Angel of Music

By: miLady

Author's notes:

Hi everybody, some important notes before I go on with the story. This story is my adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera ala Shamanic Princess. First of all, there are two different versions of Phantom of the Opera. One is the novel by Gaston Leroux and the other is the Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber (which I'm sure was based on the novel). In this fanfic I will be taking ideas from both versions and mixing it up a bit so don't be confused if you're familiar with one or the other and come across something unfamiliar. (Plus of course I'll be putting my own spin in the story ^_^) I will be using some of the original characters, but I'll also be tweaking with some of them just so I can use up all the characters in the Shamanic Princess (I'll be using their anime names of course) and make my story work.

Some character info you should know:

Tiara - plays Christine

Kagetsu - plays Raoul

Graham - plays Erik, the phantom of the opera

Lena - plays Carlotta (I'll try not to make her character too hateful, but then again she and Christine are rivals just like Tiara and Lena)

Leon - plays the concierge (originally played by a female- Madame Giry, but in this case I'll have Leon take the role)

Sara - plays Meg (She will not be related to Kagetsu in this story nor will she be the concierge's daughter- Madame Giry was Meg's mother.)

All other characters play themselves

Well that's it for now. Hope you enjoy the story! (By the way I highly recommend reading the novel or seeing the musical.)

Disclaimer: Shamanic Princess doesn't belong to me and neither does the Phantom of the Opera. Just doing this for fun so please don't sue me. ^_^

Chapter 1

"Lena, watch out!"

Sara's warning rang across the stage and everyone turned to where Lena stood practicing one of her songs. The green-haired soprano stopped singing and looked up in time to see one of the scenery props fall towards her. With a gasp, Lena jumped out of the way.

Sara ran over to Lena, who was staring at the broken prop in disbelief. "Lena are you alright?"

The other girl just stood there numbly as the other performers begin to whisper amongst themselves.

"Oh my gosh, do you think …?"

"It's him, he's here. It's he's doing!"

"The phantom of the opera?!"

Sara heard the whispers and gently led Lena back to her dressing room. On their way there, the Paris Opera's manager passed by them and asked why their lead singer was in such a condition.


"Congratulations, your Grace. You are now the proud owner of Paris Opera." Debienne shook the young Viscount's hand.

Kagetsu eyed the man in front of him a bit warily. "You seem a little too happy to get the opera house off your hands."

"What? Uh … no, not at all," Debienne said with a nervous smile. He quickly changed the subject and pointed to the two men standing behind Kagetsu. "Ah … are these the gentlemen you were talking about?"

"Ah yes," answered the dark-haired Viscount. Kagetsu gestured to the man on the left. "This is Armand Moncharmin. And the one on the right is Firmin Richard. They will be the new managers of Paris Opera." The two men gave a curt nod at Debienne.

Kagetsu looked back at Debienne with a frown. "Are you sure your old manager do not mind retiring from his position?"

"Who, Poligny? No, no, he has told me that it was high time he retired anyway." The former owner of the opera house gathered all the paperwork on his desk and handed it to Kagetsu. "Here you go, your Grace. And will you be joining us for tonight's performance?"

"Yes I will. I hear the acclaimed Miss Lena will be singing tonight."

"Yes, yes she is." Debienne's eyes shifted nervously about the room as if afraid of what he had just said.

Kagetsu stood up, confused at the man's behavior. "I bid you good day then, Debienne. Armand and Firmin will be by tomorrow to begin their duties."

"Yes, of course."

The door burst open before Firmin could put his hand on the handle. A man stumbled in and was about to say something, but quickly closed his mouth when he saw Kagetsu and his men.

"Oh, forgive me, your Grace. I didn't know you were still here," the newcomer said hurriedly.

"It's alright Poligny. The Viscount was just leaving," Debienne explained. "By the way, these gentlemen will be the new managers of the opera house."

"Pleased to meet you, gentlemen. I shall show you around the building tomorrow."

"The pleasure is ours, sir," said Armand with a nod. "Now if you'll excuse us, the Viscount still has matters to attend to."

Poligny stood aside and let them pass. He closed the door and faced Debienne.

"What's the matter with you?" asked the latter of his manager. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I might as well have. I've just come from the stage," he replied and recounted the tale Sara told him about what happened to Lena during practice. "The poor girl is in shock," he continued. "I don't think she'll be in any state to perform tonight."

Debienne placed his head between his hands. "Urgh … we should have just done what he told us in the first place." He looked up with a sigh. "Tell Tiara that she's taking over the lead role tonight."

"I'm so glad I'll be leaving this accursed place," Poligny mumble as he left the office.

Debienne looked around the room and shouted, "There, now are you satisfied?!"


Tiara combed her orange hair as she sat in front of her mirror. She almost dropped the brush when Sara all of a sudden rushed into her dressing room with an excited cry.

"Oh, Tiara, guess what?" the lavender-haired dancer asked.

"What?" Tiara answered with a small laugh.

"You're playing Marguerite tonight!"

"Marguerite? But doesn't Lena have that role?"

"Oh, haven't you hear?" Sara pulled Tiara off her stool and drew her over to the couch to sit with her. "Lena had an accident. One of the props almost fell on her. She's in shock and quite ill, so she went home to rest. Poligny informed me that you have the part." Sara leaned in closer and lowered her voice. "They say it was the phantom."

Tiara's eyes widened. "W-what are you talking about?"

"The accident. They said the phantom did it."

"Did anyone see him?"

"I'm not sure. Some of the girls said they did, but you know them." Sara laughed and added sarcastically, "The shadow of a tree scares them."

Tiara laughed with her friend, but this one was a bit forced.

"Well, anyway," continued Sara. "Better practice. I hear the new owner of the opera house is going to be here tonight."

"Yes, of course," Tiara replied somewhat distractedly.

Sara ran to the door and waved goodbye. As soon as the other girl left, Tiara stood up and sighed.

"Oh Graham, is this your doing?"