Title: Bumps and Bruises

Type: Drabble

Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Summary: After being late to work, Kagome accidentally bumps into her future. Soon enough, she realizes that it seems like he's doing it on purpose too.

o1. Time

Kagome groaned, tugging at her sweater.

Losing track of time had always been her forte, but she had prayed that she would make it on time to work today. Especially with the board meeting going on.

Just her luck.

"Oh damn. Bankotsu's going to yell at me for being late and then Sango's going to nag again and then..umpf!"

The sharp pain of her butt hitting the ground caused Kagome to yelp in pain and glare at the boulder that had caused it.

The man was tall with long flowing silver hair and was so tall and...


o2. Cherry Blossom

Sesshoumaru turned to see who had stupidly run into him and he scoffed loudly at the yelped that had come afterwards.


An eyebrow instantly raised. Did she know him? A lowly human girl knew him? As if. "Do I know you, girl?" he asked, quickly looking over her cherry blossom-print shirt and black slacks. She seemed oddly...normal. Enough.

The girl quickly stood up and bowed repeatedly before speaking. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Takahashi! I didn't realize it was you!"

Sesshoumaru inwardly smirked. An employee of his? This was going to be fun. "Hm. Right. And your name is...?"

o3. Story

Kagome gulped. Was he asking for her name so he could fire her? "I'm Kagome, sir. I was in the marketing department."

She watched him look at her up and down and she felt very uncomfortable. Just because he was the next chairman to the company did not mean he could look at her up and down like a piece of meat.

"Hm. Come along."

Standing there for a good minute, Kagome realized that he had meant to follow him and soon found herself right behind him in front of the meeting room.

Oh no. Bankotsu was definitely not going to believe her cover story now.

So this is my new drabble project. Sesshoumaru being Kagome's boss and him being his playful ooc-ness. Hope you guys will enjoy it! I will be covering 3 themes in each chapter, and I found thirty themes, so this will be around 10 chapters in length. Unless I decide to write an epilogue, but we'll see.

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xo, kunfucious