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As far as a Mirai story... it seems a lot of people would like me to do that and I would like to do it too, but I don't want to do it unless I can do a GOOD job and the problem I have is... I've never seen ANY of the Mirai episodes. I've only seen the Majin Buu ones and a few of the Frieza ones. (Thankfully I saw the Frieza one where Vegeta cried... I LOVED that!) I know NOTHING about the hyperbolic time chamber, when Trunks and Vegeta were in it. BUT, if I ever see those episodes (or just SOME of them! ...preferably the crucial ones...) I DO intend on writing a story from them and I'll let all of you that asked for it KNOW when that happens! (If I'm able to...)

For THIS story I intend on writing a few alternate endings and I MAY make another STORY out of an alternate ending. I dedicate my doing so especially to Ciria, but also to everyone else that is really wanting me to do so.

As for a sequel...I don't know about an SEQUEL..maybe.

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Astarii--Whew!! Only two reviews, but two of the BEST reviews of all! I can't even EXPRESS how great they made me feel! I CRIED!

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