For The Love of a Child

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Warning: Vegeta could be considered OCC in this story! I make up my reasons for his behavior and all, but he's EXTRA caring toward Trunks. More than I could ever imagine he would be on the actual show. HIGH SAP CONTENT! You've been warned now. Don't read if you wont be able to handle it. (Personally, I don't think it's THAT far off, just a bit...) Also, he's in a bit of a tiff with Bulma through most of this story. If you're a very AVID Bulma/Vegeta fan, you probably wont like this very much.

Setting: Buu Saga happened just before Trunks turned 7. Trunks has just turned 8 in this story. Vegeta has thought a lot about his relationship with Trunks and is also stuck with Goku's words about having started a new race running continually through his head. This story also pretends that Trunks and Goten never went beyond Super sayain 1. They came close to 2, but never got there.

Note #1: I wrote this story for my own enjoyment and posted because I thought there might be some other people out there tht would also enjoy it. However, it may seem rather drawn out and uneventful to some, so here's a list of the slightly more exciting chapters, for people that like for something to be happening in the stories they read (DO note, however, this is not an action/adventure, so there are no highly exciting events taking place): 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15 (the last two aren't certain yet since I haven't written them yet...)

Flamers: Constructive criticism on anything not mentioned in the warning (or cleared up in the setting next line down) is accepted. Otherwise, just don't waste your time on it. There's no point.

Trunks toweled off after a nice session training with his father. He was happy. Vegeta seemed pretty happy lately too. For the first time ever he was training his son. Not just insisting he train in the gravitation room at the same time, but actually paying attention to him and teaching him techniques. ...And not yelling if he didn't get them right away. Trunks wasn't sure why things had been getting progressively better ever since the fight with Buu just over a year ago, but he was loving it. Vegeta was taking him to the park more often (though he was still hesitant about playing with him while they were there), and he spent more time with him at home. OUTSIDE the gravity room. He'd even attempted really talking to him once, but it hadn't been a very good time. Trunks' favorite show was about to come on and he was not only distracted, but didn't know how to answer the questions his father was asking. They required thought. All he could think about then was the continuing saga on his show and his eyes kept reverting back to the screen to make sure he wasn't missing it.

"VEGETA!" Bulma yelled. "Why haven't you taken out the garbage! I've told you all WEEK to take it out! I told you EARLY so it would be out for the garbage man TODAY! Can you really be THAT inept!!"

Vegeta rolled his eyes. The screams were getting closer. The loud mouthed female was almost in sight now. "Trunks, go take the garbage out," he spoke quietly, eyes straight ahead.

"But Dad...," Trunks complained, looking up at his father with indignance.

Vegeta's eyes hardened as he glared down at his defiant child. "Go!"

Trunks scowled, stomping a foot and clutching his fists as he turned, storming down the hall.

Bulma was just turning the corner. "Where are YOU going?" her voice had an angry edge to it, though the anger really had nothing to do with him.

Trunks turned, glaring at his father as he spoke, several feet away. "To take out the stupid garbage!"

Bulma's eyes flashed as she stared at her husband. "VEGETA! I've had enough of this! Trunks, you will do nothing of the sort! Go upstairs and take a bath!"

Trunks looked from his mother to his father. Their stares were both intense and fixed on each other. Then Vegeta glanced shortly at him, that typical angered look on his face, but the intensity having no direction at him. He knew that meant he should listen to his mother. He was glad it meant that. He'd rather take a bath than take out the garbage, though he didn't praticularly like baths much either.

Bulma waited until she couldn't hear Trunks footsteps anymore. "This is the
LAST time, Vegeta! I am NOT going to put up with this anymore! You can NOT keep telling Trunks to do all the things I'm asking of YOU! What kind of father are you?!"

Vegeta's hairs raised at her words and his glare deepened.

"...Using your own SON to get out of YOUR work! He has chores of his OWN, Vegeta! And he's just barely eight years old!"

"I know how old he is!" Vegeta snapped, quickly regaining his composed silence after his short outburst. No, he wasn't going to give in to this just yet.

"Well good for you! Maybe next week you'll know his gender!"

"That's enough!" Vegeta broke in.

He almost felt the urge to lash out at her, but he restrained it. He really DIDN'T want to hurt her and he knew he would if he let go. She was pushing his limits by attacking his fatherhood. That child was part of the new sayain race! He belonged to VEGETA. He was the prince of him and Trunks was an heir to his throne. Though the kingdom only included Kakarot and his two children at present, there would be more in the future. It was Kakarot himself that had opened his eyes to this. The old sayain race had been killed, there was no more denying that, and the only surviving full-blood sayains were now starting a new race. Vegeta had found pride in that as he thought it over many times in his mind this past year. And his heart filled with pride. Particularly over his own child. He had a race to protect and rule over again, no matter how small.

Bulma took in a large breath and lowered her voice, but the intensity between them was just as strong. "Vegeta, I'm not going to take this any more. After dinner, I don't ever want to see your face here again. I've been stepped on and pushed around by you for long enough and I'm not going to allow you to do the same thing to my son any longer."

"He is MY son, woman, and don't you EVER forget that," Vegeta's eyes darkened. "He has sayain blood. MY sayain blood," Vegeta clenched his fists, turning away from her and retreating down the hall, his voice still calm and deadly as he left.
"And don't you worry. After tonight you'll get just what you've asked for."

Bulma watched him go, a small shiver running up her spine. She'd stood her ground, but she'd hadn't felt a feeling like that coming from Vegeta for YEARS. A few hairs stood on her back and in the back of her mind she felt worry. She was glad he would leave.

Vegeta felt his heart rate excellerating and his whole body tempertaure rising as he walked into the room he and Bulma had shared for many years. He pulled out a large bag and threw all the clothes he owned into it. Then he cleared out the bathroom of anything that was his, and threw his secret box of sentimental stuff on the top of the heap. That woman wanted him gone? Fine. He'd BE gone.

Once all of his things were safely in their bag, he searched for Trunks' ki. He was still in the bath. Good. Vegeta stormed into his son's room, all the while keeping in tune with where his wife was located, and began packing a large suitcase for him. He couldn't trust telling Trunks what was going on before hand, or Bulma might find out and he'd rather not deal with the fuss that would cause. Bulma would put up quite a fight if she even had the slightest incling he would leave this place with their only child. Either way she would loose. Trunks belonged to Vegeta, as far as he was concerned, and he would NOT leave this place without him. Even if that meant harming Bulma to take him. He didn't want it to come to that, though. And he didn't want Trunks to have to see it. He wouldn't tell Trunks what was going on until after they left.

Swiftly he took off out the window, both bags in hand and landed on the lawn. Sneaking into Bulma's lab, Vegeta took a capsule with a space capsule. He opened it long enough to put the luggage inside, and then quickly re-capsulized the ship. It was almost dinner time. He would eat dinner and leave as soon as he could after that. As soon as Bulma's eyes weren't on Trunks and there was as little possibilty of a scene as could be.

Bulma and Trunks were both sitting at the table when Vegeta walked into the
room. Trunks was immediately aware of the tention between the two as his father sat down. They were eyeing each other as they ate, both with contempt. Bulma had the incling that something wasn't right, but she ignored it, allowing it only to fuel her anger toward Vegeta. She wasn't really sure she wanted to kick him out, but she used this strange feeling to justify the necessity of it. Perhaps if he stayed he would hurt her? Or even worse, hurt Trunks! She didn't know what it was, but these thoughts were enough for her.

Vegeta's anger was burning. He wasn't even sure why. He was only sure that he would leave, and he would do so with his son. It served the stupid woman right! SHE was the one that wanted him gone! And all she ever did was scream at him anyway. This time she'd gone too far. How dare she acuse him of knowing nothing of their child! He knew EVERYTHING of their child, he just didn't make it public knowledge that he knew. Why should he?

Trunks kept an eye of the two. Looking from one to the other as he gulped down his food. Boy were they mad this time! He wasn't sure when the last time he'd seen his father this angry was. HAD he seen him this angry? He wasn't sure. And his mother! Wow! He was surprised there wasn't any steam coming out of her ears. Trunks finished as quickly as he could and then rushed out of the room. He'd had enough of being around those two. It was too stressful in their presence.

Vegeta silently followed Trunks' ki in his mind. He was up in his room. Good. Now was the time. Bulma would be clearing and cleaning the dishes for the next hour. He'd be long gone before Bulma even realised Trunks was missing.

Grunting Vegeta stood. "Well, your wish is about to come true. So long."

"Aren't you going to say goodbye to Trunks? I don't want you coming back around here, you know. And I will not be allowing Trunks to come visit you. I don't even want to KNOW where you go. Just make it somewhere FAR away!"

Vegeta smirked, not turning back to face her. "I don't need to," he left.

Bulma clenched her fist, facing the sink. How could he be so cold? What had she ever seen in him? She'd thought Vegeta's relationship with Trunks had been improving lately, but now he was never going to see the boy again and he wouldn't even say goodbye to him! Perhaps it was for the better. It would only upset Trunks anyway.

"Trunks, grab your coat," Vegeta ordered, standing in the doorway of his son's
room. He had his typical harsh face on.

Trunks looked up from the videogame he was playing, his eyebrows slightly raised. "How come?"

"We're leaving. I'm taking you on a trip," Veget answered.

Trunks eyes widened. "Really? Where to?"

"Just get your coat and come on. I'll tell you later," Vegeta was beginning to get annoyed. There wasn't time for all these questions.

"Ok," Trunks pulled on his yellow hooded sweatshirt-styled jacket. "Do I need to bring anything? How long will we be gone?"

"I already packed for you," Vegeta put a hand on his son's shoulder and guided him out of the room, taking him down the back way and out the back door. He opened the capsule and the two quickly and quietly entered.

"Wow, a space capsule! Are we leaving earth?" Trunks eyes lit up.

"Yes," Vegeta's facial expression hadn't changed. He felt nothing but determination to get as far away from this place as possible and as quick as possible.

"Wow, cool!" Trunks sat down in the second seat, pulling the safety straps over himself.

Vegeta took off and they jetted into the sky.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~