{A/N} Alright ladies and gentlemen. It's been two years, and I Know most of the people coming here are hoping for an actual update but unfortunately it is not so. Instead of updating this story I've decided that I want to rewrite it, because let's be honest, the quality of writing here is not the greatest. I want to go back and update the quality of the writing, as well as write more nuanced characters. I'm proud of what I wrote here and I hope that everyone got some enjoyment out of it, but I think it can be better. So if you want to read the start of the new story I've posted it under the name Fate of the Wild Dragon, and you can get to it from my profile. If you're, (Understandably), angry at the fact that I didn't update in two years and now that I am it's to start all over and don't want to have anything to do with the story, well, damn. I hope all of you that enjoyed my story will make the switch, because I don't think you'll be disappointed.