Biker Bar

B&C are not together Beckett is living together with Josh.

Chapter 5

"Thru that door room 12 on the right. He threw me out but I waited for you to arrive to tell you the official story.

Bye for now, if you need anymore information I'll be at my apartment."

Castle never called he only sent a text message saying thank you for your help. Stay well, Rick. That text was the only convocation with him in the last three weeks. Today was the date of the hearing on the assault charges against Josh and the counter charge against Castle.

Both parties were in the courtroom when Kate and the boys arrived.

Josh had his right shoulder in a body cast, and a forearm cast on his left arm.

Castle had an external cast on his right jaw.

Both men sat on different sides of the court room.

The door to the judge's room open and the clerk announced the judge.

"All rise for Honorable Judge Markowitz, Court is now in session. Please be seated." Judge Markowitz spoke.

"We'll both attorneys please approach the bench."

I have read both complaints and I will here Mr. Castles' first. If he winds than Mr. Davidson's case is mote. So Mr. Johnson please get started."

Castles lawyer called the police dispatcher first. She told her story with no leading from the attorney . The defense a Mr. Price ask only if she heard Josh calling for help. She said all she heard was a man swearing that Mr. Castle was a dead man.

Next he called the CSI tech who responded to the scene.

He told his story as he saw the evidence. He stated that in his opinion Mr. Castle was assaulted at the doorway.

He fell back on his back into the center of the room. He said it appeared in his opinion that Mr. Castle got up and was in contact and flipped Mr. Davidson over on his to his left arm and on the coffee table. Thus fracturing his left forearm. The defense ask him how he made these assumptions. He stated that the blood from MR. Castle on the door and on the floor, and the foot prints in that blood. Indicated what happened.

The last to testify was Rick. He told the story exactly as he saw it. The defense tried to get him to admit he knew Josh was coming to the loft. Rick only admitted that he was awaiting Kate's arrival. The last thing Rick's lawyer ask was for the admission of the security videos of the hall and the front door of the loft.

The defense only had Josh and the attending doctor as his witness. Rick's lawyer caught Josh in lies twice. The attending Doctor could on verify that what Josh told him.

Judge Markowitz adjourned to his chambers to go over the testimony.

Thirty minutes later court is reconvened.

"Will Mr. Davidson please rise.

MR. Davidson I find you guilty of agitated assault, and forcible entry of Mr. Castle's home. I sentence you to three years on each count. I will allow you to stay free pending your appeal.

The cast against I declare dismissed with prejudice.

Court is closed."

As Josh walked out he spoke softly to Kate as she was sitting on the end of the bench.

"I'll get you for this bitch."

Only Kate and Kevin heard him clearly. Kate told Kevin to keep it to himself. Kevin did as asked and told no one, this decision would come back to haunt him soon.


It ten thirty at night (10 pm) Kate is so tired she has not slept more than two hours in the last three days. She knows she is beat and needs sleep. She has trouble keeping her eyes open. Jordan one of the night shift officer calls out to her to go home, or take a sleep in the bunk room. Kate takes the hint and leaves the prescient for home.

The next morning at nine (9am) Ryan and Esposito were at their desk waiting for their leader. Ryan had received a tip on the reason the victim was murdered. He was waiting for Beckett to move on that information.

By ten fifteen (10:15am) Both were concern about Beckett. Gates came out of her office and looked around the room. Not seeing her lead detective she approached the boys.

"Where is Beckett Ryan?"

"I have not been able to reach her. Her cell goes unanswered."

"Call communication and have them ping her cell, now and tell me her location."

Ryan made the call and waited for the information.

Tem minutes Ryan's desk phone rang. After listing for a few minutes he hung up.

"Captain Beckett's cell pings at the landfill in Brooklyn Heights."

"Have a sector car swing by and track that phone. Have dispatch send out a code for a missing officer. Call all the Hospitals and call the ME office. I'm afraid we may have lost an officer"

Both detective got on the phones. Forty five minutes later (45) the calls are been made and the sector car had locater Beckett's cell. He requested a supervisor to the landfill. He also requested Captain Gates to come to the landfill. Ten minutes later the three of them were racing thru the city with the emergency lights on and the serene at full volume.

Arriving at the landfill Ryan drove up to the yellow tape. All three exited the car like an assault team with Gates in the lead.

"Who's in charge here?"

"I'm Captain I'm Detective first grade Marsh, I answered the patrol units call for a supervisor."

"So Detective what do you have?"

"I have detective Beckett's cell phone, her badge. I also have some pants and a blouse with blood on then. Also we found parties and a bra that were cut off a few feet from the phone."

"O sweet Jesus is they a body around here?"

"I called for the search dogs and the cadaver dogs."
"Has anyone called her father. Also Call Castle and see what he may know about Beckett whereabouts."

Gates make the call to Castle

[You have reached the phone of Richard Castle I'm not able to answer this call please leave a message and I try to call you later."]

"Castle if you are listening to this message pick up the God damn phone now, or I'll hunt you down."

"OK Captain what did I do wrong?"

Have you seen or talked with Beckett in the last twenty-four (24) hours?"

"Captain she left me a text to call her at eleven last night. I did not read my message till this morning. My call was refused. Why are you asking?"

"Detective Beckett is missing and we found some of her things at a landfill."

"What landfill, and have you checked on Josh Davidson's location?"

"Thank you Mr. Castle, I'll text you the address. See you soon, please drive safely."