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The tattered black luggage lies open on my bed. A few grey dresses neatly placed inside it.

I'm leaving.

It hurts too much for it to be exciting.

It should be exciting, I suppose. Finally reuniting with my family. Except for mum and dad...

I don't understand why. I've come to accept the fact that they were dead. But now, suddenly, after finding out that Caleb and Hannah are alive, I have the slightest hope that they aren't. It feels as if, if I try hard enough, I will find them.

But they're dead. I caused my own father's death. He died right in front of my eyes.

And Hannah killed mom in that car crash...


Caleb stands under my doorway before finding himself sitting on my bed.

"You're good?" He asks.

I'm not sure if I should answer a yes or a no. Honestly, I don't think I am. The load of information I just received haven't properly registered into my brain. It is still hard for me to imagine that this man in front of me is the same person who whined over the fact that Hannah and I gets an extra scoop of ice-cream.

I should have seen it. His looks, he is the epitome copy cat of dad. His voice, the way he moves, the way he acts. Just... a little bit more serious. Dad took life in a lighter way. I guess that is what losing half of your family at a young age does to you.

"I'm not sure." I finally whisper.

Caleb sighs and looks down. "It was his doing. David was the one who helped you."

I stare blankly at him. "Help with?"

"David he... He tricked Jeanine into buying you from her. After mom's death, he started to regret all of his past doing. He knows how much pain he inflicted to mom by separating us. He just... didn't have the heart to tell her. He loves her too much to do so.

But when she died, he felt guilty. She died thinking that David is a nice man. Thinking that David had saved her, us."

Caleb pauses as he pats the space beside him. Asking me to sit down.

"After her death, David confessed to us. He told us the whole story- all of it. From the time when they were childhood friends and how he fell in love with her, but realising the look in her eyes every time she looks at dad.

Hannah didn't take it so well. I think she was warded in the hospital for a week because of hypertension. It was around that time when David started to trace your location. He knows that you're kept somewhere in the orphanage. He just wasn't sure which girl is you.

It didn't take him long though. After going through the profiles of the girls there, he immediately recognise the face which looks identical to his childhood friend.

From there, he came out with various ways of getting you out of that orphanage and reunite you with us. He had to be subtle though. Jeanine would find it suspicious for him to try to get you out. Eventually, he managed to convince Jeanine that she really won't want to keep "the bloody daughter of the bitch" in her orphanage."

"He called mom a what?!" I ask in shock and anger.

"That was just to play with her emotions you silly." Caleb scolds back.

It feels funny, yet weird; having this brother and sister relationship with a brother who, in your mind, is still and eleven year old boy.

I guess he froze at that age in my heart...

"At first, Jeanine wanted to keep you in. Torture you in her hell until you break as an act of vengeance towards mom. But she eventually gave in if he agrees to give me up to her."

"What does she wants to do with you?"

"I'm an asset. I have brains, I'm a doctor. I can help her revive her science research institute. And I look like dad. It's creepy when you think of it because it is as if she wants me because I look like her lover... But I guess, that's why I somehow ended up being mom's favourite. I remind her of dad."

I nod, because I have nothing else to say. But I don't make a move to end our conversation because I need someone to talk to. The thought, the disturbing thought is lingering and floating in my mind. But every time I open my mouth to say it out, it just hangs right there.

"You don't want to leave Tobias do you?"

I sigh. "No. I don't"

"It hurts doesn't it? Leaving your lover because you know that things might never be the same again, but you really have to learn to move on. You can't let the little moments in life stop you. You mustn't be afraid to let go. If there's fate, you guys will meet each other again. And all will be fine. Believe in fate, Bea."

"It's not that easy..."

"Bea, you're not going to leave him forever. You're just moving to the other side of the town..."

I scoff. "Yeah, and the other side of the town is so close right?" I ask him sarcastically.


"No. He's leaving for Princeton then god knows where he might end up once he graduates and I... I feel as if, if I leave this house or like... I mean... he has a whole group of friends right there and I was just there during a short span of like three or four weeks. He's going to forget all about me and I... it feels so... I thought that if I distance myself from him I'll be able to forget and live without him easily. But... he just won't leave my mind and it's so... infuriating!"

Caleb ruffles his hair in agony before huffing out a breath.

"I think... I think I..." I start- try to tell Caleb that one thing which I've never been able to let out of my chest. "I think I... I think I might have fallen for him..."

Caleb scoffs at me. "You think?" He asks with a hard look. "I know. I know that you love him. It's obvious from the way you guys look at each other. Both of you are madly in love yet too coward to tell the other how you feel."

"It still hurts Caleb."

"I know that it hurts." He whispers. "I've lost two people who I've loved that way. One because of the fire, the other because she was jealous over the fact that I love Hannah more than her... and she asked me to choose between Hannah or her... and I picked Hannah."

"Susan... The girl you had to leave because of the fire was Susan right?"

Caleb smiles longingly. "It was a puppy love but still... it was love."

The silence lingers around us again as I nod. "Love is a powerful word isn't it?"

All he did was sigh.

The blue beanie stares at me, waiting anxiously as I decide its fate. Should I wear it? Should I keep it? Should I return it to Tobias?...

"Tris?" Shauna- Hannah asks from the door. "It's time to leave." She informs.

I nod to her and tell her that I'll be there shortly before glancing back towards the beanie in my hand.

"That's Tobias's isn't it?"

"Yup." I say before placing the beanie amongst the bouquet of Acacias- the wilted Acacias...

Pulling up the handle of my luggage, I wheel it with me as I leave the room which I have called mine for four weeks. The image of the beanie and "The Secret Love Letters" laying on top of the bouquets of Acacias swims into my eyes. Hooked underneath the basket of gifts which Tobias had given me and tied to a full-bloomed sweet pea is a note; hoping itself to reach the person I addressed it to... Tobias.

A pang of ache hits my chest as I notice that amongst the people waiting for me on the courtyard, the person who I need to say goodbye to the most is missing.

Maybe it is better this way?...

I hug Johanna a goodbye as she whispers a lot of thank yous for all the help I've contributed and a deep sorry for what happened to me because of her own gardener. Marcus pats me on the back and pledges that he will help me out whenever I need it.

"You've helped me redeem myself to my son." He says, his eyes brimmed with tears.

I've never realised that Marcus is really just as vulnerable as Tobias. Once he lets down his tough facade, he can easily be crying in your arms. And maybe that is why he abused Tobias when Tobias was younger; once something strikes him, he can no longer control his emotions. And because the both of them are desperate to show that they are strong and never weak, they refuse to acknowledge that they are breaking down deep inside and instead, choose to void themselves of all emotions; finding shouting, screaming, hitting to be the alternatives to crying or allowing someone to know why they are upset.

"There's really nothing I can do to repay you", he continues. "If there's anything, really, just give me a call and I'll do my best to help you."

"Thank you Marcus." I reply. "It was nothing really." I smile to him.

My heart drops when he smiles back to me. Up close like this, with his deep ocean blue eyes and dark brown shaggy hair- he looks exactly like Tobias. And I've missed that smile...

I give Marcus a tight hug before turning towards Caleb. Caleb takes the handle of my luggage from my hand and lifts it into the boot of his car.

I give the house one last glance before turning away and following Hannah into the car. Caleb jumps into the car and I pray that time can go slower. I really, really do not want to turn the pages and leave this chapter of my life.

But as the engine rumbles and the car jump starts, I know that it's time. It really is time to leave... to leave Tobias...

And I never get to say goodbye...

Don't cry. Please don't cry, it's not the real end yet...


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