Chapter 3

Location: Vale, Beacon Academy, Courtyard

After what seemed liked an eternity, Norman finally navigated his way out of the main building and into the courtyard.

'The students should be having breakfast right about now, I should be able to make it to my room without any interferences.'

He spoke to soon however, he nearly collapsed as he felt an all to familiar feeling of the dreadful combination of nausea, tremors, vertigo, shaky hands, and much more, he's suffering through withdrawal.

'Th-the withdrawal symptoms are getting pretty bad. I haven't even used, ergh, the .. ARI yet. Alright, I can handle it, just n-need to cool off.'

The tripto was his pocket and his body was begging for use. Cupping his hands over his face attempting to block out the urge. He needed an alternative, now! Norman looked around the courtyard, at least no one would see him like this. That's when he spots the fountain. He was about to reconsider what he was about to do, but a splitting headache said otherwise.

'The s-symptoms are worsening, I've gotta act now.'

Norman made a mad dash to the fountain, well more like a hasty stumble to the fountain, and stuck his head into the water.

"Gah-*cough* that's cold!"

Norman slumped at the base of the fountain.

After a few minutes of recovering from the sudden wave of cold and drying off he stood back up.

'O-okay, I'm feeling slightly better, cold but better. Now then, where are the dormitories?'

Location: Vale, Beacon Academy, Dorms

Jayden eventually made his way to the dormitories, until he realized something, he didn't know what room he's in.

'Okay, let's think about what Ozpin said. He mentioned my room being in the First year student's dorm, and it was the only one available. All I have to do is find the last room in this building and then theoretically I should have my room. Problem solved.'

It took Norman a good 15 minutes of wandering the halls, floor after floor, until he finally reached, what he hoped would be an unlocked dorm room that he will occupy for the time being.

'... locked, of course it is. It seems I need a keycard if I want to get inside.'

Sighing, Norman was about to turn back and ask his new boss for the key when he heard the sound of heels clicking through the hallway. Sure enough it was Goodwitch holding what seemed to be a strange looking phone.

"Oh, hello Ms. Goodwitch. I was about to head back to ask about how I can get inside my room here."

Goodwitch sighed, "Ozpin forgot to give you your scroll." She hands him the phone like object.

"Your scroll will act as a key to access your room along with the lecture hall where you'll be teaching, pushing the button will open the screen, where you can make calls, check your schedule for the year, it contains your ID, it also keeps check on your aura, an-"

"Wait, aura?"

"You're really not from around here are you? Well, I'll have to give you a brief summary since my classes are about to start. Aura is the essences of one's soul, it can guard you from attacks that would've been fatal, and honestly you shouldn't need to worry about it since you most likely haven't unlocked it yet. Now if you please I've got to go. Good day."

And with that she turned and briskly walked back down the hall. Leaving Norman with more questions than before. He looked down to the scroll.

"Well at least I can enter my room."

And that he did, the room was your standard Beacon dorm room, four beds in the back, a bathroom to the left, a few mini bookshelves, paintings, and chairs here and there, and a desk to the right.

Norman walked in and paced around for a minute.

"Hmmm, I've been in far worse, heh reminds me of my college years. Well then, time to redecorate."

Rubbing his hands together he began to clear the right wall of it's painting and bookshelf, he needed more space. He swept the desk of it's contents, dropping them to the floor, save for the desk lamp which he unplugged and placed it on the miniature bookshelf, he didn't want to start a fire. He pulled a chair over and sat down at the desk, satisfied with his handiwork. He snapped back from the chair realizing what he was doing.

He was clearing a way for ARI.

'No, I just had an episode, I don't need the ARI! I've pushed my luck too much back in Philadelphia, and now look at me, relying on it like the damn addict I am... But if I'm supposed to teach those kids anything, certainly I'd need it, 5 minutes won't hurt.'

Holding the glasses in his hands use to not bother him in the slightest, but ever since the Origami case he's been seeing things, things that belonged in the ARI, that's when he realized what was becoming of him.

The man was stuck between two addictions. The ARI, which gave him a convenient way to do his job and relieve his unbearable boredom, but it came with dangerous side effects, then there was triptocaine which eased those harmful effects. Putting him in a numb, loopy state, however taking too much can be lethal, which wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't addicted to it.

The temptation was too much for Jayden as he slipped the glasses on.



Dark. Everything was dark. Confused (and slightly irritated), he took them off. He then remembered that the ARI was disconnected from the FBI's database a few days ago. Also the fact he was in a different universe might have played a part in it... then it dawned on him.

'I'm... in a different universe... and I'm stuck here.'

It was a heavy thought which made him slump over his desk. To be fair, he didn't know many people outside his colleagues, and occasional partner, but he burnt that bridge as soon as he quit. Still the concept of being thrown in a different universe, dimension even, was a bit unnerving. This left one question, well there were many questions but this one stood out as the prevalent one.

'How? How did I get here?'

The last thing he remembered was reaching for the ARI, then he ended up in, from what he's gathered, Remnant.

'The ARI... I need to reactivate it. It's my only lead on what happened back in my hotel room. But for now I should really worry about what's going on now, I'm now a teacher. To be honest, not my first choice as a rebound job. Let's check out my schedule.'

Pulling out his newly acquired scroll from his pockets, he checked it out. Swiping his finger across the screen he finally found his schedule.

'Hmmm, there's a presentation in the amphitheater I'm required to attend to in an hour. Probably to introduce and explain to the students why I'm going to be teaching them so late in what I believe to be their second semester. Well I might as well head there now, perhaps I can grab a cup of coffee on my way.'

With that he took the ARI and placed it in his breast pocket, his scroll in the opposite one, and he left the room trying his hardest to ignore the stray maple leaf fluttering in a nonexistent wind in the corner of his eye.