Things You Might Want to Know About the Story

This is my first HP/SM fic, so bear with me for a bit. Personally, I think that Usagi and Sirius are the perfect couple, and so are Minako and Lupin. So guess what? They're a couple in this. They will also be the only Sailor Senshi in this story, and they wont really be sailor senshi. Instead, hey will be simple girls from England. In fact, they will be Twins. I will be using their American names for this, just 'cause I feel like it.

Serena 'Sere' and Minuette 'Mina' Gray. I know that Minuette isn't really her name, but I wanted both of them to have fancy names since they are twins. They are the only children of some extremely wealthy muggle parents. They have matching wands. fourteen inches, whippy, and with a unicorn hair from the same unicorn. Sere's is Willow and bendy, Mina's is cherry and Both of them are very powerful witches, and are popular at school. K? anyway, my fic, my rules. I hope that you enjoy this, It's going to start in their sixth year.

The girls are in the same year as the marauders. Mina, Sere, and Lily are best friends. They do everything together. The girls were taunted and teased by the boys during there first year, and they now get back at the boys by pulling pranks on them. The boys generally get blamed for the pranks that the girls pull on other people as well as the pranks that they themselves pull. The students named the girls 'The Trinity' after they started to hang out all the time and pull pranks on the marauders and other houses.

The three girls are spell makers, which is extremely rare, and they enjoy using new spells on the boys. the girls are very careful. They only use new spells on the boys. They use well known spells on the others. I have decided on sixth year because they have had time to develop well placed grudges and things of that nature. Peter Pettigrew is going to be portrayed as a friend and not quite equal member of the Marauders who is madly in love with Sere, but no one knows it. After all, he was one of their friends and no one suspected him at all. So now he is the slightly under average part of the over average marauders. I am not going to put him down constantly.

I will not post this notice until I am done with the first chapter. I accept Flames, grievances, questions, marriage proposals, death threats, and comments. So, without further ado, on with the story.

- Damia -