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In one of the rooms in a majestic white castle, two figures could be seen. One of the figures is a man with long silver hair. The other figure is a young girl who seems to be 10 years old, with black hair and silver and blue highlights.

"Miko. This Sesshomaru is your 'boss' as you were reborn as a country."

"Fluffy-nii-sama, what's my name as a country?" Asked the girl.


"Can I be called 'Neko land'?" Pleaded the girl, now known as a country.

"Miko, you should know that this country is not a land ruled by those felines. This is a proud country ruled by this Sesshomaru. Although this land is an unified land, with all kinds of demons, basically all the supernatural beings." Sesshomaru explained, with a hint of disgust towards the felines.(he's a dog demon)

"Then, what's my name as a country?" Asked the girl, again.

"United Country of the Supernatural. Shortened would be UCS."

"That is a bad name. The shortened one, anyways." The girl said.

"Or, 'Haru,' meaning Spring. It is a wonderful name for you as a country. This country is beautiful, like when spring comes, so this Sesshomaru thinks it fits you." Sesshomaru said.

"Ooh. I like this name better! I think I'll use it." Kagome said, quite excitedly.

~Meanwhile, at a world conference meeting at America's place~

It was loud.

England and France was fighting again. They were calling each other names.

"You bloody git!" England said.

"What did you say?! You frog!" France got in his face and asked, quite angrily.

Russia was chuckling, but it seems that he scared most of the countries there with his dark aura.

China and Japan was chatting. Italy was saying "Ve~! Pasta~!" And Germany was annoyed at him.

Canada was playing with Kumojirou(his polar bear). Spain was being hit on the head by Romano(South Italy) and Romano was also cursing at him. Greece was sleeping, and Turkey was trying to bother him.

"Shut up!" America yelled as he banged his hands on the table, making a big crack in it.

Every country immediately shut up, because this was the first time that America was serious at a world conference meeting.

"Are you okay, America? Do you have a fever?" Asked England, while checking if America really had a fever.

"I'm fine. Now. Can we start this conference already?" America asked.

Every nation nodded their heads.

"My troops just recently found a big mass of land in the sky. From what they gathered, it seems that there's a civilization up there. It also seems like there's a new country there. I felt it. An aura just like ours. I don't know if the country is a 'he' or a 'she'. My troops are trying to gather that information right now." America said.

"So, you're saying zhat zhere's a vhole new country up zhere?" Germany asked, his accent clear as day.

"Yep." America answered.

"Ve~! Is there pretty ladies? And pasta?" Italy asked.

Germany bonked him on the head.

"Itai! Germany, what did you do that for?" Italy cried out and started to rub at the lump on his head.

*sigh* "Italy, zhere is no pasta zhere, at least I don't zhink zhere is, since it's a new country and all, with no cultural influence yet." Germany explained to the ever not-understandable-of-what-is-going-on Italy.

~Back to the Sky Country~

"Miko. There are more of your species out there. It's time to let the world know of your existence as a new country. Go meet them." Sesshomaru ordered.

"Hai, nii-san. I shall do it." Kagome said, while saluting him. Then she playfully marched off.