Chapter 1

We start our story with the ending of another. The story of Shaun Mars, a child who against all odds, survived his encounter with the Origami Killer. It was thanks to three brave heroes, Ethan Mars, a loving father with nothing left to lose, Madison Paige, a journalist determined to help Ethan every step of the way while searching for the killer, and Norman Jayden, an FBI agent amongst dirty cops determined to find the truth and clear Ethan's name. We will be following the his story after the events of the Origami Case.

Location: Washington D.C., FBI HQ

The smell of coffee and smoke clouded the room. A desk sat between two men, one young, one old. The silence was thick, seemingly impossible to cut as if something unbelievable happened. It was until the older man spoke up through the silence.

"You sure you want to do this ? You have a promising career ahead of you, your work on the Origami case was outstanding. Think of the fame you've acquired. You're a hero Norman!" After much revaluation of his thoughts and came up with a response. "I never took the case to gain fame or be recognized as a hero sir, I wanted to help those who couldn't be helped." He remembered all the times he tried his best to restrain his less than cooperative partner, Carter Blake and how he put people's lives in jeopardy just to close the case. Norman never really hated anyone, he didn't have the time for hate, but damnit Carter Blake was a close one. "Well I should've known better than to sway your decision, you're as stubborn as a mule I'll say."He chuckled slightly masking his sorrow, Norman Jayden was one of his best and most determined agents in Washington, it was a shame to see him go. "Well I won't keep you waiting, hand in your badge and you are dismissed." "What about my ARI?" Jayden was confused, it wasn't like the boss to forget details. "Keep it, it's outdated anyway and it's connection with our database is already severed. Think of it as a memento." "Err thank you sir." 'Should I tell him about- no. I can handle it, no need to alarm anybody. Besides I don't need it anymore.' After a firm handshake, Norman left.

Location: Washington D.C., Some hotel

Norman dropped his suitcase, loosened his tie, and flopped onto his temporary bed exhausted by the day's events. He stayed like that for a few minutes, until he sat up and dug out his wallet. 'My cash and credit card should be enough to hold out for a few months, but still...' he got up and started packing up his belongings. He was heading back home to Boston tomorrow. He looked at his suitcase, it busted open when he dropped it and all it's contents spilled across the floor, including a tube filled with a light blue liquid, which rolled out touching his shoes. Also on the floor was the ARI, bringing Jayden to a cold sweat. He felt an all too familiar feeling. Temptation. 'Just once, I can control it. I mean I am bored, I could play Tank Wars, yeah a good round of Tank Wars sounds swell right about now.' After putting everything else away he reached down and grabbed the glasses that glew a faint blue. As he was about to take a trip to his fictional bar a bright light shone in the middle of his room blinding him. And like that, he was gone.

Location: Remnant, Vale

It was a beautiful night, the air was crisp, the moon shined bright between the granite colored clouds, and everything was quiet except for the soft rumble of the city's nocturnal life, which was soon accompanied with the sound of glass shattering. A small dust shop was currently in the process of being robbed by one of Vale's most notorious thieves, the bowler hat wearing, trenchcoat suited, silver tongued ginger named Roman Torchwick, who is currently reviewing his latest masterpiece. The clerk however was more focused on not dying to take notice of what had the criminal grinning from ear to ear. He had made the perfect robbery, no signs of a break in nor struggle, no witnesses, the alarms were disabled, no stupid red cloaked teenagers hanging out in the back, and it was all completely silent... that was until one of his goons (probably Tom) went and broke a display case, of course he did take some precautions hence the alarms. He had nearly every possibility of interruption removed, unless someone heard that glass break or say, someone teleports out of nowhere and crashes into every other display case, Torchwick laughed a bit at the notion of the latter possibility, that was until a bright light filled the room as both someone and a briefcase seemingly teleported above the counter... made out of display cases. Jayden got up to see where he ended up. "What the hell?" He was surrounded by a bunch of sharply dressed gentlemen equipped with guns and batons who looked quite perturbed. Amidst the confusion, the clerk ran out the back of the store, causing the distraction Norman needed to break for the front of the store. "Son of a grimm! Things were going so well too. Tom, go after this mystery man, Kyle, I need you to keep Tom from breaking him, I want to interrogate him later. EVERYONE ELSE, FINISH UP PACKING AS MUCH DUST AS YOU CAN! THE BULLHEAD IS ON IT'S WAY!"

It didn't take long for the two thugs to catch up and corner Jayden in an alley. 'Think Norman think, you've handled a crazed killer wielding a katana unarmed before, these two shouldn't be too difficult.' He scanned his surroundings for something of u-oh look a pipe. All the while, Tom pulled out his pistol and was immediately interrupted by Kyle, "We can't kill him! We need him alive for things I guess." "Fiiine, didn't want blood on my suit anyway." They both pulled out their batons and rushed Jayden. Suprised by the rash tactic, Norman backed up tripping over a can. He looked up to see a thug ready to bash his brains in, when all of the sudden time slowed down, although confused he took the opportunity to counter the swing with his pipe, he then proceeded to kick him in the shins bringing the behemoth down to his level allowing him to get a clean strike to his face with the pipe, knocking Tom unconscious. Remembering that he had a pistol he quickly used the body as a shield while unholstering the gun from the other man's belt. Kyle, seeing Tom being used as a shield, continued his onslaught of blows, each one hitting Tom. Jayden pushed the well battered Tom on top of the much smaller Kyle. Kyle, whilst trying his absolute hardest to not be crushed by his 'friend' found out what being struck to the back of his head by a baton feels like. The answer? Probably not too swell.

"Ha, I actually kicked ass, usually it's my ass that gets kicke-" He was interrupted by time suddenly slowing down, however he didn't react quick enough to dodge the red blur. "Shit!" It knocked both of them into some trash bins, that's when he noticed what or better yet who the blur was.. 'A teenager, 16 years old maybe, has short, black hair with what seems to be red highlights. Odd, last time I checked kids can't run that fast.' He was broken out of his analytical stupor with an attempted kick to his head, luckily time slowed and he was able to roll out of the way. 'I gotta defuse this situation' "Calm down! I'm with the FBI." "You're gonna put bees in my eyes?! I WON'T LET YOU SUSPICIOUS SUIT MAN!" 'Damn my accent' His accent wouldn't be his only problem though, the girl proceeded to reach behind her and pull out a gigantic scythe. "What the fuck?! Is that a scythe?" "Yeah, it's also a gun." 'God damn, okay time for plan B.' Norman reached for his newly obtained gun and aimed it at the girl... well that would've happened if a black ribbon didn't wrap around his hand forcing him to drop the gun. 'Son of a bitch! Okay, running, running seems like a good idea.' He attempted to run only to be interupted by the fact that his feet were frozen to the ground. "...How?" He looked up to see a busty yellow cladded woman with . Said woman proceeded to punch him in the face knocking him out.