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It was about one am and most of the Scorpion team had either crawled to bed or crashed where they were. Toby awoke from his position on the couch, realizing with a mixture of disappointment and curiosity that Happy had left the game on pause and was now nowhere to be found. He turned to see that Ralph had slipped the pillow out from underneath himself onto Walter's feet and was now sound asleep there. On the love seat behind the little genius was Paige, snuggled into Walters chest, palms open (a clear physical manifestation of safety and assertion of ownership). Toby quietly slipped his phone out of his pocket and snapped a photo of the "family". The shudder sound caused Paige to stir, which only lead to Walter wrapping his arm around her more tightly, nuzzling her head. Toby had always found it fascinating how undisclosed thoughts always manifested themselves while someone slept. Just as Toby was putting his phone away Happy came back into the room holding his laptop. "Why do you have my laptop." "I'm going to fix this stupid game," Happy stated plainly, as she plugged Toby's laptop into the Wii. Toby smirked knowing exactly where this was going. "And what exactly is the purpose of this upgrade?" "To win back my money", she responded as she moved back to the coach with him. As she sat down she lifted his outstretched legs and placed them back on her lap, restarting the game. Toby sighed happily. If game nights always ended like this, maybe they need more.