Chapter 7

~*~ Herbology

Sprout had paired everyone up for the year, keeping the pairs in the same house since she had double class. Sirius and Sere, James and Lily, Remus and Mina and so on. Three pairs to a table. Today, she was giving them a quiz of sorts. There were six jars at each table.

"Alright then class, I want you and your partner to work together and figure out what is in the two jars. Miss Gray, Miss Gray, Miss Evans, Mr. Lupin, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Black will please refrain from using spells on each other. This is to test your memory on the things we learned over the past few years." She sat down and watched them.

"Ewe, gooey," Sere commented looking at the stuff in the first jar.

"Calm down Serena," Sirius told her.

"Who said I was upset Mr. Black?" Sere asked affably. She sniffed it and looked at the color. Sirius was looking at the contents of another jar.

"What do you think that is?" Sirius asked her.

"Could be one of three from the looks of it," Sere told him.

"I can't believe I got stuck with you as a partner, Keep trying I'll help you when I'm done," He told her disgustedly.

"Oh?" Sere asked, her eyes glinting dangerously. Her sister put a hand on her shoulder and shook her head no when Sere pulled out her wand. She put it back and growled.

"Remember, work together," Sprout reminded them all. Sere nodded her head.

"Hey Sirius, Sprout thinks we should work together," Sere told him.

"In a sec," Sirius answered. Serena counted to one, shrugged, and dumped the jar over Sirius's head.

"Thanks, you just gave me the answer, it's bubotuber puss" She told him with a smile as he broke into countless boils.

"SERENA GRAY," Miss Sprout shouted across the room. The class looked over and started to laugh. Serena gave her an innocent look.

"Yes Professor Sprout?" She asked.

"Five points from Gryffindor," She shook her head tiredly.

"Your the one that said to work together," Serena said

"And two detentions, Sirius, go see madame Pomfrey," Sprout put a hand to her forehead and muttered something about being to young to be driven insane by seven teenagers.

"I hope you are on your way to Madame Pomfrey," Dumbledore said as he turned a corner and walked into a boil covered Sirius Black.

"Yes Professor Dumbledore," He answered in an angry tone.

"Where are you coming from?" the professor asked.

"herbology," the boy answered, walking past him.

"Hmm," Dumbledore knew that Sprout had given everyone boy girl study and class partners. Personally he thought that Sprout had a death wish after pairing Serena Gray with Sirius Black and Lillian Evens with James Potter. Then again, She could just be bored. He wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall during that particular class during some of the things he knew they would be doing.

"Sere, did you have to do that?" Mina was asking her twin. Class had just ended and they were going up to the common room.

"I had to figure it out somehow, and there was no way I was going to test it on myself," She told her twin.

"It was pretty funny," Lily said.

"damn straight it was," Sere agreed.

"but now you have two detentions," Mina told her sister.

"It's worth it," Sere answered.

"To bad I didn't get a picture," Lily said with a sigh.

"We can always repeat the process again," Sere said with a wicked grin.

"Sere," Mina said, shaking her finger at her, "you should know better,"

"What?" Lily asked in surprise.

"Has dating Remus completely screwed your mind?" Sere asked.

"No, but something evidently screwed yours. Sirius is going to be watching his back now. Do you really think you'll have another chance like that? No, so we're going to have to do something better and get a picture of that," She said with a nod.

"You had me scared there," Sere said, pretending to wipe her brow.

"Really, you should know me better than that," Mina said with a laugh.

"We could always try the same thing on Malfoy or Snape," Lily suggested. They walked through the portrait hole and sat down on a couch. Others were there as well.

"I just got the most the most scathingly brilliant idea," Sere shouted, rubbing her hands together and giving that wicked smile.

"yay," Lily cheered as groans were heard from around the room.

"We know what that means," someone shouted.

"The Trinity is going to strike again," called out some one else.

"hey," Sere shouted indignantly, "We need to have fun somehow,"

"Your not attacking the marauders again, are you?" asked someone else.

"Nope, Slytherins," Sere said. The others stopped commenting after that.

"Alright, give us the plans," Mina demanded.

"Alright, here it is girls," Sere started. She gave them the plan quickly. (AN - don't you want to know?)

"I love having you as a sister," Mina declared.

"Of course, I'm perfectly wonderful," Sere said.

"yes," Lily Drawled, "a perfectly wonderful nitwit,"

"Ingenious nitwit," Mina corrected.

"my mistake," Lily said with a laugh.

"So, when do we implement the plan?" Mina asked her sister.

"Let's start now," Sere answered. They headed back to the Herbology green houses.

"Gray is going to Pay," Sirius announced to his fellow marauders later that night while everyone else was asleep. They were in the common room, trying to come up with pranks to pull.

"Now, Now Padfoot, This is no time to become a poet," James told him.

"Prongs has a point," Remus agreed.

"It's not my fault that her bloody surname rhymes with pay," Sirius snapped.

"Are you sure he isn't rabid?" Peter asked the others.

"Wormtail, if he were we'd probably have a couple of rabid females on the loose right now," Remus told him, turning the page of a magazine he was reading.

"What a lovely thought," Sirius enthused.

"Two blondes and a red head, running around and foaming at the mouth. We could set them loose at the Slytherin table," James said gleefully.

"Would you kindly remember that one of the females in question is my girlfriend," Remus said drily.

"What's this? Mooney trying to keep the girl to himself?" Sirius asked.

"Oh now, have a heart, what's a little sharing between friends?" James asked.

"You guys would contaminate her, and then I'd have to put her out of her misery, which would leave me pining away for a beautiful blonde that no longer exists and it would be up to all of you to pull me out of a slump that could very well last my entire life and provide multiple psychological scars. Not to mention that every little thing would probably bring back painful memories that I will never get over and I'll become a alcoholic and skip all my meetings so that I could sit and stare at a portrait that bares only the slightest of resemblance's, but which will remind me of her nonetheless. Do you really want me to become a social outcast of that ilk?" Remus asked them as he turned another page. Peter was trying not to laugh at the looks on his friends' faces. Remus had talked like he was discussing nothing more important than the weather.

"After a comment like that," James started.

"Rather large comment," Sirius broke in.

"Yes well, after that speech, I think we had better not contaminate her as it were," James decide.

"Gee, my thanks," Remus said with a smile.

"Of course my dear sir, you do not deserve years of mental torture of the demise of the blonde haired, blue eyed, long legged, lusciously made Minuette Gray," Sirius told him.

"Did you just call my sister Luscious?" Sere asked as she, Lily, and the girl in question came in.

"Compared to you, Anyone could be considered luscious," Sirius informed her.

"I'm not sure if I should be flattered or not," Mina said as she pulled the magazine out of Remus's hands, sat on his lap, and gave him a kiss. Remus put his arms around her waist and grinned sardonically.

"I think you're luscious," Remus told the girl.

"I'm completely flattered when you tell me that, but the way Sirius put it has me stumped,"

"If not being luscious keeps me from strays like you," Sere said, tapping her finger on his chin, "I might be glad I am the way I am," She turned and sprawled in a chair that was hastily vacated by Peter.

"Got a date tonight?" Peter asked her.

"why would you ask that?" Sere asked him. She and the other girls were down in there bathrobes. They hadn't been expecting anyone else to be in the common room, but they had to prepare for any snag they might come across.

"Because your wearing nice sandals," Peter told her. Poor Peter. He had had a crush on Sere since their first year. He was positive that she was a living breathing angel.

"Thinking about it, what are you doing down here?" James asked.

"What are you doing down here?" Lily countered.

"You tell first," They both said together.

"Marauder business," Sirius snapped.

"Trinity business," Sere snapped at the same time.

"Fine, now that we know, it's time for us to go, we'll be back in a bit," Mina said with a smile. She took off her yellow bathrobe and dropped it on Remus's lap.

"See you all later," Lily said. She put her robe on the floor.

"Don't wait up," Sere told them. She took off her robe and put it on the table. Peter stared at them all with open awe.

Mina was wearing a black skirt that was skin tight until it was halfway down her thighs, then it was split up both sides. Her black top was long sleeved, but the thing about the shirt was that there was a section about 2 inches wide that went from the middle of the square neckline to the hem of the shirt, that was lace up only. She had on black 3 inch high heeled sandals that laced up to her knee. Lily had on the same sandals and skirt, but her shirt was long sleeved and had no back. instead, there were ties that connected the shoulders, and four more below that. Each was in a neat little bow. Sere had the same skirt and sandals as the other two. Her shirt was a simple, skintight black long bell sleeved, but was completely sheer. her skin glowed like moonlight underneath, except that she wore a black bra.

"You aren't going out there like that, are you?" Peter asked.

"Why wouldn't we?" Mina asked.

"well, well," Peter stuttered.

"Well nothing. This is what we wear every time we go out at night. You can live with that. This is our Trinity uniform," Lily informed him.

"Do you know what will happen if someone catches you wearing that?" Peter asked.

"yes, That's why we don't get caught. See you later," The girls slipped out through the portrait hole.

"Now I see why you'd miss her," James commented.

"She looked pretty hot," Sirius said appreciatively.

"Yeah, and there were two others with her," Remus growled, not at all liking the direction this was taking.

"Man, they all looked luscious to me," Peter remarked.

"I think that's part of the point," Sirius said.

"Have you ever seen them dressed like that before?" James asked.

"Yup, they got those outfits in third year," Remus said.

"How come we've never seen 'em before Mooney?" Peter asked plaintively.

"No one outside of us and the other girls in their dorm have, and the other girls were sworn to secrecy," Remus told them.

"Should we do pictures now, or later?" Sirius asked.

"Never," Remus said with a frown, "The girls would get in lot of trouble for it, and then Mina would be mad at me because of you guys, and then I'll be mad at you because of Mina, and then," James cut him off.

"Then we'll all be unhappy together. Gotcha,"

"I still want a picture of the trio in full regalia for myself," Sirius commented.

"That wasn't full regalia," Remus answered.

"Huh?" Peter asked.

"They have black cloaks that go with it that cover them from head to toe. As well as wooden staffs and black leather belts that hold all sorts of things that you don't want to know about," Remus told them.

"Where are the belts?" Sirius asked. His curiosity level skyrocketing.

"I don't know," Remus answered.

"Could you find out?" James asked.

"I guess-" he cut himself off, "Oh no, you're not getting me to help booby trap their belts, there is no way in hell I'm going to help you do something like that, Mina would have my head for 1, and for another Sere will glare at me,"

"Big deal, She'll glare at you," Sirius scoffed.

"Padfoot, Has Sere glared at you before, I mean with a lot of ill intent," Remus asked.

"No," Sirius answered.

"Then don't comment on what you don't know about," Remus told him.

"What do you think they're doing?" Peter asked.

"Pranks on Slytherins," James suggested.

"Coloring Smalltooshe's hair again," Remus offered.

"Letting Frogs loose in the Hufflepuff girls dorms," Sirius offered.

"They already did that stuff," Peter reminded them.

"So?" James asked.

"So the girls looked to smug to be pulling something that anyone's ever pulled before," Remus said, catching on.

"I wonder what they're up to," Sirius said.

"You've got that glint in your eye Padfoot, what are you planning?" James asked with a smile.

"Planning? Me? Whatever are you talking about my dear Prongs?" Sirius asked with an innocent face.

"Why, My dear Padfoot, I am talking about that unholy glow in your eyes when you think of something truly heinous," James answered.

"Ah, now, I am thinking that we should follow them and figure out what they're doing. Hasn't it ever made you wonder," Sirius asked.

"What made us wonder?" Remus asked.

"The way the girls are able to get into other peoples houses? How they know about all of our secret passages? How they can stay out for hours, and yet, never get caught?" Sirius asked.

"That's true," Remus agreed.

"I wouldn't bring it up if it wasn't true," Sirius said. The others laughed at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Let's follow them some other time, I'm not in the mood for it tonight," Remus said.

"Awe Mooney, Do we have to?" James complained.

"You don't, but I am," Remus told him.

"Fine, we wont follow them, but we will wait for them," Sirius said.

"Fine," Remus agreed. He knew he wouldn't get any better options from the other marauders at this point in time.

"That was extremely refreshing," Sere said with a giggle of happiness as the Trinity came through the portrait hole.

"You said it," Mina agreed.

"They wont know what hit them," Lily said with a laugh.

"Who wont?" James asked.

"What'd you do?" Sirius asked at the same time. Sere groaned as she flopped onto an armchair.

"Didn't I tell you not to wait up?" She asked them.

"Yep, but we chose not to listen," Peter told them. James and Sirius gave a cheer as Lily and Sere fixed death glares on him.

"I suggest that next time you do as I ask, we might do something interesting before we come in here next time," Lily commented in a light voice.

"So what did you do?" James asked.

"you'll find out in the morning, it's bed time for us," Lily told him.

"Sirius?" Sere asked.

"what?" He answered.


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