Important note before you begin to read this story:

I've been contacted by several people who expressed disgust that at the topics that this story covers. I would like to address their concerns here, and issue a few warnings to new readers at the same time.

This story is very dark, and deals with some truly horrible things such as drug use, child prostitution, child abuse, murder, and a range of other things. The first few chapters in particular are very disturbing, and if you are sensitive to such things should be approached with caution. That said, the graphic things of that nature are ONLY in the first few chapters, after which the pimps and child abusers get killed brutally, and all further references are implied only. Please bear that in mind before contacting me to shriek about what a horrible person I am.

I in NO WAY endorse these actions, they are NOT indicative of my own proclivities, and I am quite frankly just as revolted by it as you are. My purpose in writing these things so graphically was to challenge both myself and the reader to see the truth of what happens to these children, without prettying it up or glossing over it to protect our delicate sensibilities. This is an ugly reality for many children, and I feel it does them a disservice for us to downplay their suffering.