"HEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRROOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I NEED YOU DON'T GO," screamed the little blonde haired girl. She ran after the car that held her only other living relative. "don't leave me alone," she whispered brokenly. She sat on the ground and started to cry.

"Now, now little one, no crying, you must be strong. Do you think Heero would want you to cry? The stars have different paths for you both. They have branched away from each other for now, but do not despair, they will come together again someday."

"who are you?" She asked the woman with long dark green hair.

"I am Dr. S, who are you?"

"I'm Usagi. Are you sure that I will see my brother again?"

"I am positive,"

"Alright then," She wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up.

"You should come with me," Dr. S. told the child. She took her by the hand and led her to a vehicle. "In," The little girl climbed inside and sat down where she was told. They drove for about an hour before coming to a large building.

"Where are we?" Usagi asked.

"We are home Usagi," Usagi looked around and saw toys in one corner. She looked up at Dr. S.

"Can I go play?" Dr. S nodded. She watched as the little girl ran to the toys. Dr. S and Dr. J had different idea's on how to train the perfect soldier. Dr. J thought there should be no emotion, and no visible reaction if the soldier did feel some tug of emotional distress. Dr. S however, thought that the when fighting, there should be no emotion shown, but when not in battle or on a mission, you should just act like a regular person. They were testing out there theories.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 4 years later ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

The little blonde girl stood silently beside the tall lady with dark green hair.

"I hate needless death," The little girl, who was about six said sadly. They stared at the broken mass of what used to be a church orphanage. A little boy had been taken away by another doctor already. He had been crying over a girl with blonde hair. They both watched the van drive away with the little boy crying.

"Usagi, you should always hate needless death, but do not hesitate to kill someone that we order you to," The lady said looking down on the little girl.

"Yes Dr. S," the little girl replied obediently. They stated to turn, but heard a cough. Usagi immediately ran over to where the cough had come from. It was the girl that the little boy had been crying over. She opened her eyes and groaned a little, then she passed out again. Dr. S came up behind Usagi and picked up the other little girl.

"She will come with us," She told Usagi.

~*~*~*~*~* 2 weeks later ~*~*~*~*~*~*

"Where am I?" The little blonde girl asked the other little blonde girl.

"Your on L8," The girl with the two buns told her, sitting on the side of the medical bed.

"Where? I've never heard of L8," The other blonde girl answered.

"That's okay, very few people know about it. It's a very small colony. In fact, there are only around two hundred people on it," The girl answered.

"oh,"She bit her lip.

"Don't worry, I'm Usagi, You get to stay with me and Dr. S," Usagi said with a friendly smile.

"I'm Minako," She closed her eyes for a moment, and then looked at Usagi, "Do you know what happened to my brother, Duo?" Usagi thought for a moment.

"Did he have brown hair and lavender eyes?" she asked. Minako nodded, "Then he's fine, he was taken by another Doctor. He'll be taken care of and you'll probably see each other again," She answered.

"Thank goodness, I would hate it if he had died like the others," She said quietly, a tear dropping down her cheek. Usagi flung herself at the distraught blonde and hugged her.

"It'll be okay, I know it will. You just have to make what you want to happen, really happen and then you'll be happy."

"I want everyone at Father Maxwell's to came back to life," Minako cried.

"Do yourself a favor and don't reach for the unattainable. There isn't a chance at all of that happening. Set yourself high goals, but don't set them so high that there isn't a chance of them coming true." Minako nodded at Usagi's advice.

"You're really smart, how old are you?"

"I'm seven,"

"Wow, same age as me."

"yeah, that is cool, but for right now, you need to sleep," The girl with the buns left.

~*~*~*~*~* 2 months after ~*~*~*~*~*

"Where are we going?" Minako asked the doctor.

"We are going to Earth, to a small island in the middle of the ocean," The doctor answered.

"Why?" Usagi asked.

"I think I have found someone else to join our little group," The doctor answered.

"Oh," The girls fell silent. They landed in the water four hours later. The two girls followed the doctor onto a boat and they headed for a tiny island that was near by. They spotted a little girl on it. She was about there age.

"Hello little one," Doctor S said. She looked over and took a step back.

"Who are you?" She asked. Her chocolate brown hair was up in a ponytail, and her green dress was in tatters.

"I am Dr. S, A friend," She told her.

"You promise?" The girl asked.

"Promise what?" Minako asked.

"that your a friend?" The girl answered.

"Of course," Usagi answered. The girl looked at them, biting her lip.

"You're going to come and stay with us," Dr. S told her.

"really?" The looked hopeful.

"Really," the Doctor held out her hand. The girl rushed at her, hugging her around the waist. Dr. S smiled and put a hand on her shoulder. they went back to the plane and took off for L8.

"what's your name?" Usagi asked.


"That's a pretty name, How old are you?" Minako asked.

"Thank you, and I'm seven," Makoto answered.

"Cool, So are Usagi and I,"

"oh yeah, we forgot to tell you our names," Usagi said, slapping her forehead. Dr. S watched them with a small smile, "I'm Usagi Tsukino, This is Minako Aino, That's Dr. S. She saved me and Minako and gave us last names. Isn't that cool?"

"yeah," Makoto agreed. Dr. S nodded her head as she thought 'they get along better than I could have hoped,'

~*~*~*~*~* 1 year later ~*~*~*~*~*

"Where are we going this time?" Minako asked. They hadn't been off the colony for about a year.

"I can't help but notice that every time we leave unannounced, we come back with another little girl," Usagi commented.

"That has only happened twice," Dr. S informed her.

"We've only left twice," Usagi retorted.

"So we're going to save another little girl," Makoto said with shrug. She and the other girls were dressed alike, but different colors. Each had a pair of loose drawstring pants, a tank top and an unbuttoned long sleeved shirt. Minako's was Orange, Usagi's was Pale Pink, and Makoto's was Forest Green.

"Possibly," The doctor answered, "An entire colony was wiped out. There were two signs of life, but now there is only one."

"That is so stupid, why would someone want to annihilate an entire colony?" Minako cried.

"Some people don't care about life, only power," Usagi stated.

"Yes, that is right, I am glad to see that you pay attention occasionally," Dr. S said. Usagi frowned.

"Just because I don't look like I'm paying attention, doesn't meant that I'm not," She smiled now, "You taught us all that we need to be aware of everything going on around us at all times. Talking doing and looking. So I do." Dr. S nodded as she went t check on the pilots . They landed near the only life sign on the colony and disembarked.

"HELLO?" Minako yelled loudly. They started to search. twenty minutes later, they heard a crash, and a cry. They ran over to where the noises had come from. Usagi told the others to wait as she went into a building.

Usagi looked around. Everything was dark. "Hello?" She called softy. There was a noise to her left. She whirled around and flicked a on the flashlight in her hands. She pointed it into the face of another young girl. this one had dark hair a little past her shoulder blades. she used her arm to cover her eyes.

"Who are you?" Usagi asked, lowering the light.

"I am Rei Chang, last of my people," the girl answered, pulling herself up, "Who are you?"

"I'm Usagi Tsukino, I'm a friend. Dr. S and brought Me Minako and Makoto to find you and bring you back to L8," Usagi answered.

"Do you know what happened to my brother? He went to find food for me, and never came back," Rei said tearfully.

"I'm sorry, there was only one life sign when we came. I'm sorry," The other girl bit her lip and her eyes started to glow with tears. "Come on," Usagi held her hand out to the Rei. She took it and allowed herself to be led out of the building.

"this is Rei," Usagi said once they were out of the building, "Rei, this is Dr. S, Minako Aino, and Makoto Kino,"

"Hello," Rei said.

"well dear, how would you like to come to L8 and be trained with these three lovely young ladies?" Dr. S asked her.

"I would like that very much," Rei answered.

"by the way, I think it would be best if we changed your last name." The doctor added.

"What? Why?" Rei asked.

"someone wanted your people gone, I don't feel like dealing with assassination attempts," The doctor told her.

"I see the benefits of it, you may change my name," Rei said, bowing her head.

"Good," They left for the colony.

~*~*~*~*~* Two years later ~*~*~*~*~*

"I guess this means we're going to find another girl?" Usagi asked as they boarded a transport to Colony L1.

"No, I decided that you needed a vacation. You are still children," Dr. S informed them. They landed on L1 two days later and went to a nice hotel.

"What are we going to do now?" Makoto asked twenty minutes after they were done unpacking. Makoto and Minako were sharing a room, Rei and Usagi were sharing a room, and Dr. S had one to herself.

"Makoto, are you going to tell me that your bored already?" Rei asked the girl.

"Yes," Makoto answered.

"figures," Minako remarked.

"I'm bored to," Usagi commented.

"We haven't even been here a full hour. I'm sure that the Doc will let us wonder around," Minako commented, eyes shining.

"I know that look," Makoto said with a smile.

"oh god, She already wants to go shopping," Rei cried, hand over her eyes.

"That sounds like a great idea," Usagi cried.

"Why am I not surprised with that?" Rei asked.

"oh be quiet, You and Mako always complain about shopping, but then, once your there, you have just as much fun as us," Minako cried.

"True," Makoto said with a smile.

"Should I call the doc and tell her we're going to find mall?" Rei asked.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you," Usagi said.

"You don't have the luxury of a choice, no one else could put up with you," Rei said, sticking out her tongue. She pressed a button on her watch and heard the doctors voice.


"We're going to find a mall," Rei said, "we'll be back in a few hours.

"alright, I have business to attend to. Have fun, and stay together."

"alright, we'll have everything sent to the hotel," Rei answered, turning the communicator off.

"let's go," Rei told the other two girls, grabbing a zip up hoodie. They all left to find a cab to take them to the mall.

~*~*~*~*~* six hours later ~*~*~*~*~*

"I can't believe we spent that much time in the mall," Rei exclaimed

"I can," Usagi said with a smile. They had called the doctor already and told her they were going to hit an unhealthy fast food restaurant for dinner. She had glared at them and told them that when they went back home, it would be healthy meals again.

"Well, let's find a disgustingly greasy fast food restaurant," Minako said.

"WAIT," Usagi screamed, almost drooling at a place across the street.

"What?" Rei asked, turning.

"Oh no, it's a sushi place," Minako groaned.

"Please?" Usagi begged.

"Fine," Makoto groaned. They went into the sushi place and walked in. They were sat quickly and served by a young girl who looked there age, and had blue hair.

"wow, aren't you a little young to be working like this?" Minako asked the girl. She looked surprised that someone was talking to her.

"I am not permitted to talk to you," The girl answered.

"Oh come on," Makoto remarked, "it's not like we're going to hurt you for it," The girl looked behind her quickly.

"I'm not worried about pain," She left them quickly and they saw her head towards the back. The cook grabbed her roughly by the arm, and they saw her flinch as she was dragged to the back of the restaurant.

"I don't like that," Usagi growled.

"Neither do I," Rei agreed.

"Should we do something about it?" Makoto asked.

"Not at the moment, we don't know enough about the situation," Minako said.

"Looks like we're going to eat and run," Usagi said. They ate and left the restaurant quickly. When they got back to the hotel they pulled out there laptops and started to search for information on the girl. She had the look of an aristocrat, not gutter scum.

"Got it," Makoto cried.

"What's it say?" Minako asked as they all crowded around Makoto's computer.

"She is daughter number thirty of the head of Winner Corporation. She is ten and her name is Ami Winner. She was born with oddly colored blue hair and eyes of a slightly different hue. According to this, her father reported her as dead." Makoto frowned.

"As in he expected her to die soon," Minako said.

"hm, foul play, I don't like it," Rei commented.

"No one does Rei, but it's the way the world works," Usagi answered.

"A rich chid thrown to the streets and surviving. Maybe we should ask the Doc if we can bring her back to the colony with us," Makoto said.

"She's a survivor, just like the rest of us," Rei said with a nod.

"She seems nice to," Minako added.

"Let's check with the Doc," Usagi commented. She flipped a button on her watch and a screen appeared.

"Yes girls?" Dr. S asked.

"We found a girl that we want to come back to the colony with us," Usagi told her.

"Really? Who is it?" The doctor seemed curious.

"Ami Winner," Makoto answered.

"Winner?" The doctor was surprised.

"Yes, that Winner," Rei replied.

"yeah, and she's supposed to be dead," Minako added.


"yes, her father reported her as deceased two years ago," Rei announced.

"Where did you find her?" Dr. S asked.

"Usagi found a Sushi place," Makoto said with a grin.

"yeah, and Ami is working there as a serving girl. I think that the cook is beating her," Usagi added.

"Fine, when I get to the hotel, you are taking me to this Sushi place," The doctor told them before closing the link.

"I don't think that we should wait for The Doc," Minako said.

"Why not?" Makoto asked.

"Did you see the look of fear on her face?" Minako asked her friends.

"Duly noted." Rei remarked.

"So lets go steal her and take her shopping. She'll probably need new clothes and stuff," Usagi announced walking to the door.

"Don't we need some sort of weapon?" Makoto asked the retreating back of her friend.

"Nope, we're cute adorable little girls that don't look like we could hurt a fly if we tried." Usagi said over her shoulder.

"This should be fun," Makoto said with a grin.

"Yes, I suddenly feel stress free," Rei added. Minako followed behind the trio shaking her head and thinking, 'I feel for those that try to stop, These three aren't in the safest of moods,' She locked the door behind her and they caught a taxi to the sushi place. they stood on the corner a little ways down the street discussing there plan of attack.

"So what are we going to do now?" Usagi asked.

"You Odango Atama, You don't have a plan?"

"No, do you?" Usagi retorted.

"uh oh," Minako said while Makoto groaned and they finished together, "Tongue War," Sure enough, the two girls were sticking there tongues out at each other in a fully fledged tongue war.

"Break it up," Makoto told the two.

"Do you guys want to save Ami or what?" Minako asked.

"yes," the two replied.

"Good, I have a plan,"

"Whoa, Miss 'my-bows-obviously-tied-tighter-than-it-looks-and-is-cutting-off-the-blood-flow-in-my-brain' has a plan?" Makoto asked incredulously. Minako sniffed and tossed her hair over her shoulder.

"No need to act amazed, I hide my intelligence behind a false sense of naiveté," She smiled, "here's the plan. Two of us are going to go in and see if she's serving, say that you think you left something here. The other two are going to go around the back and look in to she if she's back there. We meet back at this corner in five minutes, K?"

"That's the plan?" Rei asked making a face, "I'm no longer surprised that Mina thought it up,"

"hmm, I think Makoto and I will take the back," Usagi said, starting out, Makoto on her heels,"

"that leaves you and me toots," Minako told Rei, going to the front door. The two walked in and looked around. They didn't see the girl. A man asked them if they needed help.

"Yes please," Minako started with an angelic smile, "I was wondering if you could help me. I think I left my purse here by mistake,do you have a lost and found?" She smiled sweetly, Rei gave the same look.

"Sure princess, I'll go take a look for you," He patted her head and walked over to the kitchen. He came back a few moments later, "Do you know what it looks like?" he asked her.

"Yes," Minako said, " It was yellow, with yellow and orange bead work designs,"

"Yeah, It's in the back, I'll go get it for you," Minako and Rei smiled at him as he left and came back with the purse that Minako had been carrying around all day. Rei waited until they got outside to round on her.

"No wonder the plan was so perfect, you really did leave your purse here," She said with a growl. Minako gave a short laugh.

"But I thought that it was at home on the bed," Minako said with a grin.

"A likely story,"

"I'm serious," They came to the corner and waited a moment. Usagi and Makoto came around the corner cautiously.

"She wasn't in the front," Minako announced as soon as they were close enough.

"We know," Makoto said grimly, "She was in a little room in the back, We could here the cook cursing, and when he came out, we could here her crying," Makoto frowned.

"Some of the other employee's looked like they wanted to help her, but the cook was being a Butt head," Usagi announced.

"Usagi, watch your language," Minako scolded.

"What? I was using it in proper text," Usagi replied innocently.

"Not now, we have to figure out what to do about Ami," Rei told the two blondes. They thought for a moment.

"I know, how about if we just go back, sneak in, grab her hand, and run for it?" Minako asked.

"Don't be stupid, She might not follow us, I mean, he doesn't even know us," Makoto answered.

"You guys are always being mean to me and Usagi," Minako said pouting.

"That's because you act dumb," Rei replied.

"I know," Usagi said happily, "We'll sneak around the back, try to get her attention, and then talk to her and take her home with us,"

"Makes sense," Makoto said.

"Let's do it," Minako cheered. Rei just shook her head and started off in the lead.

They got around to the back, and they saw Ami standing next to an older woman who was being very nice and doing most of the work, while the little blue haired girl stood and did nothing.

"How do we get her attention without the cook noticing?" rei whispered.

"like this," Usagi answered and then whispered a little louder, "PSST, Ami," the little girl turned around curiously. She saw the four of the beckoning to her. The woman she was helping looked at them as well. She smiled to Ami and gave her a little push to the door. Ami looked quickly. The cooks attention was occupied else where. She ran quickly out the door and pressed up against the wall.

"What do you guys want, I'll get in trouble again if Mr. Jules catches me out here," Ami said fearfully.

"That's what we want to talk to you about," Makoto answered. Ami looked at her with tears in her eyes.

"Don't make a big deal about it, please. I get free food and am allowed to sleep in the kitchen after hours. It's good, really, you can't tell on us," Ami pleaded.

"You like it here?" Minako asked.

"I have a roof and food, it's better than what a lot of War orphans get," Ami replied.

"What if we could take you away from this for good?" Usagi asked, looking at the girls face intently. There was a brief flash of hope before it died away.

"I will not go to an orphanage, I would rather stay here," She answered firmly.

"No, we don't want to take you to an orphanage," Rei said quickly.

"Yeah, we wanna take you home," Minako said with a smile.

"Than you can be our sister," Makoto added.

"What do you mean?" Ami asked.

"The Doc rescued all of us from different footings, and now we live with her," Usagi explained.

"The doctor?" Ami asked.

"Yeah, Dr. S. She's really cool. We do all sorts of stuff on the Colony. You'd have a blast, and you wouldn't have to serve, or wash at all. Unless you made the mess," Usagi made a face at the last part.

"How do you know that she would be willing to take me?" Ami asked.

"We already asked," Minako replied.

"we called her when we got home after we ate," Makoto explained.

"She said that she would love to have you in the group," added Rei.

"Mr. Jules might not let me go," Ami said slowly.

"What's the worst he can do?" Makoto asked with a grin.

"You don't want to know," Ami replied just as they heard as a meaty head popped out of the door.

"AMI, how often have I told you not to leave this restaurant?"

"Do you want to come or not?" Usagi asked. The man grabbed Ami's arm in his meaty fist and she cried out in pain.

"I quit," the little girl told him.

"You quit? YOU QUIT!? I don't think so, you're in for it now," he shook her arm,completely ignoring the other girls.

"I suggest you let her go," Usagi said in a monotone voice.

"EH? what was that? You want the same thing as her?" he reached forward to take Usagi's arm, and the four girls jumped into action. The had all been training for 2 to 7 years. Usagi dodged his arm while Makoto and Minako both jump kicked his side. Rei hit the pressure points on the mans hand and he let go of Ami. She grabbed Ami's hand and yelled, "RUN" at the top of her lungs. The other three took off after them. The cook was right behind them. The ran down the street. The man yelled curses after them as they flagged down a taxi and jumped in, giving the driver the name of their hotel.

When they got up to there rooms, they discovered Dr. S, sitting patiently, awaiting there arrival.

"I knew that you would not be able to wait until I was able to get to the hotel on my own," She told them with a wry smile.

"Then why didn't you call us on it?" Rei asked, curious.

"Because I knew that you four could handle it," She smiled at the little blue haired girl, "You must be Ami," She held out a hand, "I'm Dr. S. We are leaving in two days for Colony L8. There you will begin studying what the other four have been. Are you ready fr a new start in your young life?" Ami took the hand and shook it once before nodding.

"Of course. You should always be ready for the changes that will come, You cannot expect your life to stay on the same path for ever, eventually you will stray, or take a turn. You must keep forging ahead if you want to live," she told the older woman in a quiet and serious voice. The doctor nodded, and after two days of shopping for Ami, they left for colony L8.