Touka's POV


"Hinami…?" I said, what is she's doing hear at 20th ward library

"…Are you feeling well?" I asked her

"Onee-chan also, is your studies going well too?"

"Don't poke the touchy matter first…" huh what a question, hurm hinami looks kinda different does she…

"Ah did you get a haircut?"

"Yup oni-chan cut it for me"

"….I see it really suits you,its cute" I said however I wondered how hinami-chan end up here? Just to come and visit me?

"But how did hinamu chan end up here?" I have the urge to ask her

"Oni-chan and the other brought hinami over…"

Ah it's him

"Is he also over here?" how long I haven't see him after the Aogiri attack? 6 months?

"No.. he has something to deal with, so right now he is somewhere else…"

" that so" somehow my heart sinking by the statement he is not around this area

Ah I cannot let this feeling carried away

"You didn't having a rough time over there?" I pretty much curious with my own question, what they exactly do over there? Where the heck even they live?

"No! everyone is really nice… it feels like I got more than one oni-chan it's really fun" Hinami smiled, I guess he and the others really took good care of her, at least I don't have to worry so much

"Even though I really want to meet with one-chan also…"

"…" well it's not that I don't want to see you hinami-chan, I guess I'm not welcome over there



"Do you want to meet with oni-chan?"

"…." Well I did not expect this kind of question, I probably…urm I really don't know what to say

"I…." I guess I do want to se-


My thought as my words got cut off by the sudden voice calling out my name

"Yoriko…?" why does she look like she's out of breath?

", someone give this…someone with an eye patch"

Ey…eye patch? Is it..

Yoriko handed a small thing in my hands, it's a small rabbit keychain


"So for my gift preparation, what do you like touka-chan? You seems to like rabbit I guess? You even have a rabbit sweater, it looks good on you by the way"

"Your rabbit pictures…I like them"

End of flashback

"…kaneki" I muttered

"Sorry... I'll return soon!" That idiot, of course it's him! Who else on earth I know wearing that stupid looking eye patch!?

I ran around the library building looking for him, to the nearest park still….no sign of him, I breathe heavily and hoping to see him somewhere I muttered under my short breath

"…..that is unfair of you kaneki…" This feeling, the pain in my chest is throbbing I feel like….crying and I fell on my knee



I heard someone calling my name again, it's too feminine to be his voice as I looked up I saw the figures running towards me, ah of course its Yorika and hinami

"…let's go back home touka-chan, its pretty late now the library is closing soon"

"Onee-chan, I need to go back too.." Hinami paused

"I'm so happy to see you today onee-chan" she hugged me and I hugged her back

"Me too hinami-chan…"

I walked back my way home as I parted from yoriko at the junction, I went straight to my room and lay flat on my bed, why he even bother to give me a birthday present? I told him not to waste money on me and he even got no balls to face me pfft

I look at the keychain dangling from my cell phone, I wonder if there's any significant meaning behind it? Wait that is just too complicated! That plain and light headed kaneki won't think that much wouldn't he? …well not after the 'incident'

I closed my eyes, that eye patch…I felt like I don't know him anymore

The next day

"So touka-chan, it's the same guy right?"


"Thar eye patch-kun I mean, the one that I saw in urm your house when I brought the meat and potato stew was the same guy who gave you the rabbit keychain yesterday right?" Yoriko blushes slightly

"Urm well yeas…I guess" why are you even blushed?

"What do you mean I guess? Are you a two timer touka-chan!? That is bad!"

"Huh what? No no of course not! He's the same person just has slight different appearance that's it" Wait somehow my sentence doesn't sounds right

"Ah what a relief, somehow I don't understand what you mean by slight different! He's totally different like becoming more badass or something, what he actually do? Is he really a college student?"

"Wow yoriko you really do have a lot of questions" I didn't know if I want to admit the 'badass' appearance.. I miss the old innocent kanek…wait what did I just say?

"Of course I do! Who wouldn't be interested in their best friend love's life?"

"Lo- love life?" I Stutter

"Yes! He went to your house holding that big plushie toy… and gave you present, what else could it be?"

"Eh just friend I guess?"


Somehow yoriko makes the room goes silent and we changed the topic

Touka's house

Yoriko's statement really bothers me a little and it's so annoying that I couldn't take it out of my head, what does she mean by love's life? Kaneki is my love's life? Who is she kidding with?




Does lover gave keychain as birthday presents? I wonder and unconsciously grabbed my cell phone and text that shitty nishiki…well he's the only person that I know who has a love partner well human love partner to be exact, but that would do

(T) ….Shitty Nisihiki

(N) What is it shitty touka?

(T) Your woman… was it kimi? Do you give her presents and stuff?

(N) When it's time to give her one, I do like her birthday… and days like that

(T) … things like 'key chains'?

(N) Ah~ I might give something like that to a trivial person who isn't worth spending the money on


(N) WHY..!?

Nope wrong move touka, you should know that by asking that shitty nishiki won't help you anything

"Say touka-chan did eye patch-kun at least confess to you or something like that at least?"

"Confess? Like saying I love you kind of thing?"

"Well it's not necessary to say something like that anymore these days you see… like he might shows how much he cares or feel sad if you leave him maybe? Things like that"


Suddenly yoriko moved closer to me and whispered

"… or something that both of you being caught do something…well you know 'embarrassing things'?"

Yoriko coughed and her blush is redder


"… if, if you died touka-chan I would probably be…sad"

End of flashback

There's no way I could mention about that scene to yoriko, she will get more curious and asked me tones of question

"Urm does get caught me lifting his shirt considered 'embarrassing things'?"


Yoriko shriek loudly, again she made the whole class in silent

Notes: I probably won't do day4 prompt, since key chain prompt already being used in the 2nd chapter haha and I'm so sorry for TONES of grammatical and spelling errors, I don't have beta and I don't re-read my work, if anyone wanted to be my beta you're most welcome…well I doubt any haha thank you for favourite and follows my stories ^^/