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Chapter 2

Garrett's P.O.V:

My name is Garrett Adams, I am 21 years old and I am vampire. I was in the southern vampire wars with Major Jasper Whitlock, his Captain Peter and Charlotte Whitlock. I am a nomadic vampire, it's were I don't settle down in one place for long. My clothing are faded jeans, washed out jeans, blue jeans, hoodies, and button down shirts, shirts, cowboy boots, vans, skechers and some jewelry like a necklace, a bracelet and a ring.

I have four houses in four different states. The states are Texas, New York, Colorado and Alaska. I am planning on buying a house in Forks, Washington. I hunt humans, I don't do animal blood it makes you feel weak. That is just my option. Right now I am in my home in Colorado, I am just about to go hunting. After, my shower I walked back into my bedroom to get dressed. My outfit that I am going to be wearing is a pair of washed out blue jeans, a dark blue shirt with the words "Sexy Vampire" in white lettering, a black button down shirt, a black leather jacket and a pair of blue and black skechers.

After getting dressed I walked out of my room and down the stairs and over to the door to go out it. Once I was outside of my house o shut the door and locked it. I took off hunting, while hunting my phone started ringing so I pulled out my phone and looked at the caller ID and saw that is was Jasper is the one who is calling me.

*Start phone call between Garrett and Jasper:

"Hello, Major what do I owe for this phone call?" Garrett answered his phone after the second ring.

"Hello Garrett, I was calling to tell you something." Jasper said.

"Okay, so what's up, Major?" Garrett asked him.

"Just that I was wondering why you are coming to visit?" Jasper asked.

"Oh, cause I want to spend some time with you and to look into buying a house there." Garrett said.

"Okay, Alice had a vision that you will be coming in a week." Jasper said.

"Ah, I see. Well see you within a week." Garrett said.

"Okay Gar. Bye." Jasper said.

Both Garrett and Jasper hang up.

End of phone call between Garrett and Jasper*

After I spook to Jasper I put my phone away and went back to hunting.

To be continued…

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