A/N: As promised, this is the first story my lovely sister requested. This will be a crossover fic, but I won't change it until it actually crosses over. I like keeping you guys in suspense after all. This chapter is pretty short and doesn't give much away, but it's a start. I'm not to sure about this one, but I hope it's okay. This is set in season 3 somewhere before the shooting and after the first few episodes. Anyway enjoy the chapter, and I'll try to update soon!

Update 4/18/16: Story re-uploaded with edits.

Chapter 1

The familiar buzz of energy floated through the precinct, with business running as usual. In reality, it was a slow day for Detective Kate Beckett, only a mountain of paperwork to keep her occupied. Detectives Ryan and Esposito were busy procrastinating and socializing, but she didn't mind so long as they got their work done.

Her usual companion was not there to annoy her today. After all, Richard Castle did have a real job and obligations to fulfill. He bombarded her with texts during his breaks, ranging from stupidly funny videos to reminders that she can call him away for a case.

Because of this, the day wasn't so bad. She did miss him making coffee for her, only because it tasted better. Not because it was their thing and always made her smile. Definitely only for the taste.

Anyway, she continued to work at shrinking the pile, her pen scratching her signature in the appropriate place. Her eyebrows were knitted in concentration as she scanned the document, brushing a strand of her brown locks behind her ear. She wasn't sneaking the occasional glances at her phone at all. She definitely didn't stare at his usual chair either.

She missed him.

There, she admitted it. Despite him driving her crazy, she enjoyed his company and valued his input. In this case, he would normally make paperwork more bearable.

She won't call him. She's done paperwork before without him, for many years in fact. She can handle it and spend the evening with a good book, hot bath, and a nice glass of wine.

She politely reminded Ryposito about the paperwork yet to be done and interrupted their lively debate over video games. They grumbled and continued their discussion while working. Returning to the task in front of her with a sigh, Kate continued her mundane work, waiting for a murder to pull her away.


"Thanks for coming out," Richard Castle said, flashing a dazzling smile that caused the woman in front of him to giggle and blush before walking off. This, as well as other similar lines, has been a repeated mantra for him in the past few hours. Always the same smile, same charm, and same women to impress. To be fair, there were some fans who actually came for his books, and for them, it wasn't really an act, but most of them were shallow and only cared for gaining the attention of the attractive author. Which would then lead to an invitation to his bed.

He used to love these book signings.

He loved the attention and being able to meet his fans and see that his works have impacted people. The latter remained unchanged, but he hated how these events became so predictable. It was always the same long hours, the same fake persona, the same people.

That's why he was glad Kate Beckett crashed his party.

She was something new in his repetitive life, and working with her was way more fun. He loved bonding with his precinct family, a place where he truly felt important and that he belonged.

And Beckett...well, there was something there. They were friends, maybe even best friends. He did like her, which was why he had asked her to the Hamptons last summer. But Demming had been there, leading to a summer spent with his ex-wife. However, that did nothing to obliterate his feelings for Beckett; it merely tucked them away to be dealt with later.

Speaking of his ex-wife, she was currently glaring at him. Oh, right, the signing. He flashed another dazzling smile as the next fan approached the table. Only a few more hours to go...


The line had decreased drastically a couple of hours later. By that time, he was exhausted. He couldn't wait to get home and spend some time with his family, maybe even call Beckett.

As if on cue, his phone rang. All his exhaustion seemed to melt away. It was Beckett, and whether she was calling to say hi or for a murder, it didn't matter. He was just happy to hear from her.

Murder it was.

He glanced at Gina and Paula for permission before shrugging on his coat. He scribbled the address onto a napkin from lunch despite his cramping hand and waved goodbye to everyone there as he ended the call. The air was chilly, causing him to shiver as he hailed a cab. Coffee was definitely in order.

He mused over his thoughts as the cab drove to his normal coffee shop.

The most recent game downloaded onto his phone kept him occupied. A scrap of paper caught his eye when it fell out of his pocket, but he thought nothing of it. After all, there was a case to investigate.