The game ends with us winning by two points, a motivational speech, and rain.

The whole team jumps together and we're all rubbing eachother's backs and patting our heads. I have the biggest, goofiest smile on my face as I hear the crowd still cheering, and our faces on the big screen. My feet are sore, and I'm exhausted, but it was all worth it.

After our team celebration, Minato sends all of us to the showers. This time I make sure no one will steal my clothes and keep an eye on them the whole time I shower.

I pop out of the cool water and throw my fresh clothes on. Today was such a good day! I can't wait to go home and crash for the weekend. With a big smile on my face, I exit the locker room, only to have my heart shattered in a million pieces.

I see Rin pressed up against the wall with Kakashi giving her sloppy kisses. She pants and he comes closer and closer, eventually placing his rough hands on her fragile waist. He pulls her towards him and she runs her hands through his hair.

I make an effort to move, to hide, but my legs betray me. My heart swells and a lump forms in my throat.

Kakashi releases the kiss and Rin burrows her head in his chest. He makes eye contact with me, and with a smirk on his lips, mouths the words, "I won."

I can feel each individual needle pierce into my heart.

I watch Kakashi put him arm around Rin and whisper something in her ear. She looks at him with a huge blush powdering her lips.

I should feel angry, but I'm too tired. Too tired of loosing, of putting in 110% of effort and getting back 40%.

It's over before it started. I aimlessly walk into the night, with the rain showering above me. I walk for hours around this world. I feel traffic lights and coffee shops all over town, and realize I'm like a ghost trapped in a moonless world. I miss you, Rin. Please come back to me.

My anger subsides, and as I stand in this street corner and watch these two roads meet I suddenly feel at peace. Maybe it's because it's at my feet lies the intersection of two distinct paths merging at the same point. Maybe cause it's a reminder of you and me, and the blissful bond we once shared. Without a care in the world, my arms around to shelter you from the cold; two souls kept warm by eachother's company. Two hearts dancing in the rain, two minds thinking the same thing. You want me to be yours, and I want you to be mine.

I don't know, maybe I'm crazy. Maybe time has finally outplayed me. Maybe I stopped seeing beauty in the little things, maybe I stopped appreciating the gift life brings. Maybe I'm in over my head.

I don't know, maybe this is normal. Maybe I stopped being myself after you left, maybe this is all a test. Maybe I failed, and I couldn't clean up the mess. Maybe that's why the rain suddenly feels colder against my skin. Maybe that whenever I try to apologize I don't know where to begin, or where to end. All these things that I've typed up in my mind I want to tell you. I just…can't bring myself to hit send. Maybe I messed up and I won't admit it. Maybe I'm a coward.

Seems like I've got all the time in the world, maybe I should do something about it, I mean, every minute without you seems like an hour. Maybe I'm a fool for distancing myself from you. Maybe that's why I couldn't admit that I loved you cause for some reason, I couldn't accept that maybe, just maybe, you might have loved me too.

But now that's gone, you died in the last world, and you're as good as dead in this one.

The light seeping through my windows finds it's way to my eyes and wakes me up. I pull the blankets over my face, and with a heavy heart shut my eyes in an effort to go back to sleep, to leave this world. I try to sleep away the thought of Rin, but then she chases me through my dreams.

I can't do this anymore. I get up and throw the blankets to the floor and punch the wall with my cold fists. "I'll never win." Tears stream down my face, as I break shinobi code. But who the heck cares!? Everything I've worked and dreamed for has been ripped away from me, and for a second, just a second, I thought I could play along. I thought that I could blend into this world like nothing happened, that somehow I could get my happy ending.

I look over to the storybook on my desk and throw another punch at the wall, making a small dent in it. Cupping my torn knuckles to my chest I throw the stupid book off my desk. I begin ripping pages and shaking the book, as if somehow, I'll get sucked back into that world, a world I understand. The pages fall one by one, littering my floor in some stupid story, a story I wish I could rewrite.

Taking a step back, the image of Kakashi putting his arm around Rin flashes through my head. I thought everything was fine, I thought I could talk to Kureni and get my revenge. I thought I would feel better, but the whole in my heart begins to grow deeper. It scares me how I will be able to fill it. If this disease eats my heart away…what will become of me?

I place my hand over my chest and feel the faint thuds my heart makes. It's still there. This pain will not kill my heart, and that's when I realize, a heart doesn't have to stop beating to be dead.

I can't find the will power to stay awake, and so I crawl back under my sheets and close my eyes, hoping that I can escape this world.

I spend my entire Saturday in bed. I don't shower, don't eat, just sleep. It's tragic, I chuckle to myself. Before, I would have been training to hide these feelings. I would have been burned and bruised, but not hurt. The hole in my heart would not be digging into my flesh and piercing my bones. It wouldn't be affecting me like this.

I throw off my covers and rub my empty stomach. Gosh I'm starving. I glance at the clock, 8 pm. Better get some grub.

I dig through my wallet and discover five dollars. How I'm going to survive tomorrow is unknown to me.

I grab my hoodie and walk out the door.

Walking through campus at night gives it this eerie feel, like someone's going to attack me at any sudden moment. I brush the feeling aside and walk down town. My muscles are sore after the game, especially my right ankle. It feels busted. I limp down the streets until I reach a pizza place. I look at the menu to see if I can afford anything, and am grateful a slice of pizza costs two dollars.

I come in, and immediately regret it when I spot Rin working at the register. My blood freezes, and my grief floods back. I try to stop my quivering lip and go up to her for my order. I probably look like a mess, but I don't care.

"Two slices of cheese pizza."

She turns around and her eyes widen. "Oh, Obito, h-how are you?" she says startled.

I rub the back of my neck and pretend like I haven't been crying over her for the past eight hours. "Fine I guess. How's work?"

"Never mind work! I hear you missed the team party. Why's that?" she asks punching in numbers on the register. "By the way, that'll be four dollars."

I hand her the money. "I was never informed." I state blankly.

"But you were the star player! Kakashi was supposed to tell you about it, are you sure he didn't text you or anything?"

That explains why I didn't hear about this.

"Speaking of Kakashi, how are you guys?" I ask slowly.

"Oh well…we're fine I guess." She says quietly. Her eyes don't meet mine, but stare at the ground.

"Rin. What happened?" I ask softly.

She hands my back my change and two slices of pizza. "Obito.." she states uncertainly.

"Come on Rin, there's a booth in the corner, we can sit there." I try.

She looks up at me with tears in her eyes. "I'd like that." She whispers as she takes off her apron and walks next to me to the booth.

Once seated, I look at her, take her in. She's here, alive, next to me. My heart flutters as I look at the love of my life. Wow, did I just think that?

"It's Kakashi." Rin states, still not meeting my eyes. "Last night, he…he took me to his house." She stops and looks at me with tears forming in her eyes.

"He hit me."

My breath freezes as my eyes widen in disbelief. He hit her!?

"I-it's my fault to be honest." She stutters out when I don't say anything.

"How. What could you have possibly done wrong?" I ask with anger mixing in my words.

"I…" she fiddles with her finger, "I wouldn't sleep with him."

I thought I was done enduring pain, but oh gosh, my pain has only just begun.

"Rin, I know you've probably heard this a thousand times, but you deserve better! You-"

"Obito stop! I love him! I would do anything for him! I will put all my effort into loving him." She pours out her heart to me.

I sign, letting her cry into her scarf. I watch it as her tears turn the soft blue fabric a soggy color.

"Rin." I make sure she looks into my eyes. "Love is not an effort. You can't make an effort to love. If you make an effort, there is no love. You flow into in, and allow it to happen. It's not a doing, it's a happening, without any effort." I finish with soft eyes.

Her nose is red and her eyes are puffy from crying. I give her a reassuring smile.

"It will come to you."

She brushes a few loose strands from her eyes and tucks them behind her ears.

"How can you be so sure?" she squeaks.

"Because Rin, I've been in love before." I say, my heart tugging in my chest. Just hours age, this girl caused me to go ballistic, and now, here she is, making me fall in love with her all over again.

Her head tilts a bit, "With who?"

With you. And I still am.

"Enough about me." I say shoving a piece of pizza in my mouth. "Tell me what happened?" I ask gently.

She takes a deep breath trying not to let the tears spill again. "And why do you care so much? Aren't you and Kakashi in a fight?"

"Rin, I'm not therapist, but I promise you this; I will listen. I will care."

A smile tugs on her lips as fresh tears start to fall. "Thank you, Obito. I'm really happy you're here right now. I hope you know that."

Butterflies play in my stomach, and I get this warm feeling inside of me. A feeling I haven't felt in years.

"Kakashi," her face falls, "he took me over to his house last night after the party. He was sober, but that didn't stop him from throwing me on his bed. His breath burned my skin as he clawed his way on top of me." Her voice breaks and her hands cover her crying face.

I get up and sit down next to her, and in an attempt to comfort her; I rub her back with my arm. "It's okay, you're going to be okay." I whisper in her ear.

"No, it's not." She sobs. "I said I didn't want to. I said I'd call the cops if he'd touch me. But…he said I would do this if I loved him. And I course I love him! But…I refused, and so he hit me." Rin says while pulling the fabric of her oversized sweatshirt up, to reveal her bear shoulder.

It's bruised black and blue, and ugly sign that reminds me that I'm not the only one suffering in this world. Rin is too.

She quickly hides the bruise and looks at her hands. "But I guess I don't know what love is anymore."

"Rin," I nudge her on the shoulder to grab her attention. "I'm here for you. If you're having any trouble with that jerk, talk to me. I'll help you."

"Thank you, Obito." She says with a soft smile.

I give her my famous smile hoping that for once, everything will be okay.

"Ey! Back to work!" I hear an old man yell from across the room.

"That's my cue," Rin says getting up.

"Umm, talk to you later?" I ask fiddling with my fingers.


I watch her as she goes and take a deep breath. I'll need to start working soon if I want to survive in this world, I think as I eye my last dollar bill.

Getting up I decide to call it a day and walk out of the pizza place, looking back only twice to look at Rin. I missed her more than I thought. I'm not the only person who's fighting a battle in this world, she is too.

I walk off into the cold night and head back to my dorm. I stretch my tired arms as a yawn escapes my lips. Gosh I'm tired.

I walk into my dorm room and the mess of papers on the floor isn't there anymore. The book sits neatly on my desk, untouched. I rush to it and begin flipping the pages. Everything's the same! Is this some kind of sorcery?

I sigh. Giving up I make myself some hot cocoa and plop a candy cane in it. I change into my PJ's and pass out on my bed. I really need to get my life together. Sucking on the candy cane, I try to think of a reason to see Rin again. Maybe I'll see her on Monday and ask how everything's going with Kakashi? Ya…I think I'll do that.

First off I wanna say I'm so sorry! I haven't updated in forever! Life got in the way and I haven't had the inspiration since the Naruto ending... unfortunately I don't think I'll be continuing this fic for one simple reason: I'm leaving the fandom. Sorry guys, but I can't do this anymore. The ending was a complete disappointment for me and I even ended up deleting my Tumblr account because of all the hate I was getting. My friends, who are artists and writers, got hate also for shipping NS. One of the NH shippers even death threatened my friend because she continued drawing NaruSaku. The fandom is ripping to shreds and I cannot be a part of this. Sorry once again, and I hope you guys can understand ~