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Joining the Family by Spin

Part 2: A brief encounter

The floor is cold and hard; made of a purple metal that has long lost its once flawless, smooth, reflective surface due, to ware and tear of thousands of metallic feet trampling across its surface every planetary cycle. The metallic purple walls have faired a little better, shinning softly in the light of the corridor, trying to remove the shadows in which I dwell, but having minimal success.

Even as my metal paw pads down on the metal floor I make no noise, and as soft white and reflected purple light rays strike my ebony coloured body as best they can I continue to prowl the shadows unnoticed. It is how I prefer it, and now that there are so many new faces flooding the base, it is how I choose it. Rounding a corner I hear the unmistakable screech of our 'beloved' air-commander's voice.

"Fellow seekers you have all been greatly honoured in your assignment to this unit. This is Megatron's personal army of Decepticons. For which he leads the ground assault, while I, air-commander supreme, lead us mighty angels of change in sawing high above, cleansing the way of the misguided for the glory of most righteous Decepticon army."

Only experience stops me snorting at his words. Though it is clear why he's talking with such an enlarged ego. Gathered around him are a flock of about 15 young seekers, eager to hear the words of the 'greatest' of all seekers. Going by the lack of dents and the shine of the paint covering their armour I'd say they are probably fresh out of the academy. So of course they want to meet the legendry star student of the war academy, former speaker for the Vos council, though picture boy would be a better description, but they'll learn. If they live, they'll learn not to believe what comes out of Starscream's vocaliser, after all he is a politician.

Having seen enough of Starscream's ego trips in the past, I continue to wander down the corridors, watching the plotting, fights and general interaction of the other Decepticons. It seems we've acquired a real mix of fresh faced graduates from the war academy and war hardened, battle experienced warriors to replace those we lost in the last battle.

'I think I'll get a copy of the personnel files of these new recruits and transfers, just in case something has been 'overlooked'.'

Silently I make my way to the elevator that will open just down the corridor to the central command centre on the command floor. Approaching the elevator I see another mech, one that I am unfamiliar with, waiting for it's arrival on this level. The empty elevator opens to admit him entry. Upon his entry, however, the doors do not close. He just turns to face me, waiting? To my surprise I realise he is waiting on me.

As I enter the elevator I her his monotone voice.

"Level required?"

Stopping for a moment I allow my gaze to drift to the control panel and notice that the command floor has already been selected. I look back at to this unknown mech then proceed to the back of the elevator and sit down facing him. He watches me for a moment in silence before coming to a decision, then turns, pushes the button required to make the doors close and the elevator to travel to the desired level.

We travel in silence. I watch him, but he does not even move, fidget or make any attempt to engage in communication. He just stands there facing the door, unmoving, but not tense nor slobbery. He has given me more acknowledgement than most, yet shows none of the supremacy of those who do not know of me would; nor does he show the fear or concern for himself most who do know of me do.

'Interesting, few others have ever reacted to me in this manner, who is he?'

His form looks strong, but there are no indications of a vehicle mode; and no wings to suggest an aviation one. He is mainly dark blue with the exception of some easily overlooked highlightings. The combination of a silver face mask and red optic visor hide any facial features from view. Definitely different from the loud colour schemes of most Decepticon warriors; yet, the Decepticon insignia is clearly and proudly displayed in the middle of his chest.

The elevator stops and the doors open to reveal the command level. He moves forward with a glance over his shoulder at me. I stand and follow him down the hall to the central command centre.

'Now what does he want here? Only high ranking officers come here to submit their reports to the senior staff, and he bears no reports or datapads that I can see. Most curious.'

Entering the central command centre, he glances around looking for something, or someone. I slip into the shadows, provided by the various computer consoles around the room, to observe the proceedings. Near the centre of the room Megatron turns to see the new arrival.


Immediately his attention is on Megatron. Straightening, he states in that monotone voice "Communications officer – Soundwave: Reporting for duty, Lord Megatron."

"You have your transfer orders?" Megatron snapped, as he strode over to the dark Decepticon. Soundwave immediately retrieved a datapad from subspace ready for Megatron's inspection.

'The new main communications officer? That would explain why he is here. As I understand, he comes very highly recommended from several of Megatron's more loyal generals.'

Megatron scrolled down the datapad before nodding.

"Your early. Datatrip will get you familiar with our systems." The mechinoid in question raises his head upon hearing his name mentioned, and turns slightly to regard Soundwave. Noticing Datatrip's acknowledgement, Megatron returns his attention to the console and screens near the centre of the room, while Soundwave approaches Datatrip.

I watch for a while, but it quickly becomes clear that a state of 'work as usual' has returned to the command centre. Silently I slip out of the central command centre, in search of a little less crowded control room to retrieve the file I want.


T.B.C. in Part 3: A more through search.