Hey everyone, so this is my first story that I've written and publicly put out so expect errors, a lot of errors. Right now I'm just writing as the flow permits so updates will come and go as the inspiration and motivation comes. Though, if this story gets off on the right foot, and the creative juices start flowing more, I'll try and put out more consistent updates and such. Any critique would be awesome, but just tell me what'cha think alright?

A Son Forgotten


The night of October tenth, a disaster had befallen Konohagakure. Unaware and unprepared the village was attacked by the bijū known as the Kyūbi, known also as the Nine Tailed Fox. While many shinobi and kunoichi were putting their lives on the line to defend their home, panic was spreading throughout the ranks as the absence of their leader the, Yondaime Hokage. Meanwhile, in a chamber hidden away within the Hokage Monument; Minato Namikaze was in the process of helping his wife with her delivery of their children.

Minato was in a panic, hearing the sound of his village being destroyed and feeling the Kyūbi's violent attacks throughout the chamber was worrying the young Kage. Weeks ago, Minato had delved into figuring out a way to subdue or destroy the bijū without endangering his wife. From past reports that he had studied and reviewed, a jinchūriki was most vulnerable when giving birth. Though, in the end Minato wasn't successful in finding a solution that he liked. Sealing the beast was the only solution that he had been able to come up with, though the price of sealing the beast was condemning himself and the beast to the Shinigami and his children to carrying such a terrible burden. However, fate had decided otherwise.

"You are lucky mortal. Contracting me using the Shiki Fūjin requires that you forfeit your soul and by extension, your life once the sealing is completed. However, removing you from this plane when your family still requires you, you who gave life to the one chosen. For this, I will pardon the requirement of taking your soul, but I will take something dear to not only you but those who are precious to you as compensation. Do not forget this mortal," the Shinigami ominously said, sealing the soul, yin and yang chakra of the Kyūbi into three of his four children; Narumi, Mito, and Menma respectively.

After the sealing and confrontation with the Shinigami was over, the threat of the Kyūbi adverted, Konoha shifted its attention to treating those injured from the event and to rebuild what was lost.

(Scene Change - Konoha Hospital)

"Everyone had better not be slacking! If I even 'think' that you're not giving it your all, I'll drive you through the wall!" roared a beautiful blonde woman with her hair tied in two tails, that woman being one of the Densetsu no Sannin, Tsunade Senju, as she stormed into the hospital after checking on the Uzumaki-Namikaze family.

Glancing around and noticing the lack of attention directed at her due to the crazy atmosphere, Tsunade decided to ask her right hand woman, assistant, and disciple, "What's the situation looking like so far?! Shizune!?" roared Tsunade not seeing her anywhere.

"Tsunade-sama! The injured have been reduced by half thanks to the field staff dealing with situations outside of the hospital that weren't severe enough to warrant admission. From the number of patients and medics, I'd estimate that we're almost finished treating the ones who have been admitted, and I haven't seen more than seven patients be admitted in the past hour. I think that most of the shinobi and villagers who were injured have been taken care of!" replied a pretty yet exhausted woman with shoulder length raven hair, Shizune, Tsunade's assistant and disciple.

Releasing a relieved sigh, Tsunade voiced her relief with the now stable situation at hand. "Whew, that's good. I had imagined that there would've been many more injured than that, thank goodness. That means that all the injured are accounted for, meaning that the village got out in extremely good shape when you compare it to other villages who were attacked by bijū."

Also sharing a sigh of relief with her mentor, Shizune remembered the two who were in the middle of the attack. "Tsunade-sama! You said that all the injured were accounted for right?! What about Kushina-sama and Minato-sama?!" shouted a worried Shizune, having momentarily forgotten about her village's leader and his wife.

"Relax Shizune, they're safe! Minato had a rather severe case of chakra exhaustion but he'll be alright knowing him. Kushina, other than the typical signs of giving birth, is completely fine. Even after having the Kyūbi forced out of her, she's still alive and is going to be fine. She'll be up and about in no more than five hours tops, I'll even make a bet that she will!" Tsunade confidently replied, so confident that she offered to make a bet with Shizune on it, which given her alias as the "Legendary Sucker" was no small statement.

The two shared a relieved and happy laugh as the danger that, no more than 48 hours before, had passed. That is, until Tsunade had assumed that Shizune was also laughing at her extremely bad luck and chased her around the hospital wing, her fist waving threateningly in the air while the other occupants and staff of the hospital laughed in good humor at the antics of the duo.

(Scene Change - Uzumaki-Namikaze estate)

"Minato, are you sure that you're alright? You used the Shiki Fūjin but you didn't lose your soul like what was supposed to happen!" a tall man, with a spiky mane of white hair with red paint on his face worriedly asked his disciple, this man was Jiraiya, one of the Densetsu no Sannin and mentor to Minato.

"Sensei, I told you I'm fine! See, I can do everything without a problem! I need to go see Kushi-chan and my kids, so please stop worrying about me!" Minato replied, creating his fabled Rasengan to emphasize his point to his mentor.

With a sign, Jiraiya relented, patting his student on the shoulder he congratulated him on his defeat of the Kyūbi and of the beginning of his family."I'm proud of you Minato, you've come so far even without my help. I couldn't have asked for a better student." Jiraiya said, pride evident in his voice as he walked with Minato towards the room created specifically for his children.

Walking in quietly, the found what they were looking for. Kushina with her arms full with her, no their children. Wordlessly walking towards her and sitting down, he wrapped her and their children in a loving embrace. "They're beautiful Kushi-chan." Minato said, resting his head on his wife's.

Sinking into her husband's embrace, Kushina sniffled a bit before expressing her sincere thanks to whatever entity that allowed her family to stay together, though what seemed like impossible odds. "Mina-kun, we're together. We're all together. All of us. You didn't have your soul taken, and I survived having the Kyūbi force out. We're going to be able to watch our children grow up and they'll have a family to love and take care of them." Kushina whispered as she sobbed quietly while shaking a little, the all too real possibility that she could've lost her husband and her life, leaving her children alone in the world with no one to care for them taking its toll on her.

Nuzzling his wife and holding her closer, Minato reassured her that nothing would ever threaten to tear about their family again. All through the night, parents and children stayed together until sleep took them as the mental and emotional exhaustion that the two had accumulated had finally reached its peak. As the night continued on, the oldest born of the quadruplets woke, quietly observing his surroundings, finally focusing his attention towards the ceiling as a voice make its way to his ears.

"Child. Child you can hear me, can you not? I am the one who allowed your father to survive his contract with me, the price of his soul replaced with something that will greatly affect you. As the oldest of four, the child of prophecy, and the child who will change the world, you will be without the love of the one's who should hold you close. That is the exchange that I had made in place of your father's soul. You who will be without love, will be the one who will defy all obstacles which will stand before you. Do not fret child, as you will forge a path that will change the world, and remember this, do not give into the hate that will undoubtedly plague your heart in the future to come." A bone chilling voice echoed within his mind, completely unaware of his future, the child slowly looked around the room before returning to sleep, the echoes of that voice repeating quieter each time.

A Son Forgotten

Jutsu List:

Shiki Fūjin - Dead Demon Consuming Seal: S-rank Fūinjutsu, Kinjutsu.