The Draco/Harry Love Spell - Part 1, "Just Like Everyone Else."

//I love him. I still can't believe it. Like every other retarded retard in this school, I am head over heels for Harry Potter. Better still, I'm his worst enemy!//

"Draco? Draco, why are you brooding? What's wrong?" Blaise Zabini was asking, concern written on her face. He'd been moping in a forgotten corner of the Slytherin Common Room for days.

//Sweet Merlin, can't they leave me alone?// "I'm fine," Draco said aloud. "Really. Now, get lost."

Blaise didn't take it seriously - or maybe she just didn't take offence. After all, this was Draco Malfoy. Respected. Feared. You just took what he threw at you.

"Really, Draco, you look worn out. And you've been brooding for days-"

She broke off as Draco used the last and worst weapon in his arsenal. He smiled at her, a flash of brilliant teeth in a grim face. Fear coloured her eyes and she went back to her friends without a backward glance.

It was true he'd been brooding for days. When you were in love - no, very attracted, Draco reminded himself savagely, you tended to brood over the fact. Especially when you were a guy attracted to another guy who happened to be some kind of Saint. Supposed Saint, anyway.

//Why me? Why not Crabbe or Goyle or even Pansy, for Merlin's sake? Why do I have to fasll in love with Saint Potter, friend of Mudbloods and poor people? Wait until everyone finds out about this one. Me, a Slytherin guy, wanting Harry Potter! It's insane! It's useless! But I - wait, I have an idea.//

Draco smiled again, causing a few First Years to move closer to the other Slytherins. This time, a hint of humour coloured his features. He could find out whether his "feelings" for Potter were genuine. It was a forbidden spell, but so were most Love Charms. Within Hogwarts, anyway. //I can do that. I mean, it's not like I have to kiss the guy or anything. Just find out whether I like his company, or he annoys the crap out of me. And anyway, it'll be a laugh, Harry Potter acting crazy.//

He smirked to himself, then headed for a place he rarely visited - the Hogwarts Library. //Oh, wait. Better stop in Snape's Office, because isn't that book meant to be in the Restricted Section?//

Laughing, Draco set off.

"Come on, Harry!" Ron said impatiently. Harry was considering the next move in the chess game - and had been for ten minutes. Whatever piece he moved, Ron would be able to take it. He knew that. He was just trying to figure out which piece was least important - and still making the mistake of listening to his chessmen.

"In a minute," Harry, unconcerned, nearly laid a hand on his knight, then withdrew it. Hermione, reading in a corner, looked up and grinned.

"Move your castle."

Ignoring Hermione's advice, Harry moved his queen. "Check!" he said firmly, in a move neither Ron nor Hermione had anticipated.

"Way to go, Harry!" Hermione cheered. Ron frowned and contemplated his next move. "Come on, Ron," Harry said with a smirk.

Hermione chuckled and stood up. "I have to go to the library," she announced. "Anyone want to come with?"

"Mm," Ron said, absorbed in the game. Then, when he processed what Hermione had said, he looked up. "Are you insane? It's a Sunday, remember?"

"And we have a Potions essay due Monday," Hermione said, frowning. "Now, Ron, you're a big boy, you should know the which order the days of the week go in. What comes after Sunday?"

"What's the essay about?" Ron asked grumpily.

"The 'After Effects of Mind Controlling Potions,'" Harry said, making both Ron and Hermione look at him in surprise. "I did it last night."

"All right, I'm coming," Ron grumbled, standing up and following Hermione out the portrait hole. Harry grinned and knocked Ron's king over, listening to the grumbles of the other chessmen.

Draco grinned as he looked through the book he had gotten from the Restricted Section. The rusted metal cover read only "Forgotten Potions" and the mildew splotched pages were hard to read. But there it was. One of the strongest love charms in Britain.

Normally, Draco wouldn't touch this rubbish with a ten foot pole. But it was like another Draco had taken over, and was telling him what to do. He copied down the potion with his quill, knowing he couldn't remove the book from the library, and that if he did, Madam Pince would likely be worse than Filch when you dirtied the floors.

Idly, Draco scratched the letters "HP" into the worn wood of the library desk with his quill. He'd just finished, and now needed to find some of the ingredients. He froze.

He heard voices. He panicked, fearing someone would see him and know instantly what he was up to, and report him to Dumbledore. He ran, forgetting his quill, which lay between the rought "HP" and the book.

"Why can't I just copy off you, Hermione?" Ron asked irritably. "That'd save us a whole lot of time and bother."

"And you wouldn't learn anything," Hermione retaliated, sitting at the desk Draco had vacated seconds before. She went to shift the book in front of her, then started to read it. Ron watched as her expression grew incredulous, then dreamy, then disapproving.

"What?" Ron asked. He moved up behind her and read the page. He started chuckling.

"It's not funny, Ron!" Hermione insisted. "You know that love charms are banned at school!Whoever this was is risking being suspended."

"Well, well," Ron said, picking up the eagle feather quill next to the books.They both stared at the initials engraved on the shaft in sliver.

"DM," Hermione read. "Who could that be?"

"An initialled, eagle feather quill, Hermione?" Ron asked, rolling his eyes. "Who do you think? Draco Malfoy."

"Oh, but - why would he want to cast a love spell?" Hermione asked. "He could get probably any girl he wanted."

"Maybe he doesn't want a girl, Hermione," Ron said in another rare burst of insight. He pointed to the initials engraved on the desk, then took the quill and fitted it to one of the grooves. It fit perfectly.

"HP," Ron said slowly. "Harry Potter."

"You're kidding!" Hermione said, trying to supress a grin.