Chapter 5

A Dream

Waking up in the woods was not unusual to me. Waking up with a bunch of arrows in my face was. I slowly held up my hands and one of them grabbed me. He tied my hands roughly.

"Hey! That hurts!"

Either they didn't speak English or they just didn't care. They took me to two large doors that seemed to be attached to a tree. They dragged me inside and threw me in a cell. I sat there for over an hour before they came back. They brought me before a man. He was tall, thin but I knew looks were misleading and he was probably very strong. He was without a doubt the most handsome man I'd ever seen in my life. In all honesty, I wanted him.

"Look sir, I didn't mean to trespass…"

The guard shook me roughly. He said something in a different language and I shoved him.

"If you'll excuse me! I was trying to apologize."

When I turned, the man was right in front of me. My eyes went wide and he stared me down.

Thranduil's POV

She was breathtaking. She wasn't an elf, but she didn't seem entirely mortal. I looked at my guards.

"~Take her to my chambers. Be discreet. Make sure she I given the best.~"

They bowed and then took her away. I wanted her.

Lily's POV

I was taken to a large room. It almost looked like a hotel suite. Two beautiful women came in and they fixed my hair and took my cloths to mended. I was left with a dress so I put it on.

A few hours later, the man walked in.

"Excuse me, it's polite to knock.

"These are my rooms. I don't need to knock."

"Oh. Sorry. I'm Lily Porter."

I held out my hand but he just looked at me. I slowly retracted my hand.

"What's your name?"


"Wow, that's a unique name. You know I-"

I was cut off. His lips had captured mine in a soft kiss. I closed my eyes and eagerly responded. This all had to be a dream, I was going to take advantage of that. I wrapped my arms around his neck and slid my tongue into his warm mouth. He moaned and I tried to get even closer. He tore his lips away from mine and bit my neck.


"You say your name is Lily, but you smell like roses."

The sound of his voice made me shiver with pleasure.

"I'm going to make you mine. Will you defy me?"

"I can't." I whispered.

"Good. No one else will have you but me."

"Just keep talking! You're voice…it… ohhh!"

"You like my voice do you? What if I were to stay silent?"

I tightened my hold on his robe and he pulled on my hair, forcing me to look at him.

"Such beauty. Such fire. Does my voice fuel your fire? Answer me!"

"Yes! Yes Thranduil!"

He chuckled and lifted me into his arms. He laid me on his bed and touched my cheek.

"I'll be gentle… this time."

I moaned at his words. He lowered his hips to mine. I closed my eyes with a smile when I felt how aroused he already was.

"I wanted you back in the throne hall. I was going to send every guard away."

He started pulling my dress up. His warm fingers stroked my inner thigh. I eagerly parted my legs for him.

"Will you obey the king?"

I looked at him.

"You're a king?"


I smiled.

"Then how about I give you some royal treatment?"

I pushed him onto his back and then slowly took off my dress. I took off my bra and tossed it aside.

Thranduil's POV

Her lovely full breasts were revealed to me. She straddled me and opened my robe. My arms became trapped by the fabric. Her deep blue eyes stared into mine. She slowly opened my tunic, her slender fingers stroking my chest. I closed my eyes, lost in the feeling.

"Let me touch you." I said.

She put her hands on my shoulder, pulling me up. She pushed the rest of my tunic and robe off. I touched her gently. She was perfect and I didn't want a bruise anywhere on her. I laid my head against her chest as my hands roamed the rest of her body. I kissed the side of her breast and then stroked the underside, making her moan.

"Don't hold back! Let me hear you!"



I wasn't even inside her yet and I felt ready to come. I laid her back, I saw the lust and desire in her eyes. I kissed her lips then kissed down the rest of her body. I got off the bed and removed my boots and trousers. Her eyes widened when she saw me. I smirked and then got back on top of her. I started to massage her breasts. Her mouth fell open and she tilted her head back. I took one in my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipple.

"Oh god! Thranduil!"

I chuckled and moved to her shoulder. I kissed her there and then went to her neck.

"Tell me what you want?" I whispered.

I kissed her neck and bit gently. She just moaned.

"Tell me what you want Lily."

She couldn't seem to find her voice.

"What do you want?"

"K-Kiss me, Thranduil. Kiss me."

I kissed her soft lips. She tangled her fingers in my hair and kissed me harder. I'd never lain with a such a fiery woman. I loved it! I reluctantly pulled away and stroked myself. I stared into her eyes as I pushed the tip of my manhood against her opening. She closed her eyes and whimpered a bit. I pushed only the tip of myself in. Her hand shot out and grabbed my shoulder. She pulled me down to her, I could feel the warmth from her lips.

"Kiss me." I whispered.

She leaned forward with a small smile and kissed my lips. I stroked my cheek with her thumb, only away a few inches.

"It will hurt."

"This isn't the first time I've had sex, Thranduil."

I chuckled and pushed a little further.

"Were they as big as me? Were they as long as me?"

I gave another little push. Her eyes were wide at this point.

"As thick as me? Hm?"

She looked down to where our bodies met. She moved her hips towards me and I smiled. I had to keep my self-control. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her.

"It will hurt. I don't want to hurt you." I said softly.

She looked directly into my eyes.

"I want it. I want all of it inside me. All of you."

My breath hitched.

"I will give you anything your heart desires. If you want me, then you shall have me."

I pulled myself from her and sat back.

"Get on top of me."

She did as I said and I put her hands on my shoulders.

"Take your time." I said breathlessly.

She kissed me hard. I felt her hand on me and I moaned loudly into her mouth. She slowly began to sink down on me. She pulled back and threw her head back. I kissed the base of her throat. I felt her fingers move through my hair. She brushed over the tip of my ear and then looked at me. She moved my hair and her eyes went wide.

"You're an elf?"

"Yes. Does this bother you?"

I smiled and shook my head.

"Not at all."

I smiled and she kept lowering herself. We both moaned as I filled her. I gave her a moment to adjust before I moved my hips lightly. She cried out and I feared that I had hurt her. There was a wild look in her eyes.

"Have I hurt you?"

She shook her head and kissed me passionately. She fell on her back and I grabbed her thigh, squeezing. My tongue wrestled with hers as I moved inside her. I could her the wet noises that came from our passion. I heard her moans of pleasure. I moved from her lips to her neck.

Lily's POV

Sex had never felt this good before. Not even if real life. I needed to dream like this more often. And Thranduil, he was everything I could ever want. Strong, handsome and so caring. With each thrust he went deeper and deeper. I loved the sound of his voice! Strong and soothing.

"Thranduil! Harder!" I begged.

He grunted as he started to pound harder and harder into me. He had me pretty much screaming in pleasure.

"Look at me!" he demanded.

I looked into his beautiful, pale blue eyes. He dropped his mouth to mine, swallowing my moans and screams. His thrusts were getting sloppy. My nails dug into his back as he gave one last thrust. I came screaming his name. He kept going as his white hot seed spilled into me. He collapsed on top of me then immediately rolled over. He held me to his hard chest.

"I don't want this to end."

"Why would it end?"

I looked up at him.

"Because I eventually have to wake up."

He sat up a bit.

"You think this is a dream?"

"It has to be."

"What makes you say that my dear?"

I took his hand.

"This can't possibly be real. Elves don't exist. Men like you don't exist."

"Men like me?"

"Handsome, strong, and someone who might actually live longer than the others."

"So you're not mortal?"

I shook my head.

"I was born immortal for some reason."

There was a smile on his face. I loved his smile.

"Listen to me Lily, I am not a dream. I'm very real."

He took my hand and placed it over his heart.

"You're not dreaming, meleth."

A tear rolled down my cheek as I closed my eyes. He pulled me to him and then laid down.

"Sleep. I promise you'll still be here when you wake. And so will I."

He kissed my lips before I drifted off to sleep.