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Forbidden Fruit
By xxxaddictivexxx

Forever Love Forever Dream
I can't go on
Oh tell me why, Oh tell me true
Tell me the meaning of life
These tears overflowing from our relation
Until the seasons change into forever
Forever Love...

--forever love, x

~Prologue; the power of goodbye~

"You didn't come..."

I cringed, as his deep voice cut through the humid summer air. The breeze softly whispered to the sakura petals, inviting them to swing in its embrace. They danced in unison, swaying with the gentle music of nature. I solemnly caught one, feeling its silk texture. It was all so unreal.

"Ryoko, why didn't you know it meant a lot to me. I wanted you to forget about..."

His sentence stopped, and he cleared his throat. My hands grabbed the sake bottle, resting in my lap, and I took a masterful swig of the Japanese alcohol.

"Of course I didn't come, what do you take me for? Demon made of steel? Ha!"

My bitterness was so hard; I choked on the bile that started to rise. He looked so crestfallen; I almost dropped my sake and embraced his slumped shoulders. I held back, he wasn't mine to hold anymore.

"I thought you would be stronger..."

I laughed, this harsh noise that startled even me. My eyes watered, slowly filling with the sorrow I tried so hard to hide.

Stronger? I think I was being pretty strong just talking to him right now, it was bizarre...last year I wanted to never be 10 feet from him, now all I want is to leave the face of this planet. All I want is to hide from his presence.

"It's hard to be strong, when you feel so empty Tenchi."

I came out as a whisper, but I knew he heard the soft-spoken words of my pain. His brown eyes met mine, and I could see all the happiness and sadness that whirled together to form a strange emotion.

"I'm sorry Ryoko, I-"

I turned from his gaze, staring back into the sky that held the colors of the setting sun. Another day has passed, yet I don't even know night from day anymore.

"Tenchi, I didn't come to your..."

I bit my lip, closing my eyes, trying to keep the tears I seldom showed, from escaping to Tenchi's view. A single tear managed to free itself, and ventured into the world, leaving a path written on my pale cheek.

"I didn't bother coming to your wedding," I continued, "I've already lived it a thousand times in my dreams..."

"When you asked Ayeka to be your wife...I imagined it was all a nightmare. All a stupid trick you bums were playing on me..."

Irony crawled all over my face, as I chuckled sarcastically at my own miserable life.

"It was so unreal, watching you in real life...on your knees, asking for her hand in marriage. I remember spacing out, everything getting blurry,"

*Flash Back*

His body stood on bended knee, his eyes shinning magnificently towards his true love. His hands outstretched, grasped her own delicate fingers.

His smile radiated the room, "Will you marry me?"

Her cry of joy would always be remembered in my mind, that noise replaying and replaying for the rest of Ryoko's life.

The image of them locked in an innocent kiss was almost frightening, and Ryoko could not help but clutch her breast that covered her thumping heart.

The sound of her heartbeat banged violently in her ears, as the room started to spin and mold together in a blurred mass.

Ryoko just wanted to be anywhere but here.

In the background, the laughter over came her hard and shallow breathing.

*End of Flash Back*

I smiled, phasing beside Tenchi. My eyes, dull and lifeless, looked him up and down in approval. He was decked in Jurian wedding wear, looking more handsome and proud then ever before. He was perfect, yet forbidden fruit to my lips.

"I bet it was a beautiful wedding, and best wishes to you and your wife...goodbye Tenchi."

A sob escaped my trembling lips, and I turned from him in embarrassment and shame. His hand fell on my shoulder, and I froze at the contact.

It felt wonderful for him to touch me, just plain wonderful.

"Ryoko, why goodbye? Come with us to Jurai,"

I spun around, this time more than just sorrow etched into the golden maze of my eyes.


He looked speechless, "...I mean, I want you to live with us in the palace. All of you..."

I fell to my knees, clutching the earth on which we stood. My eyes let all the tears fall, and my body shook with sobs as I tried to find something in me that wasn't going crazy.

"You fool, you naïve man," I cried, "You torment me so much..."

"What do you mean, Ryoko?" His confusion blinded me with more rage, and I wondered if he would get a clue.

"Tenchi, you and Ayeka lived my dream. My one true desire. She took you from me, she won your heart and I was left with this stupid life! Good for her, she won you fair and square...but, do you understand that I can barely look at you anymore without being reminded of what I could have had?"

I gasped for breath, trying to calm my shaking body with oxygen. I was trembling so badly, my head was beginning to hurt with such pain and my eyes stung with more tears. I didn't know if they would ever stop...

"I watched you grow, and I saw you turn into the man I wanted to devote my every breath to. It hurts to know, that I will never be able to experience love in my life. I can only watch you all enjoy it, and observe and dream about what it would be like to be held and kissed in your arms..."

He bent beside me, his eyes shinning with tears of pity and sympathy. One escaped it's home, and my trembling hand touched it gently.

"Don't you dare cry for me..." my hoarse whisper scratched its way past my lips, "I don't want your tears."

I looked into the brown sea of kindness before me, and smiled, as I stood weakly up. He would have made me so happy, completed every missing piece, answered every unanswered question, and fixed every broken thing, in my life. He would have made me the happiest woman to ever exist.

There were many possibilities, but the reality was so strong it made it a pain to dream.

"Ryoko, please...understand...I love-"

"I know, I love Ayeka. Good for you."

His face dropped, but he looked determined. He stood before me, and grasped my hand the same way he touched Ayeka's.

"Ryoko, I want you to be in my life and live with us on Jurai. I promise to devote myself to you as a friend, even as a best friend..."

I shoved him away, "No, thank you."

"Please, I don't want to loose you..."

I smirked, "I'm not even here anymore. Goodbye Tenchi."

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