Chapter 18.

The sun beat down on her taned skin as Sarah laid out on a beach towel on her stomah. Her arms were crossed in front of her supporting her chin as she watched across the sand as Casey carried her daughter on his back into the warm waves of the California water. She could hear Lily giggle excitedly as the waves leaped up from the ground to splash around her legs as Casey took them further and further into the depths.

Typically she would be worried, hesistent to let her go out so far into the water, but she trusted Casey with her life as well as those of her families. She trusted him to keep them safe and watch out for them, not letting any of them get into trouble.

With the thought of her family she turned her head to rest on her arms looking to her right. Under the shade of an unmbrella on a large blanket Chuck sat in a short beach chair lounging. In his arms he held the littlest Bartowski in h is arms whispering into their ear.

She could remember like it was yesterday the day her daughter was born. She had secretly been hoping for a boy but was just as delighted to have the infant girl come into the world. She remembered the tears and exhaustion that had over taken her as she lay in the hospital bed after giving birth to her, Chuck sitting next to her on the bed holding her hand tightly.

She had screamed and yelled and threatened him during the whole process but then having the baby in her arms for the first time it all melted away and nothing but happiness had consumed her. She had glanced up at Chuck then, tears in his eyes as well as he looked down at them from his spot. He had whispered to her how beautiful they both were, and how amazing he found her.

"What?" Chuck said with a grin breaking her out of her thoughts. She smiled back at him and shook his head, sand falling from her.

"Nothing, just admiring the view." She told him. Chuck grabbed hold of their daughters hand and forced her to wave at her.

"Wave to mommy Sammy." He said to her, his voice going slightly higher and softer then normal. She grinned and waved back. Sitting up on her knees. She brushed the sand off of her front, and stretched her body out, feeling it crack back into place from laying on the hard sand for so long.

Crawling from her spot she got under the umbrella with them and held her arms out for Sammy, hugging her tightly against her body warm body. She felt the girl grab ahold of her shorter hair, tugging it a few times before trying to put it in her mouth.

"I'll watch her if you want to go out into the water for a bit." She told Chuck, settling Sammy against her chest. Chuck shook his head.

"Why would I want to be out in the sun getting burned when I can stay here with two of my faveorite girls?" He grinned further. Sarah let out a light laugh and watched out into the distance again.

Lily was now standing with the water up to her knees, holding on tightly to Casey's hands. As each wave approached them they would leap up over it. She could clearly hear Lily's hystericaly laugher as she jumped and heard her shout "its coming uncle Casey." As each approached them.

"Still baffles the mind doesn't it?" Chuck said staring at the two in the water as well.

Sarah thought about it. It did baffle the mind. Casey had taken to Lily so easily and the gruff man never denied it. He proudly would admit that Lily highlight of everything. He was still an active agent for the NSA but he kept his apartment in echo park so he always had a place to stay. He frequently came back to California between missions and when he did he'd bring all sorts of gifts for her, and then soon after for Sammy as well.

Sarah was concerned at first that Casey wouldn't take to Sammy as he did Lily, causing a sense of unfairness between the siblings. But the first visit back several months after Sammy's birth, Sarah was quickly put to ease as Casey took one look at the little girl in her basket and handed her a pink teddy bear from France.

Since then each visit would be both a blessing and a curse for Sarah and Chuck. Casey would come back from a mission, from who knows where bringing multiple presents and treats for both children, spoiling them rotten. She remembered the chat that Chuck attempted to have with Casey regarding them, to which Casey just growled stating that he doesn't have any other family and he enjoyed searching shops for the perfect gift for them.

Chuck couldn't continue with the talk after that, his heart breaking open at the sincerity at Casey's words. It prompted him to embrace Casey in a hug that generated a growl so loud Sarah was sure Canada could hear, but after that they accepted it. Plus on visits he would take the girls out to the park or on trips around the city, leaving Sarah and Chuck to their own devices for several hours. Sarah was sure it was one of those trips with lily that caused the conception of Sammy. But she had no evidence to prove that exactly.

"Yeah, but I think its sweet. I'm just worried about when she starts dating." Sarah said thoughtfully. They were both quiet for a second before giving nervous laughs.

Another problem they had was Bryce. While not as in their lives, only stopping by once or twice in the past four years since Sarah and Chuck had gotten married, he still sent things for them all. He would send toys and clothes to Lily, and soon after to Sammy, whom she wasn't sure how he found out about. He would send books and nerdy things to Chuck, and to Sarah anything and everything he though was beautiful and reminded him of her. Their house was decorated and littered with all the items Bryce had sent to them. The biggest surprise was another card, a few months from Sammy's birth with another bank account with funds in it. So far they didn't have to worry about college for either child.

Glancing down she saw that Sammy's eyes were closed and she was gently snoozing in her arms. It was one of her favorite times with her daughter. Most parents, while don't mind holding their children find it tiring after a while. Sarah was quite the opposite. She felt that while her child was in her arms, she was safe. That she was protecting her from any dangers allowing the baby to sleep peacefully. It gave Sarah a feeling of strength and importance, something she doesn't feel often enough now that she's out of the CIA.

She shivered slightly as that thought hit her. She rarely thought of the CIA these days. Her mind was usually occupied with what was happening now in her life, her family and her current job. Since both of them had saved up money of the years and with a generous payout of Jill's money to Chuck for child support of Lily after her death Sarah and Chuck decided to go into business for themselves.

It was a small software security company with a side of game development, something Chuck had always wanted to do. Their business was surprisingly successful, companies wanting to hire the small family business for their computer security needs. It didn't hurt either that the program that Chuck built and patented was the best out there. Larger companies offering to purchase it from them.

Sarah, while computer savvy enough didn't handle much of the programing itself, leaving that to Chuck. Mostly she did the reception and administrative part of their business. It allowed them to work at home, spending as much time possible with each other and their kids. Sarah at first thought it would drive her mad, being a person who has always been on the go, but she found that being a mostly stay at home mom suited her just fine.

"Should I get Lily out of the sun before she burns? I'm not quite sure how good this sunscreen is." Chuck said looking down at the bottle that was in his hands. It wasn't exactly safe for babies, though it said it was but they didn't want to risk it, hence the umbrella for their youngest.

"I'm sure she's fine Chuck, don't worry so much. Casey will bring her in soon." She admonished him with a smile.

"Hey guys!" Ellies voice said as they neared. Sarah looked up in time to see Clara toddle down in the sand rushing quickly as possible to where Sarah sat. She plopped on her knees in front of her and looked at the sleeping baby in her arms.

"Is baby sleeping?" Clara asked looking at her cousin.

"Yes baby, leave aunt Sarah alone. Why don't you let Uncle Chuck put sunscreen on you so you can build a sandcastle ok?" Ellie told her daughter, sitting down next to Sarah on the blanket. Clara agreed readily and stood in front of her uncle shaking in excitement.

"Sorry we're late guys, we had a few issues with find the little ones bathing suit." Ellie apologized, helping Devon set down the cooler. Reaching in she offered Sarah a bottle of water.

"You're all set little one, go build me a castle fit for a king." Chuck told Clara who grabbed her bucket from her dad and ran off a few feet away from them to sit in the sun and dig in the sand.

"Well happy anniversary guys!, four years of bliss, AWESOME!" Devon said, high fiving Chuck.

Sarah still couldn't believe it's only been four years since that impromptu wedding. It seemed like a life time ago. So much had happened after that that time just seemed to spread out in front of them and last a life time. Sometimes she had to pinch herself to make sure it wasn't a dream. She'd never been so happy in her life.

"And here's to another four!" Chuck said raising his own bottle of water. Sarah quirked an eyebrow at him.

"only four?" She inquired. Chuck gave her a cheeky grin and shrugging.

"Hey, I have two children, I can't count very high." He teased.

"I thought it was the girls who lost brain cells being pregnant bro, not guys." Devon said, not noticing the scowls that had turned on him from both Sarah and Ellie.

"Oh I'm sure they do too but it's us guys that continually lose it through the child's whole life, see, from the stress of it and of course there is the abuse from the wife-"

"I suggest you stop now Chuck if you ever want to have sex ever again." Sarah threatened. Devon began laughing at his predicament only to be shushed a moment later from Ellies own glare.

"I'm just saying honey-"

"Anyways, Sarah." Ellie said cutting off her brother. "How are you liking the new house?" She inquired excited.

Ah, the new house. Sarah's dream house. The one that Chuck and her had spent over four months looking for. She was really amazed by how patient Chuck was during the whole process. They had decided months before that it was time to move out of the apartment at Echo Park finally, especially since Ellie and Devon had moved out a year before hand.

Chuck had been reluctant. He had lived there so long, it had been his home and was stable that he didn't want to leave it. He knew he hand to, he knew it was best for his family but he had been so sad when the decision had finally been made and they started looking for a house.

Sarah was no better. That apartment was her first real home. The place she's stayed the longest. She's moved so often in her lifetime she never had a place that she really called home. Not until she came to Burbank. Now suddenly it was home and she didn't want to leave.

But the kids were getting bigger, and they potentially wanted more. On top of the fact that they ran their business out of their home so it would be nice to have a little more space. They had searched and searched all over Burbank, trying to stay in a certain area to be near Ellie and Devon.

Finally the found it, the perfect house. It had a large backyard, with a red door and a low ankle height white fence around it. It was her perfect dream home and they had bought it on the spot. They had then spent a month renovating it, fitting the basement as their business office.

"it's perfect." She said simply, picturing the house in her mind.

"Mommy, can Casey buy me an ice cream?" Lily asked running up them shouting. Sarah shushed her showing her sleeping sister in her arms. Lily clamped her hands over her mouth ashamed that she had shouted but still shook with excitement.

Casey came up at a slower pace, walking as if he were on cement and not on uneven hot sand. Sarah always marveled how he was always so cool and collected.

"I think that'll be alright." Sarah said looking up at Casey who nodded and held out his hand for Lily. He made a grunt at Clara's direction gaining her attention. She looked up from the pile of sand she had managed to collect and saw Casey hold his hand out for hers as well. Immediately she popped up and ran towards him, hugging his hand to the side of her face.

The parents watched as the large man walked off in the opposite direction with two little girls pulling him towards the ice cream stand eagerly.

"Still baffles the mind." Devon commented watching them. Sarah rolled her eyes.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, either in the sun or under the umbrella. Devon took Clara down to the water while Casey continued to watch Lily, taking her on a walk down the beach to collect shells. They all had lunch, staying hydrated and talked about all sorts of grown up things.

Soon as the sun was setting they packed up all their things and headed up the path back to cars, and drove back to Chuck and Sarah's new house. The children ran around the huge back yard and played on the play area equipment that they had bought and Casey assembled the previous weekend.

Chuck had attempted to put it together himself, and was doing a fine job of it, but then Casey showed up a few days later and grabbed the screw driver from him.

"You can barely put yourself together in the morning, you think you can put this together?" Casey growled out grabbing the instructions from the box.

"Hey! I can put computers together and I'm very handy at electronic devices and fixing things." Chuck had defended, pouting slightly as he crossed his arms. Sarah thought he looked so adorable pouting like a child at not being able to put the toys together. Sarah stood out nit he back yard watching the exchange. She had hoped they would work together so it would be ready for Lily after her nap, but it didn't look like that was going to happen anytime son.

"Look Bartowski, this isn't one of those little electronic things you play with. This is a play pen, that your children are going to play on. Now do you trust your handiwork with it, or do you trust mine. It's up to you. And you better choose wisely." Casey had stated threateningly. Chuck had thought about it for a moment.

"If I say I trust mine what would you do about it?" He asked curiously. Sarah shared a look with Casey knowing exactly what he would do about it and nodded her head in agreement.

"I'd knock your ass out and build it then. Choice is yours Bartowski." With that, obviously not giving him a choice Casey turned around and began building.

It worked out for the best, Sarah loved Chuck and trusted him, obviously since she quit the CIA for him, but she trusted Casey more when it came to handiwork.

The BBQ that followed the beach was a slightly larger affair, Morgan joining them with his new girlfriend as a few friends from the Buy More. It was a wonderful relaxing evening that ended with a beautiful speech by Morgan.

They said goodnight to all their guests, taking their already sleeping children upstairs to their rooms, tucking them in for the night. Sarah took an extra few minutes with them, making sure they were safe and sound, warm under their blankets with their teddy's and watching them sleep before heading to her own room.

"Wow, what a day." She sighed out, entering their room. Chuck was already set for bed and getting under the blankets.

"Agreed. I'm so exhausted. What say you we take a trip next year for our anniversary." He suggested sitting against the headboard. Sarah glanced at him while taking off her jewelry and changing clothes.

"That would be amazing Chuck. We can go back to that hotel in Malibu. That would be so romantic. Just take the weekend like we did then." She said slipping into bed.

They laid down and scooted close to each other, entwining all their available limbs. Sarah loved sleeping like that, feeling safe and warm in Chuck's embrace, always feeling loved and cherished.

"Then again, we might not be able to leave home by this time next year." She said cryptically looking up at Chuck.

"Why not? He asked her confused, looking down into her eyes in the dark.

"Because as much as I trust Casey, I'm not sure how well he'll faire watching three children for a weekend on his own."


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