It happened.

Sin was gone, as was Tidus.

Spira had rejoiced. The world was full of smiles and laughter. Just as she had always dreamed of.

But there was something missing. Happiness came at a heavy price. The man she loved. Gone. I suppose she could of been happy for him. Reunited with his mother and father. No longer worrying about whether or not he belonged in this world.

Lulu and Wakka decided to go back to Besaid. Kimari went to Mt. Gagazet. Rikku and Brother made plans to travel Spira in the airship. Auron, of course, moved on after Tidus.

But what of the summoner?

What about her happiness? What does Spira hold for someone like her?

She stayed behind and decided to stay at Luca. There was something about blitzball that made her heart race. She often went inside the stadium and watched the games, imagining a certain blonde-haired fellow in the sphere pool. People would come up to her and wonder why Lady Yuna would waste her time watching blitzeball games.

She would simply smile at them and say, "These games give people something to look forward to, despite life's hardships."

Some would say, "Sin is gone, though! You should be happy!"

Yes. She should.

But she wasn't.

This dull ache inside of her wouldn't disappear. Sleep was interrupted by small noises in the middle of the night. Her smiles no longer matched her eyes.

Her guardians gave her the wierdest look when she said that she'll stay in Luca.

"You know, blitzeball isn't too fun to be around 24/7, ya?" Wakka told her. He didn't retire only because he was getting too old.

She giggled and shrugged. "But it makes me happy to watch the players."

Rikku came up to her and gave her shoulders a hard shake. "But, Yunie! Wouldn't you get BORED?"

She gave her cousin a sad smile, "Never."

It was obvious her decision was final, so her guardians said their tearful goodbyes and parted ways. They made promises to visit, of course.

It had been two years since that day. Yuna got several letters and spheres from them, filling her in on their lives. Wakka and Lulu were expecting a child, Rikku and Brother formed a sphere hunting group called The Gullwings, and Kimari was named head Ronso.

Yuna purchased a small home near the docks, away from other residences. Her living room was adorned with simple furniture, a mix of plain paintings, and a hand-woven rug that was a housewarming gift from Wakka and Lulu. The bedroom had a queen bed that was decorated with silk purple linens, a small walk-in closet that had her old summoner robe hanging in the near back, and a small nightstand where she kept her journal among other personal belongings.

Her slender form was quickly woken by the soft sounds of waves splashing the docks. She let out a yawn and turned over to face the sliding glass door on the other side of her room. The dark starry sky convinced her to think it was past midnight. Giving the water below a sharp glare, she climbed out of bed and dressed in a simple black skirt with a long white blouse. Slipping into her boots, she ventured out of her cozy home and walked among the docks.

A chilly breeze suddenly shook her as she crossed her arms in front of her. She bit her lower lip in frustration, wishing she brought a coat. The wind seemed to pick up even more, taunting her.


She gasped and turned around, expecting to find someone there, but there was no one in sight.

Feeling very uncomfortable, she decided to walk back inside to the warmth of her own home and away from whatever was out there.

She was just about to her door when she heard it again.


She gulped and turned around a second time.

There, about twenty feet in front of her, was a figure with a familiar shade of blue hair.

The next thing she saw was pure black as her body fell to the ground.