This is a song I wrote, in a fit of WHY THE FUCK NOT. Let this be the anthem of hunters everywhere. Crossing all borders of gender, species, language, political alliance, time and space. I present...

The Poke-Grimm Song

I wanna be the very best,

like no one ever was.

To hunt them down is my real test,

to kill them is my cause!

I will travel across remnant,

Searching far and wide!

Each Grimm, a crash dummy,

for the aura that's inside!

PokeGrimm, Gotta Kill'em all, it's you and me (and your backup),

I know it's my destiny!

PokeGrimm! Oooh your my enemy,

In a world in which you must die!

PokeGrimm,Gotta kill em all, a heart so true.

My blade will run you through!

You attack us and We'll kill you!

(Po-ke-Grimm) Gotta Kill'em all!

Every challenge along the way,

With courage I will face

I will battle every day

To claim my rightful place

Now come on guys, the time is right

There's no better team.

Arm in arm we'll win the fight!

It's always been our dream.


(Gotta Kill'em all)

it's you and me...



Oh, your my enemy,

in a world which you must die!


A heart so true...

My blade will run you through!

Fuck with me and I'll Tear you..



(A/N): I regret nothing. Also, wouldn't it be cool of the entire RWBY VA cast decided to get drunk and sing this song?