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Chapter One

"Knock, Knock"

Brown eyes slowly flutter open and stared around the dark room. She groan softly before flipping onto her side and burying her face into her pillow. Her hand stretched forward to touch the warm body of her boyfriend but all she found was empty air. She open her eyes and stared at the still neatly made bed. Her eyes narrow in confusion as she lifted her head slightly to stared at the digital clock that was on his side. It blinked 2:00 a.m. at her, he should be here by now. Just then another,

"Knock, Knock"

Maybe that was him! She threw away the cover from body and grab her robe as she quickly stood. She shiver slight against the cold air and pressed her body against the thin fabric of her robe. God damn it, Edward…can't you remember your key. She slip her feet into her fuzzy slippers and head through the dark apartment toward the door. She pulled the door open and huffed out.

"Edward Cullen, how many times have I told you to remember your key?"

Instead of hearing a deep musical laugh, all she heard with a slight sniffle. Her eyes focused on the person that stood in front of her, and she wasn't staring into deep life fill emerald eyes. Looking up at her with unshed tears where icy blue eyes of Jasper Cullen, Edward's older brother. Her eyes narrow as she whispered out.

"Jasper, what? What are you doing here?"

Jasper pale fingers ran though messy locks of blond hair as he whispered out.

"Bella…can I? Can I come in?"

She nodded her head eagerly allowing her messy bun to come undone letting her brown waterfall curls to cascade down her back. Her brown eyes focused on Jasper as she set aside and Jasper walk in. He began to pace back and forth mumbling to himself. She arched an eyebrow but remained quiet, maybe Edward will be home and he will be able to figure out what Jasper was doing in their apartment mumbling to himself. Finally Jasper inhale deeply and turn to face her. The tears he had been holding back where falling freely down his face, as he reach forward and took her hands into his warm ones. She was starting to get scared. What was wrong? Where was Edward?

Jasper spoke in such a low voice that she was surprise she was able to hear him at all.

"Bella I need you to be strong, okay."

"Jasper what's going on?"


She blink as Jasper chanted Edward name and fell silent again. She bit her lip and look at Jasper. What was wrong with Edward? Where was he? Before she could ask Jasper inhaled again

"There has been accident"

She pulled her hands away from Jasper and shook her head before saying,

"What are you talking about? Tell me!"

"Edward was on his way from the hospital, he's been working for so many hours and he was falling asleep at wheel that…I'm sorry."

She shook her head and shouted at Jasper

"Don't lie! Shut up, Ed…Edward is not dead!"

Jasper came closer to her and said,

"He's gone…He's gone, Bella"

Her eyes filled with tears as she shook her head. No! This can't be happening. Her breathing was coming out in short pants and her heart was beating out of control. She look at Jasper with hazy eyes before crumbling to the floor and burying her face into her open palms. Jaspers strong arms wrap around her shoulders as she yelled.

"No, Edward can't be dead….he can't be dead."

She bit her lip and felt her body envelope her into a dark abyss. Edward wasn't dead, this was dream. This had to be dream.