I am really really sorry that haven't updated in so long, but there's school, and homework, and my mum banning me from the computer, etc...

But this is the clincher: right now, i've got two chapters - the two next most crucial chapters - stuck on floppy because my A drive has pcked up on me!!!

I am so sorry. i apologise to everyone, and feel free to flame me at me Live journal -

In the meantime, there are some alternatives. check out the folloeing, if you feel like it: On he Inside by rackeltheracoon, All Ron's fault (a joint fic by me and Lena) under LenaLovely12, and the Harry Potter Boys discover slash, by Kisa. All wonderful fics.
Once again, my apologies, and right now shuld stop making excuses and return to my english work. 'Bye all!

(The Author(ess))