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Chapter 1 – Who Knew

Lucy grabbed her sound pod and hit random. It seemed Mavis knew how she felt when the song started.

"You took my hand, you showed me how…"

She felt the hollow ache settle into her chest as she glanced around her room. The once bare walls of her room were now decorated with random pictures that had been taken over the years. She smiled sadly as her gaze traveled over the one with her team posing with the villagers of Galuna Island, one of her and Erza on the beach before the Tower of Heaven, Happy with his winged fish, and Gajeel hugging Pantherlily after the return from Edolas. A random snapshot of Her, Levy and Cana at the guild hall holding up beer mugs brought a slight smile to her face. It wasn't to last long.

She reached one of her and Natsu taken right after he brought her to the guild, another of the two of them hugging on the lawn of her home and another of them lying side by side in her bed, his lips pressed to her cheek. He had promised her then that no matter what, they were best friends for forever. Her eyes closed as her eyes filled with tears at the memories that flooded in. Him sneaking into her bedroom the first time, the time he walked in on her in the bath, him calling out to her as he floated the Rainbow Sakura tree down the canal just for her.

"Remember when we were such fools, too convinced and just too cool…"

The last several years it was always came around to Natsu and Lucy. And somewhere along the way, she had fallen hard for the pink ("No, Salmon" she corrected) haired boy. He was always there to save her, to cheer her up, to help in his own dysfunctional, happy and upbeat way. He opened her up and at first it was a crush, but all it took was a kiss on the cheek for to realize it was her first love. So many times she almost confessed, but it was never the time or she was interrupted.

"When someone said count your blessings now, before they're all gone…"

Then Lisanna came home. Lucy didn't want to like the girl, but that was impossible. The youngest white haired Strauss was as loveable as her older siblings. Lucy could easily see why Natsu had been so in love with her. She could see, when he looked at the takeover mage in wonder, that he was still as in love now as he had been when she went missing. And that is exactly why she needed the break. Erza, Gray and Happy were still just as cool, including her on everything. Natsu was trying to balance between Lisanna and Lucy. It killed her to know it wasn't right, he deserved this happiness. It hurt like hell to admit.

She had already given the excuse of needing a break to sort out some stuff from her Father's estate to Natsu, Erza and Gray. The latter two hadn't really believed her. They knew the reason she was stepping back. Natsu, being the optimistic and usual oblivious guy he was, hugged her and told her he'd help. But she turned him down, saying this was something she needed to do on her own and that he needed to take Lisanna on missions and spend time with her. He smiled and thanked Lucy for being the awesome friend she was but to hurry back so they could go on missions again together.

"I guess I just didn't know how I was all wrong. They knew better, still you said forever…"

"Lucy, don't lie. You're martyring yourself for Natsu's happiness," Erza said angrily. "We are a team and you can't go back on that. I won't let you." She and Gray had followed Lucy back to her apartment, determined to convince Lucy that she was still wanted around.

"No…no, I have just…not been feeling well and I need to go through Dad's stuff and could use the vacation…it's not forever, just for a little break so I can rest."

Gray gave Lucy a look that plainly said "Oh please" but he remained quiet at first. He had known for a long time that Lucy was in love with Natsu. He also knew how much it hurt her to have to watch him with Lisanna every day at the guild. He understood her wanting to take a step back. It just sucked major ass to see the girl he considered a sister hurting.

"It's ok Lucy. We get it," he said gently as he cast a glance at Erza as if to tell her to back off. "Take your break, but just do me a favor?"

Lucy dared a look up from the spot she had bored into the carpet of her room. These weren't just her teammates, they were her family. She didn't want to leave them or the team, she loved them too much. "Anything Gray, name it."

He got up to came and sit beside her on the bed, motioning to Erza to take the other side. "You're not just our nakama; you're part of our family." He saw her shoulders slump and he reached down to prop a finger under her chin, turning her face so that he could see her. Tears filled her large, doe brown eyes and streaked down her cheeks. He gave her a sad smile and used his thumb to brush them away before continuing.

"We all love you Lucy. Take your time but come back to us. We're here for you, always."

Erza's hand came up to rest on Lucy's shoulder and she gave it a small squeeze (well as soft as she could…she is THE Erza after all) and moved to kneel in front of Lucy. "He's right Lucy-chan. We are here and love you no matter what," she said softly.

Lucy looked between the two and could not help the sob that escaped her lips as she pulled them both in for a hug. She held onto them and the emotional dam broke as they hugged her back just as tight. It wasn't fair to them that she had to step back and while she knew it would not be for forever, it hurt just the same. If only she had been more careful, if only she hadn't let her heart get the best of her. "If only I hadn't let him in," she thought before mentally slapping herself. She couldn't say that, because had she not, she wouldn't have fairy tail or the family she had now. She let her tears fall, letting her heart completely break because that was the only way she would fix this. They both stroked her hair, letting her sob it out, letting her cry until she had nothing left. And she did just that. The sobs slowly died, her tears slowed to stop until it was just the three of them holding on to each other.

"And if you really want, I can knock Natsu around for you."

Erza's stoic voice broke the silence and for the first time in days, Lucy let out a chuckle. The trio pulled back as they all shared the chuckle. Lucy reached up to wipe the tear streaks on her face as she shook her head.

"No Erza, you don't need to. None of this is his fault, it's no one's fault. He is happy and I am so happy for him. I just…" She stopped as her voice began to shake again. Just saying his name hurt right now.

Erza nodded, understanding. Despite wanting to be angry, she knew Lucy needed time to heal herself. It hurt her to know she couldn't fix this for her nakama. She knew how the girl felt. Every time she thought of Jellal, she felt the same ache and despair. All she wanted was to be happy with him, but now all she could do was pray that Lucy found the happiness she deserved. She didn't want her fate for her friend.

"Need time." Gray finished for her and was granted a small smile from the blond celestial mage. "I want to see more of that so take the time and come back smiling."

"I'll keep you locked in my head until we meet again…And I won't forget you my friend, what happened?"

Lucy grabbed her bag from the floor and glanced at the clock. "Damn…ten minutes to get to the station," she muttered as she moved for the door. She paused for a moment; turning back and taking the picture of Natsu kissing her cheek down, laying it face down on the shelf below it. With a sigh, she rushed out the door. She knew Levy, Gajeel and Cana were meeting her at the station. They had "taken a mission" that was conveniently close to the beach resort Lucy had chosen. They hadn't wanted her to go alone. She felt bad for not bringing Erza and Gray, but she knew Natsu would need them for missions. And, she would constantly feel his presence with them around.