Heero - 17

Duo - 17

Quatre - 17

Wufei - 17

Trowa - 19

Uranus and Neptune - 21

Saturn - 16

Inners - 17

"Duo, You die," Yelled a very irate Wufei, coming out of his room.

"Wait a minute," started a sleepy looking Duo, "I didn't do anything today, I swear,"

"Where is my katana?" Wufei asked him, red in the face.

"How should I know?"

"Who else would have taken it?"

"I dunno, but it wasn't me,"

"Someone is going to die when I find my Getana," Wufei growled, going back into his bedroom.

"Did one of you guys take it?" Duo asked, looking around at the rest of his friends, who were all in the kitchen.

"Not that I know of," announced Quatre. Trowa shook his head and Hiiro walked out of the room.

"Geez, I think Wufei's getting a little paranoid," Duo said, sitting down and pulling a platter of Bacon towards himself. As he sat and munched happily, the phone rang. Quatre answered it.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hi, I was wondering if I could talk to Wufei for a moment," Asked a female voice.

"Let me check," Quatre answered. He walked down the hall a little ways and knocked on Wufei's door.

"What is it?" Wufei asked, throwing open the door.

"There is a girl for you on the phone." Quatre answered, handing him the phone. Wufei angrily brought the phone to his ear.

"What does a weak onna want to talk to me about?" he asked rudely.

"Now you see," started the voice on the other side, "That's why we took your katana,"

"WHAT?!" He yelled at the phone.

"Do I really need to repeat myself?"

"How did you get my Katana?"

"Easily. You know, after all that we've heard about you and your friends," the voice continued, "I would have expected reactions a while ago. You know, the other four haven't even noticed anything missing yet," the voice went on with a small laugh.

"Who are you, Who do you work for?" Wufei questioned.

"Now, you ask, what we've seen so far does not speak well for your reputations."

"Who is we,"

"now, now, now, I know better than to answer that . . . and you'll be finding out soon enough anyway,"

"Tell me,"

"I don't have to tell you anything, I think it's time that this conversation was terminated," There was a click and his line went dead.

"WHERE THE HELL IS MY LAPTOP ?!?!?!?!" Quatre, who hadn't moved during the conversation, and Wufei heard Heero yell. They looked at each other and ran down the hall to the kitchen, where a very angry Heero came stomping in. "Who the hell took my Laptop," He asked in a deadly voice.

"That's what she must have been talking about," Wufei said to himself quietly.

"What are you talking about?" Trowa asked.

"That call was from whoever has my katana," Wufei growled.

"Someone took your katana from your room, and they don't live here?" Quatre asked.

"Apparently so. She also said something about taking something from each of you as well." He added quietly.

"Repeat that last part Wu-man," Duo said.

"Your braid will be mine if you call me that again," Wufei shouted.

"Stop your arguing and embellish what you said," Quatre yelled. The two quieted down and looked at him.

"The girl said, and I quote ' after all that we've heard about you and your friends, I would have expected reactions a while ago. the other four haven't even noticed anything missing yet,' and then she hung up," Wufei growled.

"Well then, I guess that means I'll be looking for this girl," Heero said in a deadly voice, just before the phone rang again. Quatre picked it up again.

"Hello, Quatre Winner speaking,"

"Hello, I would like to speak to you all," Quatre hit 'speaker' and Dr. J's voice filled the room.

"Hello boys. I have a mission for you."

"Someone took my laptop, and Wufei's katana," Heero growled.

"That's part of the mission,"

"You know who did it,"

"Yes, and they are your new partners. OZ has started up again and I need you five to team up with the eight that Dr. P has trained. They found out about it by bugging my office and listening as Dr. P and I talked. A few of them decided that it would be amusing to take something each of you . . . liked, and put them on my desk each with a lovely ribbon. There is a Ketana, a Laptop, a Violin, a silver cross, and a flute. I want you to come and meet your new teammates. Do you accept?" They all looked over at Heero who growled in his throat.

"Mission Accepted," He spat.