Author's Note's:

Hello everyone! Mr AnimeKidd here with a story idea. You've probably noticed that the title resembles the moniker of Naruto in my other fic, Hero or Monster. Well, this was actually written before that fic was even thought of, and I just changed the name to "Bringer of Hope".

I wrote this out of the blue one day, and afterwards, I just couldn't figure out what I was going to do with it. I honestly have no clue where it goes from here, so I'll leave that to the readers. If you think it's a clever idea, and want to see more, let's see what we can do. The readers will have to create the story line though, because I'm lost. I wrote the base idea, now let me know what comes next.

Hero or Monster is still my main story, but when I get bored of writing just that fic, I'll work on this. It will keep me motivated and in the mood to write more.

Bringer of Peace

Chapter One – Second Coming

The thing with immense power is that, after a while, it starts to become- to a point- aware. Aware that it is in fact immense, and like everything else, wants to stay that way. Preservation is a powerful thing.

So when the man known as Uchiha Madara combined the cells of Senju Hashirama within himself he didn't know that it wasn't the cells that he was combining. Madara and Hashirama were in fact reincarnations of the transmigrant chakra of Asura and Indra Otsutsuki, the children of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, known to the world as the Rikudo Sennin.

So by combining the chakra of Asura and Indra, Madara was able to awaken incredible power in the form of the legendary Rinnegan.

What the Uchiha Patriarch did not know was that by combining such powers together, controlling what it did was not possible. After the Uchiha's death the cycle should have continued, Asura and Indra were to incarnate once again like they have been since they 'died'. However, when power becomes aware, it does not wish to fade away. Feeling the path that Asura would take, Indra's chakra did the only thing that it could; it attacked.

Dominance was the only thing that Indra craved at the point in time that the transmigrant chakra's battled in the small blond host. If Indra could take all of his little brothers power than he could feel even more alive than he did with only a small portion of it. He only needed to defeat Asura, absorb his power, and then wait for his destined body to be born. Simple enough, right?

Nothing is ever simple.

The brothers had no idea that their battle of wills was slowly summoning something that was never supposed to come back to this world. He had died- chose to die. He wanted to let humanity live on their own in the peaceful world that he had created. He did not wish to be treated like a god, even if he was the closest one could come to being divine and all powerful. He had done his job, his dream, and left the world to its own devices. Did he have to leave the world of the living and have faith in humanity? No, no he did not. But he chose to give them their freedom and let his body die like everyone else. At the time he had chuckled, he was practically a god his entire life and he was choosing to leave it as a human.

An immortal mortal, such absurdity.

Not even he understood how his children's chakra was summoning his own, but he couldn't conjure up a reason to try and stop it, even if he could. He had seen what the world was like after he had left it. Such a sad place was not his legacy. And don't even get him started on his children. So when he felt the gentle yet firm pull, he allowed it to take him. Again he chuckled, whatever force was doing this, trying to revive him, approached with trepidation. Was he really that scary? Yes, the horns were not an everyday occurrence but they didn't make him a demon- he was quite the opposite actually. If they only knew he was the most humble, gentle, and charismatic man ever created they wouldn't treat him… like a god… which he wasn't.


Now that he thought about it, the idea excited him. He could see his other nine children again. He didn't get a whole lot of time with them the first time. He knew- to a degree- that his creations were treated badly since his departure. Something about sealing them into children to create solders. People of this time treated them like they were nothing more than mindless monsters, putting them on leashes like pets.

He was going to change that.

It took a lot to enrage the calm and peaceful man, but when he was, there was nothing more terrifying than a godlike man with the power to destroy the world if he wanted to. What made it even scarier was that, to him, it would be easy. And nothing under the sun and moon could escape his judgment.

Again another chuckle…he created the moon.

Finally making his way to his destination, he had stopped the fight between his children. Literally, he arrived and everything paused. There was not a stronger will in existence than his own. It was almost omnipresent and omnipotent.

The god man just felt their presence for a second, forgetting about their unnecessary and oh so redundant fighting for the memory of their childhood. When they were still his innocent children, loving and caring, even Indra. Deciding that he had spent enough time just watching them, he absorbed all of Asura's chakra, and then all of Indra's. He could also feel one of his creations near as well, the strongest of them if the enormity was anything to go by. A smile came to his face; he really missed his children, all of them.

Asura hadn't resisted at all, he actually embraced his father's overwhelming pull. He was always one to cooperate when he could, and his belief that love was the way to peace was one of the reasons he was appointed as the successor of Ninshu. He knew his youngest son would accept him; he always trusted his father and knew that even if he wanted to he could not stand against him. Not even the god's themselves wouldn't dare deny him.

Indra, however, did try and resist. He, like always, wanted all the power for himself. He wanted people to look at him like they did his father; six parts respect and four parts fear. It angered him that no matter how hard he tried he could never amount to the power he knew his father possessed. It was ridiculous, how was a man able to become so fucking strong? He was so powerful that everyone knew that he had left the realm of mortals and ascended to godhood long ago. Why he let himself die like a weak mortal was beyond him.

Like always, whenever his father wanted something to obey, it did. With little to no effort, Indra became a part of him.

With one last moment of silence, he allowed his entirety to synchronize with the crying baby. He was vaguely aware of the man and woman that had just taken their last breaths in this world. He guessed that they were his parents. Such a shame, he would have preferred to know them.

He could also feel Kurama's presence inside himself. That both made him happy and angry, which was something he disliked being; torn. He was happy because he was so close to one of his children so quickly, and angry that one of his son's was once again imprisoned. Once he could, he would change that.

He now had a plan: find his children and take them back. They would be safe with him, and he would make sure they never had to feel all the pain, loneliness and hatred they currently were.

And bring back the peace he had worked so hard for the last time he walked the earth.

What his name used to be is irrelevant now. He was someone new, in a new world- to him at least. Everything has changed, and he was going to change it even more. That was his destiny, and he could even feel that his new self was the same.

The Child of Prophecy was born.

And the Rikudo Sennin was back.

The second coming of peace was nigh.

Author's Note's:

I eagerly await the idea's everyone has for the story.