Interlude: Never Take Your Girlfriend to a Haunted Mansion (Lest you meet its owner)


"Are you sure about this?" Cas whispered as the two girls snuck into the large house, glancing around as if someone was going to pop out and start yelling at them.

"No, but I'm gonna do it anyways." Ari had always been the adventurous one, though if you were to ask an adult, it was less 'adventure' and more 'foolhardy' or 'risky.' She had studiously ignored such comments.

"You're going to get us killed, Ari, I just know it!" Cas bemoaned. She was a little more reserved, especially so now, as she wasn't a fan of scary things.

Despite her complaints, Cas followed Ari as she crept through the broken part of the fence that lead up to the old mansion. The moon was a sliver of ivory in the starry sky, and Cas heard her girlfriend curse and mutter something about bringing a flashlight next time. The brown-haired girl cringed at the thought of coming back to this place, even the woods that surrounded the place gave off a scarily sentient vibe. Ari, if she had noticed it, was ignoring the oppressive atmosphere as she raced up the marble steps to the old oak door.

The knocker was a gargoyle's face, and looked to be gold, or something like it, not much was visible from the dim light of Ari's phone's flashlight. Taking one deep breath, the dyed redhead pushed open the large door, practically having to throw her body against it to get it to budge (though that wasn't saying much, she stood barely a quarter of an inch over five feet, and her height did her strength no favors). Cas giggled at the image of Ari struggling with the heavy door, and the shorter girl turned to glare at her.

"You know, this might go more smoothly if you helped out a little." She frowned, the downturn contorting her small face. "Don't, don't say it Liz. Don't do this to me."

Cas smirked childishly "...That's what she said." Ari growled and splayed one small hand across her face, bringing the other up to silence her taller girlfriend's terrible jokes.

"That was fuckboy level terrible, babe, you reminded me of Sam for a second." Sam was the prime example of teenage white entitlement, and both of them used his behavior as a gigantic inside joke. Whenever someone would do something that was reminiscent of the dark-haired moron's behavior or speech, this insult was thrown out, instantly ending an argument for fear of being too much like him.

"No!" Cas whisper-shouted. "Anything but him!" She then gave up attempting to get out to the trip to the haunted mansion, and helped her girlfriend open the heavy door.

The first thing that should have signalled something was very wrong there was that the house, though dark, was dust free. "Huh, I was expecting white sheets over all the furniture and shit. Isn't that what the old houses usually have in them?" Ari broke the silence, her voice loud in the entry hall (not that it wasn't always).

"I think you watch too many horror movies, Ar, you can't base everything off of The Others." Cas rolled her eyes at the blue-eyed girl.

"Actually, I was thinking more about Housebound, when the main character goes into the basement and a bunch of stuff is covered in sheets and a statue of Jesus falls on her." Cas raised an eyebrow, "Look, I'm not good at explaining it, but it was the funniest horror movie I've ever seen."

The two wandered off through the house in silence, until they heard a noise in the hallway. Cas jumped a squeak escaping her as Ari grabbed the her around the waist and pulled her into a side room, closing the door with a barely audible creak. The faint moonlight flickered in the dark room casting obscured shadows on everything they touched.

The two listened to the walking in the hallway in silence, waiting until it began to fade. Cas opened her mouth about to speak, but before she could, Ari reached forward and dragged her by her faded band t-shirt into the shadows of the room, clasping a silencing hand over the hazel-eyed girl's mouth as she stared hard at the door.

Hardly a second later, the door burst open, and a tall, blond man swaggered in, his face contorted in rage. Electricity crackled around him, and a single golden eye (the other obscured by an eye patch embroidered with yellow triangle) swept the room.

The door had swung shut after he entered, and the dim light from the moon splayed across the open space, casting a demonic shadow behind his thin figure.

Cas' eyes opened wide and he met the smaller girl's eye as they both saw his impressive shadow. Horns decorated the shadow's head, curving around his top hat, and too-small-to-fly wings were situated in his lower back, as an accent more than a useful item.

The tall man brushed down his black suit and walked to a table beside the window, grabbing a small object from its surface and shoving it into his pocket. Then, energy still sparking around him, he exited the room without so much as a second look to where the girls were hiding, too busy growling at something they couldn't see.

Seconds passed, and when Ari deemed it had been long enough, she removed her shaking hand from Cas' face. "I think," She whispered, pale face made paler by fear, "that we should probably leave now."

Cas was equally as pale, her freckles standing out even more than normal (if Ari was in her right mind, the passing thought of how cute they were probably would have slipped out), she nodded, her face tight. "I think you might be right."

The trek out of the house consisted of the pair running like death was at their heels and hoping the creepy demon dude didn't hear nor see them. Panting, the two slowed to a stop when they crossed the broken fence, where Ari bent down and gasped. "Yeah, I'm never going back there. Like, ever."

With a shaky nod, the taller girl pulled her red haired girlfriend to the path that lead out of the forest and the two began their walk home, nervously staring over their shoulders and out into the dark woods, looking for the dark skinned demon man with every step.

I know it's super short and kind of filler, but I feel bad because the next one might not be out for a long time.

Have a nice day my childrens :3

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