Author's Notes: I've started getting ideas from the Frontier series. While my brain gets some rest before kicking into overdrive for Ascension, here's something else for you to enjoy! Technically, this will pick up where "Hacker's Net" left off. The stuff at the beginning of this chapter will fill you in on where the protagonist from DW3 is at now. As you know from the summary, this is a DW3/Frontier story so expect the Frontier kids to pop in soon!! I've decided to make it from a third person narrative to keep things easier. This takes place in episode 17 of Frontier before Tommy gets the Beast Spirit.

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Other Voices

"Agumon!!!" Zack broke into a sweat as he woke up from his nightmare. How many times did he have it? He had stopped counting after ten. The boy silently sobbed as the image of his friend falling into emptiness haunted him. This whole digital world was falling apart. One minute, they were standing on solid ground and the next minute, holes would appear.

It had been two weeks since Gaiamon had been born from Galacticmon absorbing the core of the other digital world. He wasn't sure of anything anymore. Kumamon, Kotemon and Monmon were the first on his list of worries. The list grew to include Veemon, Guilmon, Patamon and Renamon. Finally, the last of his eight companions had made it onto the list.

The boy decided to try and find something to eat. Perhaps he would have better luck today. He had not eaten in the past two days and right now, he could kill for burgers. A soft beeping noise started to echo in the air. "What the-?" He took out his Digivice for the first time since arriving in the new digital world.

"You are Zachary Tonginoro, am I correct?" Zack blinked wearily. Obviously, he was so hungry that he was imagining that he was hearing a voice from his Digivice. "Listen to me, young tamer. There is much at stake. Whole dimensions will be at the mercy of Gaiamon unless you do something."

"Like what?!? I don't even have my partners…my friends with me!!! Wait a minute…what the hell am I doing talking to a Digivice? I must be out of my mind…" But the voice continued to talk. "Your friends are safe. My colleagues have placed them on other dimensions except for the one called Agumon. He is still here in the digital world but a tragedy has fallen upon your friend."

"What tragedy?" Zack was paying more attention now. "Seeing as the only way to obtain your co-operation is to explain everything…when Gaiamon was created, the chaotic forces within Galacticmon were released and divided into four parts. Each of those parts infected a Digimon in this digital world. These four Digimon now have their own agenda for the digital world. Your friend was one of the infected Digimon."

Zack gasped as the voice continued to speak. "If you wish to return your friend to normal as well as defeat Gaiamon, you must obtain the help of those who possess some of the spirits of the ten ancient warriors who originally defended the world from evil. With their abilities, they can obtain the fractal code from the infected Digimon after they have been defeated in battle. Once all four fractal codes have been obtained, we can reunite you with your other friends and then send you to your final battle against Gaiamon. There, the fractal code must be released straight into Gaiamon's core. Once that occurs, a system error will be created and Gaiamon will self destruct." When the voice paused, Zack assumed that it had finished speaking. "Before I go, I just want to know…who are you anyway?" This time, there was no answer from his Digivice. The only response he received was a map giving him a possible starting point. He also started receiving general information about the Hybrid level Digimon.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

"Sorry but you only ate fifteen plates so I can't give you the prize." Zack burped after patting his stomach. "Damn, I was so close too." No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help but have a hint of sarcasm in his voice when he said that. He exited the restaurant and started to make his way around the small town.

Some of the Digimon that he saw along the way reminded him of his friends. He wondered why he was even considering doing what the voice had told him but there was something that made the boy feel he could trust that voice. He didn't know why but he could trust it. "But I don't have anything to trade!!"

Zack noticed a small boy talking to a Datamon. 'A human?!? What is going on here? Maybe I can get some answers from him.' As he made his way over, he could hear the Datamon talking. "Tell you what, kid. I'll give you an hour to find something to trade for these devices of yours since you beat that game." When Zack saw the Digivices in Datamon's hand, he decided to step in.

"I would like to have those. I'll give you a Flame Ring and a Wind Ring for them." Zack had formed the items quickly before heading to the shop. Datamon didn't look too sure. Zack sighed. "I'll throw in a Mythril Crown too…will that be enough?" The Digimon gave a small nod before making the transaction. As Zack examined the Digivices, he heard the little boy talking to him. "Please, you gotta give them back to me and my friends!!" 'What type of Digivices are these anyway?'

 He smiled as he gave the devices back to the smaller boy. "I didn't know that you were chosen children. Who is your partner?" The other boy blinked in confusion. "Partner? I don't know what you're talking about. I'm sorry, mister. Thank you for giving me the D-Tectors!!" 'D-Tectors?!? What the hell type of crap name is that?!? And what does he mean by no partner?' Before he could start asking more questions, the little kid started to fire some of his own. "I would have never expected to see another human. How did you get here? Did Ophanimon send you?"

"Ophanimon? Doesn't ring a bell. How about this? We go meet your friends and we can swap information there. Sound good?" The little boy grinned. "Yeah, sure!! I think they'll like you since you're so nice!! By the way, I'm Tommy!" "I'm Zack…and I'm pleased to meet you."

"Where does Zoe put it all?!?" Takuya and Koji had bewildered looks on their faces as their friend was busy stuffing herself with more food. JP gave a moan. "I don't think I can keep up with her…" "So these are your friends? Weird bunch…" Koji and Takuya turned around to see a boy with black hair and blue eyes beside Tommy.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

"That's impossible!! How can you guys be these legendary warriors?!? It doesn't make sense!! I won't believe it!!" Bokomon kept his cool as he confronted the upset Zack. "Like it or not, these children are the legendary warriors. At least some of them. They possess the spirits of Fire, Light, Wind, Thunder and Ice. The warriors of Water, Wood and Earth have fallen under Cherubimon's influence. As for Darkness and Steel, that is to be determined. Now that you're caught up, maybe you can answer a few of our questions."

An explosion interrupted their conversation as they saw a raging cyborg Digimon creating general havoc in the town. "Who is that?!?" But not even Bokomon could answer the question. "Everyone, be on your guard!!" The five children prepared to spirit evolve. [It is time…]







'Raijinmon?!? They won't be able to defeat him!! He's a mega and their strength levels are too low to take him…even if they do slide evolve into their beast forms!! I find out that some of the legendary warriors are corrupted while the others are just kids!! There's no way that they can help me…but if they do get to a point where they're strong enough to deal with Gaiamon's chaotic force, then I gotta make sure they stay alive!' He pressed a button on his Digivice. "Prepare to accept new partners…"

"Black Storm!!" The intensity of the blast slammed Kazemon into a nearby wall. "Take this!!! Thunder Fist!!" Raijinmon simply stepped to the side, avoiding Beetlemon's attack entirely. "Blitz Arm!!" Lobomon had his weapons drawn and charged the other Digimon. Raijinmon blocked the blows effortlessly before delivering a powerful blow to send him flying back.

Agunimon growled. "That's it!! If we're going to stand a chance against him, we need to use our Beast Spirits!! Execute Slide Evolution…BurningGreymon!!" Kumamon was preoccupied as he had found his Beast Spirit just as Raijinmon was pounding on his friends. "Execute Slide Evolution…Korikakumon!!" Kazemon and Beetlemon focused on activating their own Beast Spirits.

"Execute Slide Evolution…MetalKabuterimon!!"

"Execute Slide Evolution…Zephyrmon!!"

"Execute Slide Evolution…KendoGarurumon!!"

As the four Hybrid Digimon attacked, Zack was going through his cards, trying to figure out which one would help out. 'Raijinmon is technically based on the God of Thunder. Now how can I smother electricity?' He tried to recall the time when he encountered a Raijinmon back at home. 'Yeah…it was Renamon who had a tolerance against thunder. Time to mix it up…' "Partner Select!! KendoGarurumon!!" Neemon looked at the tamer as he prepared to slash his cards. "What's he doing?" Bokomon couldn't give an answer.

"Digi Modify!! Sakuyamon Activate!!" When Raijinmon's thunder attack hit the other Hybrid Digimon, KendoGarurumon didn't feel much of it. He was puzzled about what had happened but decided to save it for later. "Lupine Laser!!" Raijinmon dodged the attack but was slammed down by Korikakumon's attack.

'Now thunder is weak against the earth so…I think this should do it.' Zack whipped out another card. "Partner Select!! BurningGreymon!! Digi Modify!! AncientVolcamon's Supernova Activate!!" BurningGreymon didn't know where the new attack came from but he fired it anyway. It hit dead on to the other Digimon. The five Hybrids transformed back into their other forms, sensing that the battle was over. Raijinmon exploded into data without leaving any type of fractal code.

When the group landed, Kazemon asked the question that was on everyone's mind. "How…were you able to do that?" Zack remained silent for a moment before speaking. "If you don't mind, I need to be alone for a while." As he walked away, a small tear escaped his eye. 'Looks like that I'm a long way from finding my family again.'

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