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Here's the obligatory Jaune Harem Story, only this time with a slight twist. Only three women to one Jaune though, because not even this lady killer can handle more than these three vixens.

In fact consider this as a homage to all the great RWBY fics out there. Lookout for references to other fantastically written RWBY stories and their amazing authors here on FF. If any authors get upset for me not asking for permission or offending them in how I portray them and/or their stories, I would like to personally apologize here and now. But please don't take it the wrong way; consider it as big thank you from me to you all for writing some of the most deep, mesmerizing, and all out irreplaceable pieces of fiction that we've all got stashed away in our hearts.

Most importantly have fun and enjoy. I'm writing this for fun, so expect shenanigans and nonsensicalness along the way. Think anime, not reality. After all, we're all here to escape reality for a little while anyways.

There have been many questions that men have contemplated to themselves throughout time. Not philosophical questions concerning life, death, religion, leadership, or anything remotely serious mind you. No, men often were content in trying to understand and answer more down to earth questions, questions about how to get laid tomorrow, which game to watch on T.V Sunday afternoon, which videogame to finish first, and so on. And in the rare event in which a man was faced with a serious conundrum in which there is absolutely no escape without the threat of incredible pain and suffering in the future, then his mind would only muster up one word followed with an inquisitive tone.


Meet Jaune Arc, your average blond male of twenty one years, bestowed upon with a better than average physique, who had previously lived an average life in the suburbs of Vale, and the asker of the previously mentioned question. His question was a sound one, in fact it was probably the most important question he had asked himself in recent history.

To understand his plight a thorough explanation of his predicament is in order. Jaune is currently situated towards the back of perhaps the largest clothes shop for women, The Three Seasons, within the Vale City mall. Specifically he was sitting outside the entrance to the fitting rooms, his butt firmly planted on the cushioned seats opposite of the doorway. His dark blue eyes were streaked with red from stress and tiredness, his hands sore from carrying the uncountable amount of shopping bags piled around his aching feet, and his heart was pounding nonstop from fear. As he turned his head around just slightly he found the few remaining customers were just as, if not more, terrified as he was, if not for themselves then for Jaune's own life.

Why is he in such a dilapidated state? The answer lies within the confines of those untouchable fitting rooms. Only three women were present though, the few that occupied the rooms beforehand had left out of sheer terror simply by these three's presence. Hardly sound was made as they tried on all the clothing they brought in with them. The pile was merely as tall as the doorway this time, a lucky day for the employees.

Behind these three doors were the three of the most powerful, wealthiest, and dangerous women of all of Vale City, hell perhaps even the nation of Vale itself. Their families controlled riches and firepower beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Their reputations were unmatched in notoriety, their beauty lusted after and admired by all, and their wants unhindered by anyone.

And yet Jaune sat still, motionless and hardly breathing as he clutched the pink bags on his lap harder. His questions still stood. Why?

Why can't he leave? Why was he even here in a girl's store when he clearly had no superior other? Why was he even going to Beacon University to begin with? Were these perhaps the questions pulsating throughout Jaune's mind?

No, no it wasn't. In fact he could answer every single question at the drop of a hat. No the real question was…

"Why me?" Jaune stammered to himself.

A creak broke through the tense silence of the store; the subpar music of the Three Seasons was already muted by these women's decree when they arrived two hours earlier. It was followed by another, and then a final one. Murmurs and slight giggles echoed throughout the massive store. To a passerby it would've sounded like the sweetest, angelic giggles known to man.

But Jaune knew better by now. That…that grimly dark laughter could only mean one thing.

They were coming. And they sound ready to do more shopping.

The drive was awful, vomit inducing in fact. And as Jaune Arc jumped off the taxi he ran off to the nearest garbage can by the street and voided his stomach. The taxi driver merely shook his head and began to unpack the filled trunk. Once Jaune's body decided the motion sickness passed, he staggered over to the pile of luggage his driver graciously stacked for him.

He paid the man and mustered a thanks before dragging his belongings towards the entrance proper of Beacon University. As the steel gates grew ever closer he kept trying to wrap his brain around how he was so lucky to have entered this prestigious campus. This university was the crown jewel of Vale's educational infrastructure. Name a field and a future project and chances are Beacon was already the leading figure of said field and had already started your project months before you've even dreamt it up. Its athletics were top notch, each team always returning home with the championship trophy or the rare second place plaque. Only the best, brightest, and most talented were allowed admittance under the strict requirements set by Beacon's infamous admissions board.

So why was Jaune here? It was a question he was asking himself all day throughout the dreadful plane ride and the equally worse taxi ride. Pure luck is how. He wasn't the smartest or the most athletically talented man around. His GPA was slightly above average, barely above 3.4 in fact. He hardly did any sports, though he exercised at the gym when he could to get some fresh air and to escape his seven sisters. He couldn't draw for his life and couldn't act due to his stage fright. He still questions why math would ever include the alphabet, let alone bring in imaginary numbers. And he was still banned from the school's lab ever since he realized in Chemistry that in reality scientists don't mix everything handed to them like they do in cartoons. Last he checked the ceiling still had scorch marks on it.

In all his high school credentials landed him in community college after graduation and he was content in the relative quietness that kind of life afforded him, though he was still annoyed by his sisters constantly at home.

Writing however, that was where his talents lay. He had always written short stories throughout his childhood and that equated to being a great writer in school. He learned not so much from English class, but from a veritable library of novels his family had amassed over the years. His mother was actually a retired English professor herself, so she supported her children's interests in the field of writing, though his father…wasn't supportive at all. Jaune's works were always at the top of class and there was no end to the string of literary creativity that he could jot down. So impressed were his professors that they suggested he enter the annual Vale City essay contest in his junior year.

He stood no chance of course, not with college students from all over Remnant competing. Didn't even make the final ten in fact which didn't surprise him in the least. However his work caught the eye of one Headmaster Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon and one of the judges on the panel this year. The aging man was shocked, a rare emotion for the stoic man, to find such a masterful essay come from a small suburban town in Vale and a junior community college student no less. His vote on the panel could not secure Jaune's victory but he found the young blond after the ceremonies had ended to voice his approval and condolences. Jaune was flabbergasted to say the least and when Ozpin offered Jaune a transfer opportunity to Beacon he fainted on the spot.

Needless to say he agreed once he awoke in the Vale City Hospital. Thankfully the concussion did not affect his better judgment.

And now here he was, past the Beacon gates and totally lost on where he should go. It was the middle of November, the essay contest was only three weeks ago, and all the students had already fastened themselves into a weekly schedule of classes, clubs, and hanging out with friends.

He slumped his backpack to the ground and took his Scroll out. He was supposed to meet up with a guide from the main administrative office to help him get his bearings. But all the students were so far ignoring him. Same old same old.

"Now who's supposed to be meeting me here?" Jaune muttered to himself as he accessed his email. He didn't notice the girl in front of him make a beeline towards him. "Where…ah there it is. Says here I have to meet a…Miss Nikos?"

"Pyrrha is just fine." Jaune nearly jumped back in shock at the new voice. After composing himself he found a gorgeous red headed girl grinning at him. She wore a simple getup of a white shirt and black shorts and had a duffel bag slung over her right shoulder. Her hair was up in a simple ponytail, bordered by an elaborate bronze circlet. "You okay there?" She asked, humor and slight worry present in her tone.

Jaune cleared his throat and put his Scroll away. "I'm fine. Just caught me off guard is all." He extended his hand. "Pyrrha right? I'm Jaune. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise." She completed the handshake before turning around and motioning for him to follow. "I'm sorry but I don't have much time to give you a proper tour of Beacon. Track got rescheduled to afternoon today at eleven, so my hands are tied. I'm very sorry. If you can come this way-"

"Yeah!" Jaune yelped as he struggled to lug his baggage behind him. "I-I'll be right over."

After a few seconds of stumbling about Pyrrha chuckled and decided to help the new transfer out. Grabbing two suitcases, she led the way into the interior of the campus whist dragging the cargo behind her. "This way!"

"Damn," Jaune complimented as he trailed behind her with the rest of his stuff. "Thanks again for helping out, with the luggage and the intro here."

"It's my pleasure Jaune." Pyrrha replied, walking as straight as a line through the flow of students walking every which way. "I'm actually an orientation leader for freshmen, so it's my job to help new students get familiar with Beacon."

"So where are we headed anyways?" Jaune asked. "To the admin office or the dorms?"

"The dorms." Pyrrha confirmed. "The office already sent your keys to your roommate so we can skip the detour."

"And miss the scenic route?" Jaune joked as his eyes tried to drink in everything around him. The buildings were massive in size, all stylized with an almost medieval flair to them. Stained glass windows and marble statues lined the outer walls of almost every structure. Trees and small flower gardens were trimmed and exceedingly well-kept. The main hall even had a large statue of several scholars standing triumphantly with each other, their faces shined to a polish. "This place is amazing."

"Yeah that's what most people say when they get here." Pyrrha giggled. "That's Emerald Hall where most of the Humanities and Social Science classes are taught. The fourth floor is where the main administrative and financial aid office is."

Turning to his right Jaune found a crowd of students making their way to a large, long building. "What's that?"

"The cafeteria," Pyrrha answered. "Seeing it's almost lunch time I'm not surprised that some are trying to beat the lunch rush lines. Once you get your I.D. Card you can come here and eat as much as you want."

"Really? They just give food out?"

"Of course," Pyyrha turned and gave Jaune a confused look. "You didn't know? All the amenities at Beacon are free of charge."

"W-whoa!" Jaune could hardly believe it, but thinking back it was all starting to come together. When he applied to Beacon after the contest there was no financial aid or payment method portion. In fact there was no mention of money at all. "If that's true then how do they fund all of this?"

"Vale funds it all. Because this is the best university of the nation most of the education budget is spent here. The food, the supplies, and any other resource you can think of are all paid for by the Vale government. The only caveat is that you have to earn your spot here in Beacon and after that you don't have to spend a single Lien, unless you start taking advantage of the privileges or start trouble."

Before Jaune could get another word in Pyrrha was already talking about the other facilities in Beacon. Everything from the library to the football field was explained in great detail with Pyrrah not even gasping for breath afterwards. When they finally reached Jaune's dorm she quickly left the bags by the door and checked her Scroll, worried about the time. Jaune meanwhile was busy sizing up his new residency. He had expected a flat of some sort but what Beacon provided was a single floor house comparable to those found in some of the nicer gated communities back where he lived.

"You've got to be kidding me," he whispered in awe to himself.

"Ah, dang it!" Pyrrha grumbled as eleven o' clock nearly arrived. Her mind was practically in a daze now as panic started to set in. "Sorry but I have to go now." She started to backpedal hurriedly as she voiced the last tidbits of information at Jaune. "Your roommate should be inside with your keys. Any problems you have should be directed to the housing department. You'll find a list of phone numbers to call on the wall in case you have any more questions or concerns. It was nice meeting you!"

"Gotcha! Thanks again!" Jaune yelled back as Pyrrha sprinted across campus. "Damn she's fast."

"Well she is track captain," A voice behind him said. This time he was prepared and coolly greeted his new roommate. The man seemed to be of Eastern descent, though Jaune didn't want to keep staring at the guy's eyes to confirm that or not. His long black hair was largely unkempt with the exception of a ponytail. What was more interesting was the fact that part of his hair was dyed a light purple, matching his eyes which Jaune was still trying not to stare at. He apparently just woke up as he was dressed in only a black tank top and loose white basketball shorts.

"Hey there, name's Jaune." Both shared a brief handshake before the roommate introduced himself as Lie Ren, after Jaune butchered the Mistral name a couple of times Ren told him to just call him Ren for simplicity's sake, hell everyone called him that anyways. Afterwards they started to pile Juane's belongings into the house. It was well sized, cozy, airy, and not shabby in the least. His room was even nicer, offering a luxuriously soft bed, a nice sturdy oak desk, and a few windows to let the breeze and sunlight in.

But for Jaune the most important part was where the outlets were. Spying an Ethernet and a couple of electric outlets he smiled brightly. In no time at all he unpacked. Toiletries, clothes, his newly bought textbooks, and most importantly his gigantic laptop and various gaming consoles were placed either on the table or plugged in by the large flat screen T.V in the living room.

"Man this puts my old house to shame," Jaune chuckled as he practically melted into one of the couches in the living room. Ren had opted to shower and change into a light green jacket and white pants whilst waiting for Jaune to unpack.

"It is rather nice," Ren mentioned as quickly read through his Scroll texts. "Here are your keys by the way." Ren threw them without even looking with immaculate precision and Jaune's lightening reflexes caught them in an instance. "Nice catch."

"Thanks, so you know Pyrrha?" Jaune asked, trying to stir up conversation.

Ren nodded as he replied back to a certain text. "Knew her since we were kids. Went to the same school in fact and still are. Very nice woman."

"She didn't mention you two were childhood friends. She didn't even tell me your name."

"Was she in a hurry to get to practice?"

"How did you know?"

Ren sighed as he dragged his hand through his bangs. "The season has just started and she's been focused on training the team for next year's Vale Collegial Track Tournament. Her team barely won this spring against Atlas University, so the team's been worried about falling behind next year. The coach has especially been tough on the team, threatening to cut off anyone who might be dragging the team down even just a little. So she really can't afford to miss practice even if she has a job."

"Yikes," Jaune winced. So much pressure on her; must be harsh living with that much weight on her shoulders.

"Yeah," Ren agreed. "So don't worry if she seemed a little brash and forgetful, she's really nice when you get to know her."

"Pretty fast and strong too. You said she was team captain? That must be some accomplishment to be the head of Beacon's team." Jaune noted.

"Track and field has been her life since middle school," Ren recalled. "She was always the best javelin thrower and long jumper. Though it's been taking more of her time ever since we started school here."

"I bet. You play any sports?"

"I did learn Kung Fu at a young age and I co-teach lessons at the gym." Ren announced as he stood up and pocketed his Scroll. "You're welcome to come try it out. Lessons are free."

"Thanks but I have other priorities," Jaune motioned towards the two consoles by the television. "I'm kind of the opposite of you and Pyrrha."

"Gamer huh? Well as long as you keep it down at night I have no problem with that." Jaune merely nodded before a low groan from his gut echoed through the room. "Hungry?"

"Yeah," Jaune moaned as he clutched his sore stomach. After the plane and taxi ride he desperately needed sustenance. "I'm starving. You want to head over to the cafeteria?"

"Actually I was expecting-"

"REN!" The door practically exploded open as a pink sneaker nearly kicked the thing off its hinges. Jaune shrieked like a girl and dove behind the couch, peeking his eyes over to see who the trespasser was. He prayed for Ren's wellbeing, he really didn't want to have his new friend get beat up in front of him.

"-company." Ren finished smoothly, the outburst not fazing him in the slightest. "You can come out Jaune, it's just Nora."

"Hi Ren!" A bubbly orange headed girl greeted as she skipped into the room. She was dressed in a simple white shirt with a pink floral design and jeans. Jaune looked down to her feet and, contrary to Ren's reassuring, the smoke coming from her lethally powerful foot did not help calm him down. "I'm here!" She practically sang with a flourish as if she was in an opera.

Jaune gulped and shakily stood up to greet the smiling girl. "H-hi. I'm Jaune, Ren's new roommate."

"Oh cool!" Nora said as she gave Jaune an enthusiastic wave. "I'm Nora." Before he could even blink she was suddenly in front of him, way too close to his face in fact. "Ooh! You have pretty blue eyes." She marveled before almost teleporting around him and inspecting him.


"Don't worry, she's always like this." Ren sighed as he called for Nora to come back. She complied and immediately grabbed onto Ren's arm while tilting back and forth on the balls of her feet.

"Where are we going for lunch Ren?" Nora asked.

"I thought you said you wanted to go shopping."

"Well I thought that since we're together-together for real now I was hoping we can have lunch before we did that." Nora offered. "It'll be like a date."

"It is a date," Ren pointed out.

"Oh yeah! It is! I keep forgetting!"

Ren sighed, this was getting nowhere fast. "We'll go out and find a place." He turned back to Jaune. "You okay by yourself? I would join you but we had prior plans."

"It's cool," Jaune replied, much more calm now. At least Nora's shoe wasn't smoking anymore. "I don't want to butt it on your date." Nora visibly squirmed and blush at the mention of that word again. "So you guys can go. Have a good time."

"Thanks," the couple replied at the same time. Ren seemed slightly amused and gave Nora quick peck on the top of her nose. She replied by blushing ten shades deeper and snuggling deeper into her boyfriend's arm, tugging him slightly to get him to move. He complied and put his arm around her waist and ushered her out.

'Man,' Jaune thought as he went to change out of his slightly sweaty clothes. 'Wish I had a girlfriend. Never had a chance back home thanks to damned condition of mine. No one would ever date a guy nicknamed Vomit Boy.' Donning a light yellow hoodie over his plain white-T and jeans he headed out brimming with a new surge of confidence. 'You know what? That's gonna change starting today. I'm tired of being that dunce in the corner being made fun of. I've been given a new chance to remake myself. Look out world, here comes the new Jaune Arc!'

After he took a few steps outwards he quickly stopped and lightly slapped his forehead in embarrassment. He headed back. 'Should probably lock the door first. Think Jaune! Think!'

The lunch line was long, incredibly so. While Jaune's stomach cried in agony at the wait, his mind was welcoming the down time. He looked around at the various students conversing and eating with one another.

Being a loser at school didn't merit much companionship or sanctity from harmful bullies, but it did give Jaune ample experience in reading and understanding the people around him. He would observe them, almost as if he were conducting a lifelong sociology experiment. He already got a good reading off of Ren; the man was calm and collected above anything else. He was nice, but gave an aura of indifference towards the world around him. Even towards Nora he seemed stoic enough to raise some questions in Jaune's mind. His hair was an enigma all together, the ponytail could be a personal choice or a cultural flair Jaune had no idea about. The magenta could mean a sense of rebellion, unlikely given Ren's personality, or a moniker of a hidden playfulness that he would seldom show.

Nora…Nora was some kind of outlandish, bubbly powerhouse of a woman who must've had a humongous crush on Ren for her to act so shy like that earlier.

He inwardly chuckled. Those two do make a very adorable couple given their difference in character. Maybe he should write a cute short story about them? Maybe one where Nora got super jealous and depressed because of the other women around Ren, like Pyrrah for instance, and he had to cheer her up. He wrote a similar story for his cousin Miles and his girlfriend a few years back and they loved it, saying it was a thoughtful gift.

He gulped audibly as he rethought his idea, maybe he shouldn't get ahead of himself. Lord knows what might happen to his expected lifespan if Nora or Ren somehow find that story. Miles was happy, no telling how Nora will react to it.

Often he would write small vignettes about what he had seen on a given day, writing everything from his observations on how almost every jock had a similar accent and IQ unique to their clique to fictional stories about how people might interact with one another in another setting. It became a great hobby, hell one month's worth of observations got him an A+ in his psychology class so he must be doing something right.

Speaking of cliques, in Beacon it was much more difficult to analyze just what kinds of groups there were. Back in high school it was easy to point out the goths, the jocks, the idiotic beauties, the comic book geeks, and so on. Here however, everyone blended with each other like puddles of multicolor.

Looking around he found everyone to be…normal. No banner symbolically flying over a group, no hardened lines etched between any crowd, no nothing.

Jaune sighed in relief. That meant a guy like him would fit in fine with anyone. So far so good.

His sigh turned sour as he reached the food stations. Very little was left to salvage. He was in no mood for a salad, neither was he interested in pizza or stir-fry. There was little pasta left and absolutely no more hot cuts of meat left. That left only left the hotdogs over at the far corner or the sandwich station nearby.

There was no competition, Jaune made his way to the station and prepared to be play sandwich god for a few minutes. He was no novice at the craft, a journeyman if anything given how many times he's had to make them at home for his younger sisters. His hands were on autopilot as he created his masterpiece. Given how many ingredients were missing he could not morph his sandwich into the symphony it deserved to be, rather it was more like a slightly off key orchestra. He effectively cleared the rest of ingredients from the station and he hefted his meal over to the exit.

The question now was where to sit and eat. Most given how it was noon the place was packed, not a spare seat in sight. That is until he spied a table near the center of the cafeteria. Though the table was large enough to seat a party of eight or so, only three girls sat there.

He inched closer, his feet slowed to allow his eyes to widened in amazement at how beautiful each girl was.

The girl in the middle was perhaps winter incarnate and the most distinct of the three. Her long pristine white hair fell graciously to her side in a sideways ponytail. Atop that waterfall of luscious melted clouds sat a tiara, an off kilter on at that as well. Her skin was milky white, paler than her hair even. Her silver-blue eyes were half-lidded in amusement as she covered her mouth with a dainty hand to mask her laughter at one of the other girls' joke. Though he couldn't hear her over the ruckus of the cafeteria, he could only assume her voice was equivalent to that of an angel's. A simple silver locket embraced her neck while simple silver earrings dotted her ears. A white bolero jacket covered her torso from the relative cold of the November air along with a baby blue shirt that showed enough of her collar to not reach her breasts paired with a medium length layered white skirt. Her white heeled boots peeked at Jaune underneath the delicate skirt.

'Snow Angel,' Jaune immediately thought as he neared the table, unable to stop the his literary mind. 'Like heaven veiled by the softest snowfall. Flawless white standing proud amongst a sea of black and grey, amongst desolation and the darkest of night. So pristine and pure that no doubt evil itself would veer away from her brilliance. How blessed are we to be in the presence of such regality and elegance.'

His eyes turned to the girl on Snow Angel's left.

She looked to be the more mysterious of the three based on how she dressed. A black beret adorned her wavy brown locks. The bangs on her right were longer than the rest of her hair, stretching down to her breast and dyed a fiery orange. Black shades shielded her eyes from Jaune's gaze but her slight grin told him she was enjoying the conversation the three were having. Her torso was covered by a light brown cashmere sweater with a puffy frilly collar matching the jet black slacks she wore. A black shawl was wrapped around her collar, keeping it from spilling out and was marked with a large black rose. Her left wrist was practically enveloped by an array of black bracelets, some looking like chains while others were band dotted with golden studs.

'Cool and impassive at the world around her, clearly bored with everyone here besides her friends,' Jaune deduced as he kept his pace. 'She seeks excitement, not passivity. Always on the prowl and never satisfied with what she has or has done. Her boredom is only matched by her sophisticated allure, projected by her velvet fur and expensive tastes, like a Beguiling Lioness of the highest caliber.'

The last girl opposite of the Lioness…when Jaune laid his eyes on her he quickly decided she was the most dangerous of the three. Her black hair snaked down her side and onto her chest in a wave of near pure darkness. Her amber eyes were almost alight with mirth as she gave the smallest of chuckles after telling her joke. But yet they remained unblinking, odd since she was laughing. An almost skin tight blood red dress laced with an intricate network of fiery flairs covered her gorgeous figure with the exception of her shoulders and the top of her breasts. Golden hoops laced themselves around her earlobe while a black choker lay upon her collar. Her jet black high heels clacked against the hard ground, barely audible against the loud background conversations.

'She's…deadly,' The scary revelation should've told Jaune's feet to stop, yet it instead it merely spurred his confident slow strides. 'Her dangerous appeal is almost unforgettable. So dark and poisonous yet when you see her you cannot bear to look away, fearful her beauty may disappear or that she may quickly end you. A Calamitous Ember almost too perfect to behold, yet hiding behind a mask of indifference, watching the world around her ready to strike and set flame to anything that catches her interest.'

He was ever so close the three now, almost to the point of no return. They had still yet to notice him and his motives, which was good for his sake. But now he was questioning himself. Could he do it? Could he finally break away from his past and be reborn as a new Jaune, wooer of women and the envied hero of average Joes?

Of course he can. Everyone knows that.

Taking a tentative breath, he readied himself and made his way to the girls.

"…so what did you do afterwards?" Angel asked Ember, totally enraptured by her friend's tale.

Ember shrugged. "I warned him about what it means to cross me. He didn't listen of course, all he saw was another tail to chase."

"So who did the chasing in the end?" Lioness asked, already anticipating the obvious answer.

"Well I made him chase his own teeth onto the street when he started crawling away." Ember replied, causing Angel and Lioness to chuckle at the poor stranger's distress. "How he was even employed as a store greeter is beyond me."

"Hello ladies."

All three women turned to find a fourth occupant at their table. They quieted down and turned to him, each with a different look on their faces. Angel looked almost disgusted at the man's presence. Her eyes narrowed into a piercing, icy glare as she crossed her arms on the table. Lioness looked amused if anything, her small grin growing into a coy smile. Ember gave the man a quick glance before she brought her arm to stand on the table to cradle her flawless cheek, giving the blond man the slightest of smirks.

Jaune would've felt proud for initiating contact but what was really scaring him was the fact that the entire cafeteria had grown silent. He looked to the corners of his eyes and found everyone else had frozen in their places, each student looking at the table with fearful eyes and dropped jaws. You hear a feather drop it was so silent.

Jaune nervously turned his eyes back to the girls as he started to unwrap his sandwich from its parchment confines. "So…it's nice to meet you three."

Gasps of shock echoed throughout the building. Hushed murmurs of wonder, fear, and anticipation spread like wildfire. Jaune and the women ignored them all.

"Do you have any idea who we are?" Angel asked, arrogance dripping from her voice.

Already Jaune was realizing this might've been a mistake. But he knew this was where men were either born or broken, when losers achieved stardom or ultimate humiliation. He had too much riding on this already. He could not stop now.

He calmed his nerves. "I can't say I do, but I can tell that you three are no doubt the most beautiful women that have ever graced our earth." He mustered as much bravado and charm he could into that line. Jaune only prayed that it would work. "Though I'm no doubt a mere insect beneath your heels, I hope that I can get to know you three better."

Silence followed. Seconds turned to minutes as no one dared to make any noise.

That is until Lioness decided to laugh, loudly.

"Hahahaha!" She nearly guffawed at the absurdity of it all. This totally made her day. "I can't believe it! You really have no idea do you man?"

Jaune was about to ask but Ember beat him. "Calm down now Coco, he's clearly new to Vale City if he doesn't know."

'So that's Lioness's name.'

"That doesn't make it any less funny Cinder," Coco chuckled out as she started to calm down. "Oh my god that made getting of bed totally worth it."

'Cinder huh?"

"What do you think Weiss?" Cinder asked as she turned to the silent girl. "Any thoughts on our new friend here?"

'Weiss? That's an odd name.'

"Well he's certainly no friend of mine." Weiss replied, keeping her glare right at Jaune. "Anyone who doesn't know he's in the presence of a Schnee can't possibly hope to accomplish that feat."

'…did she just say Schnee?' Jaune's heart dropped. Suddenly the repressed anxiety of minute's past evolved into an endless sea of horrid realization and fear. 'As in…Schnee Electrical Incorporated? The same company who owns all the electricity running through the entire nation? Who's cut throat business practices often left unpaying houses, shops, and towns powerless until they repaid their debts plus interest?'

"Surely he must know of your family's business." Weiss mentioned towards Coco. "After all who hasn't heard of Chadela?"

Jaune's blank stare of disbelief slowly met Coco's dark sunglasses as she gave the man a questioning smirk. "Well big boy? You ever hear of my little ol' brand name?"

'Who hasn't?' Jaune wanted to ask rhetorically, but couldn't muster up the will to. 'My sisters buy your family's line of clothing all the time. Costs a fortune as well. Doesn't your family also relentlessly put down and permanently silence animal rights protestors and growing competition without penalty from the Vale government? Because that makes you only a lot more terrifying."

"How about me?" Jaune turned to Cinder and her bright eyes. Her smirk only grew as she asked her question. "You're twenty one right?"

Jaune nodded almost robotically.

"Well then, clearly you must've celebrated with some drinks. Did you fail to see my last name when you were having fun?" Cinder teased as she wiggled her eyebrows. "I'm heartbroken."

'Oh god no!' This was it. It was all over for Jaune now and he knew it. He knew she was dangerous for a reason. 'Don't tell me she's a Fall, don't tell me her family owns the Midnight Party Corporation. God everything at my birthday party must've been made by her family: the beer, the whiskey, the vodka, the rum-everything!' He gulped hard as he remembered the danger behind that corporation. 'The Fall family used to be a huge mob family too, smuggling alcohol back and forth from Vale to Atlas back in the day. The biggest mob in Vale who is still possibly conducting illegal business even though they promised it all stopped when they corporatized and started their alcohol empire. But the rumors don't stop. Even back home adults tell stories of their parents living in Vale City scared of the shiny new Fall family. They say the hits and murders never stopped, they just got covered up by money.'

"And who are you peasant?" Weiss practically spat out. "Please, enlighten us."

"Jaune." He replied in the tiniest of voices. He mouthed the rest out.

No one heard him and the girls didn't bother asking him to repeat himself. "That's what I thought." Weiss surmised. "A nobody."

"Hey now," Coco piped up as she kept her shades on Jaune's still figure. "He's got balls at least, coming up and trying to flirt with us. When's the last time that's happened?"

"True," Cinder agreed. "He's blessed us with a nice compliment. An oldie, but with a spin to it. That at least deserves recognition."

Jaune silently let out a breath he never knew he was keeping. Were they about to let him go? Hopefully unharmed and with no future repercussions?

Weiss hummed in thought. Sure he was a brash foolish man, but he had good intentions, however idiotic they might've been expressed. "Fine, he can humor us then."

'Like a jester?' Jaune thought. 'That's not degrading at all.'

"So shall we fire our old one?" Cinder asked as she took her Scroll from her purse, a little red leather one.

Weiss grumbled at the prospect. "He still owes us for spilling soda on Coco's pants. It's only been a week."

"I'll just let him pay it off slowly." Coco acquiesced as she shrugged the issue off. "Tell him biweekly payments of ten percent should be fine." She paused before adding in. "If he can't keep up charge him twenty percent interest."

Cinder was already calling the poor sap. "Hello Dove?"

The man's muffled voice was hardly audible against Cinder's ear, even if the room was silent. Jaune could make out the man's stuttering though. Poor guy.

"We will not be requiring your," Cinder paused before frowning slightly. "underwhelming services anymore."

Garbled bits of stuttering mixed with hope followed.

"Make no mistake Dove," Cinder warned with a deadly tone. Jaune could feel his spine shiver at the mere sound of her voice. "You still owe Coco two thousand seven hundred twenty Lien. You will make biweekly payments of ten percent increments through checks that you will personally handwrite and present to her each Sunday morning at ten o' clock sharp by the front gate, meaning you have eight more days until first payment. Failure to do so entails a twenty percent increase for each subsequent payment."

The man sounded like he was crying now. Whether from sadness or joy of his newfound freedom Jaune couldn't tell.

"Understood? Good. Coco will be expecting your payment next week. Do not disappoint us." Cinder ended the call and turned back to Weiss. "It's done."

"Fine," Weiss huffed, still not too hot about the idea her friends presented her. It was obvious they wanted to tease the idiot more plus have him do their manual labor. At least she'll get some work out of the man. "Jan was it?"

"Jaune actually-"

"Whatever," Weiss dismissed. "As of now and until the end of the school quarter, you are to be our errand boy."

"You're what?" Jaune almost shouted. This is was not what he was expecting at all. He couldn't balance school work, writing, and gaming with being their personal slave. This was ridiculous.

That was what he wanted to say until Weiss's glare grew several degrees colder. Apparently Cinder didn't appreciate the outburst either as he eyes started to narrow in…disappointment. Coco kept her smirk up, intrigued on how Jaune would react.

"Is that a problem Errand Boy?" Weiss asked with finality. There was no room for argument.

Jaune slumped in his seat. "No…no Ms. Schnee."

"Good." The girls grabbed their purses and stood up. Jaune quickly felt like the insect he equated himself to earlier. "Meet us by the front gate in an hour. You are to be cordial when addressing us and on your best behavior. Failure to do so will…well you're a Beacon student. You can figure it out."

That he can. And he did not like how that equation ended for him. Jaune nodded in understanding.

Back to square one again.

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