was afraid to ruin their friendship by going farther... and Vicki being involved. Well that only just made things more difficult. He felt his body start to shake in fear.

"Look I know. I walked in on you and..." She looked at him in a why he didn't associate with his redheaded babysitter. It was almost like she cared about him. "Timmy? Are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah Vicki..." He didn't comment on what she claimed she had seen. Maybe if he didn't go back to that conversation he could just play this off. "S-So... What are we doing at the part. Shouldn't we be back at my house, or something?" He had to play this right. His head started spinning.

"Timmy... I think we should head..."

He closed his eyes, his head hurt.


"I know Vicki, it's a bit awkward... I mean. We should have locked the door. I'm sorry you had to walk in on us like that. We'll be careful from now on." Vicki just stared at him. It seemed like she was confused. "You okay Vicki?"

"Y-yeah... Just... Nothing, I'm alright. Lets finish eating and head back home. If we spend too much time, Tootie might think I'm digging your grave or something." Despite him once fearing she would kill him, it was rather funny now, given their situation.


( Vicki's PoV )


Vicki suppressed a shiver ignoring the sounds coming from her sister's room. They agree to be safe and they go at it like bunnies, teenaged, hormonal bunnies. It isn't like sex isn't something that she didn't know about... she just didn't imagine her little sister actually doing it, and being so vocal about it.

She turned the volume up on the television, and tried to get back to figuring out what had happened earlier with Timmy. It almost seemed like he was afraid of her. Like he was his younger self. That and was talking about his house. Then all of a sudden, he was back to the Timmy she knew, or had come to know. Whatever this was it was getting worse.

"Uh, hey..." Tootie came into her line of sight and sat down next to her. "We uh... we didn't wake you did we?"

Vicki could see how she would think they had. It was the middle of the night, and she wasn't really one to give up a good night sleep. But this Timmy thing had her nervous. She'd been wondering how to talk to Tootie about it.

"No, I was already up."

"S-So... you heard..." Her face turned a pleasant shade of pink. She would have given anything to be able to get under her sister's skin like this before.

"I'm pretending I heard nothing. You were safe right?" Tootie nodded, "Good. Very good."

"We uh... can we change the subject" Oh thank God, Vicki thought.

"Yes yes, anything but this... No offense, but I don't want to think about how you and Timmy... uh... um... Speaking of Timmy. Something strange had been happening with Timmy." She explained what had happened, and about the other times she'd noticed odd things. About how at first, she didn't think much about it other than normal confusion. But today at the park... that had opened her eyes to what was happening.

Vicki had realized that Timmy was broken mentally, but she hadn't thought much about it. Timmy had been through a lot of messed up crap. Mental issues she expected... but his mind was more broken than she thought. She thought it was casual shifts in his behavior... That evil little bitch actually broke his mind.

"...and he just continued on as if the other part never existed. He talked about his house, as if he expected to go back." This was more comfortable to talk about than the other thing. Oddly enough.

"So what do we do Vicki?"

"I don't know Toots. We'll figure it out. I swear."


( Mollie's PoV )


"God, this is boring." Mollie thought aloud to herself, as she sat at one of the tables, in the food court, of the mall. She'd been following Timmy and those two sisters he was living with. Had been following him for almost a week now. She's overheard a lot about Veronica. Hushed conversation between the sisters about Timmy's behavior. Conversation about safe sex... and pretty much every other dull conversation she could think of, if she actually tried to think up dull conversations.

Nothing about her though. That was her main concern. Timmy spilling to the cops about her. She could care less about that twit Veronica. The idiot that now she wondered why she had even introduced Veronica to the concept of owning pets. Veronica had already proven to be unstable. Then collaring a boy that she had a major crush on... She should have put a stop to it... should have known Veronica wouldn't be able to handle it. It was, slightly, her fault. Which is why she was here cleaning up Veronica's mess.

However she knew that she'd never be able to collar Timmy. No. He had become too willful. Had been away from a ruling hand too long to be able to be controlled. Unless she managed to get rid of that raven haired girl. She was the one putting stupid ideas into his head. So she'd use her to... No. No. That was where Veronica had messed up. Timmy turned menacing when that black haired girl was used against him.

But what if Timmy had already told the black haired girl about her? Even if she put the boy down... She could still point the finger at her... Not good. She needed to make sure all loose ends were covered. She checked her purse making sure she had 'Plan Two'. She ran her fingers across the handgun in her purse, then got up to follow the trio out.


( Tootie's PoV )


Bright blue skies over head, with fluffy white clouds, Tootie mused to herself as her and Timmy walked along the sidewalk that wrapped around the pound in the park. Vicki was sitting on top of a picnic table not too far from where they were. She looked out at the water's reflection of the sky, while leaning on the railing. Today she was going to try to talk Timmy into seeing someone about his issues. It'd been a couple of months since Veronica had shot him, and slowly but surely, his mental issues had begun to worsen.

They'd tried hiding the fact that they knew from him. But when he had thought that he was ten again one night. She and Vicki had talked about telling him. Before they could though, he came to them, concerned about memory lapses. About being afraid when he shouldn't be. Or times when he'd just become confused.

"So Timmy." She put her hand on his shoulder. "I wanted to talk to you about seeing someone... about these lapses."

"I-I think that might be a good thing. I didn't want to before. But I think... I think I should." Timmy looked out at the water. "It just might be what I..." A car backfired interrupted him. As he turned to face her. Another, then another. She heard someone yelling then screaming behind her. Sounded like Vicki, A blue haired girl was on the ground with Vicki on top of her.

"Vicki what are you do..." A thud behind her caught her attention.


( Timmy's PoV )


He didn't even see what happened, but he knew the sound... he remembered the burning pain, only this time it wasn't in his back. He watched as Tootie turned away from him. The love of his life, that he hadn't but really only recently realized just how important this girl was to him.

His legs felt like jelly as he fell backwards, after he heard Tootie yell something to Vicki... or at Vicki. Then Tootie returned her attention to him. It was then that he could see she realized what had happened. He laid there looking up into the violet that was her eyes. His mind... for the first time in a long time. Completely clear.

"Timmy. Come on. Say something." He hadn't realized that she had been talking to him. His mind was clear... but it was also getting slow.

"Hey..." Not the smartest answer in the world... but it was the best that he could muster at the time. Things started to get dark.

"No no... Keep your eyes open. Come on. Help is coming." She pleaded with him. Tears streamed down her face. He reached up to wipe the tears away. Obviously he had clutched his burning chest... that was hurting less and less at time went on, because as he wiped the tears away, his blood smeared across her cheek.

"I-I-I'm c-c-old." Winter had been over, and Spring was here. Today had been pretty warm, it was strange that he was cold. He felt something cover him... he looked down or tried to. It seemed to be a picnic blanket... but where? People in the park had gathered. Park's security had a blue haired person handcuffed to a bench. He knew that blue hair. "M-Moll-ie."

He'd almost forgotten about her. His eyes had become heavy again.

"No. Damn it Timmy! Stay awake!" That wasn't Tootie. That was Vicki.

"H-Hey V-Vick-ki. I-I think I'm g-going to take a nap." he vision had faded, and blurred. And quickly he couldn't even see anymore. Just like before, only this time, during the day, he could tell that he couldn't see. "I-I... Tootie... Love."

He couldn't think anymore. He couldn't see, or speak. He could still hear Tootie, and Vicki. Both arguing with him to stay awake. Pleading, begging him to open his eyes. Murmuring from those around them. He knew he could never function in the real world. Maybe this was for the best. Then... he couldn't even hear anymore. Everything was gone.


( Tootie's PoV )


Not long after the incident with Mollie she had found out that she was pregnant. Seems like Health class was right. All it took was one time without protection to get pregnant. She was putting her clothing back over her growing belly. She was seven and a half months pregnant. Vicki walked into the room.

"So how's the little Twerpette doing?" Vicki asked sitting beside her.

"She's great. Wish Timmy was here to see her though." Tootie sighed as she ran her thumb over the picture of the baby growing inside of her.

"I know. I wish he was here too." She rubbed Tootie's shoulder. Using her other hand to help rub some of the gel off Tootie's stomach. "Then he could help clean off this huge stomach of yours."

"It's not that huge!" Tootie pouted. "Yeah... but he had to see his psychologist today."

"Yeah, so he can see the picture when he gets home."


( Author's Note )


Now I bet you all though I killed off Timmy. Honestly? I was going to, that was always the plan. But at the end, I didn't have the heart to leave Tootie a single mother. So I let Timmy live. This story was a bit darker than normal, and I loved it. I plan on doing more like this. But this one has sadly come to an end.