Chapter 20

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Sebastian and Edward returned a few hours later. They were surprised at the scene they walked in on. Lucifer, Bella and Undertaker were playing cards, laughing amongst themselves and sipping on margaritas. Anyone who didn't know these people would think that the three were best of friends. Edward and Sebastian exchanged surprised looks before entering the living room.

Bella noticed them first. She welcomed them with a beaming smile and a joyful exclamation. "You're back! Hi…" she giggled. It was clear that she was tipsy.

"I see you had fun," Edward stated as he took a seat beside her and placed a kiss on her forehead, making her grin at him. She nodded her answer at him.

"Did you mange to finish everything you needed to do?" she asked Sebastian who sat down her other side.

"Yes, Kitten. I contacted him and convinced him to come here as soon as possible," he explained.

"Hehehe… it would be an interesting sight to see…. hehehehe… yes it will…" Undertaker giggled some more.

"I agree with you, Undertaker. He'll be so jealous of Sebastian," Lucifer joined in Undertaker's mirth.

"Jealous? Why?" Bella asked the Devil.

"This demon has always been envious of Sebastian. The fact that he's biologically mine makes this demon green with envy. So when he finds out that Sebastian has not only found his mate but two of them, he's likely to behave rudely with you two," Lucifer explained.

"What do you expect of him, father? After all he's the demon of greed," Sebastian smirked at his father.

"That's right," Lucifer chuckled.

A knock on the front door interrupted their conversation. Bella looked questioningly at Edward who answered, "It's my siblings; Alice and Jasper. She seems excited about something," he noted.

"Can we come in?" a familiar voice sounded from outside. Everyone in the room had enhanced hearing after all.

As they entered, Bella could see it was Alice and Jasper in the doorway. Alice walked… almost danced… to the center of the room, where she folded herself lithely onto the floor. Jasper, however, paused at the door; he looked shocked. He stared at Edward's face, and Bella wondered if he was shocked to see how Edward was sitting there calmly with dangerous beings sitting just a few feet away from him. Even though Undertaker kept grinning madly, Bella guessed he had a murderous aura about him. After all, he was a Grim Reaper.

"What's going on?" Edward asked his siblings tilting his head curiously as if trying to read their minds. After a second his smile widened at whatever he found there.

"Mind sharing with the class?" Lucifer asked with a smile.

"Actually," Jasper said, smiling hesitantly as he walked into the room slowly. "Alice says there's going to be a real storm tonight, and Emmett wants to play ball. We don't have much time together before you leave. And we wanted everyone here to see how we, Cullens, entertain ourselves. Are you game?" He smirked a little at his brother.

The words were all common enough, but the context confused Bella. 'Did they just say they wanted to play…ball? As in…baseball?' she thought, utterly confused. But before she could ask anything, Lucifer answered "That sounds intriguing."

"How does this work?" Sebastian asked with an adorably confused look on his face.

Edward felt like kissing the hell out of his mate at that moment. A wave of calm washed over him, before he could act on his thought. Blinking, he looked at Jasper and found him smirking at him. Shaking his head as if to clear it of lustful thoughts, Edward stated, "We have to wait for thunder to play ball…you'll see why."

"Will I need an umbrella?" Bella asked hesitantly.

"Will she?" Jasper asked Alice.

"No." She sounded sure. "The storm will hit over town. It should be dry enough in the clearing."

"Good, then." The enthusiasm in Jasper's voice was catching, and everyone found themselves eager to play, even Bella.

"See you in two hours at the clearing then." And with that, they were swiftly on their way. Jasper managed to quietly close the door behind them.

"Vampires like baseball?" Bella asked curiously.

"It's the American pastime," Edward said with mock solemnity, making others in the room chuckle.




Edward, Bella, Sebastian, Lucifer and Undertaker came together. Edward led them through a massive hemlock tree, and suddenly they were on the edge of an enormous open field in the lap of the Olympic peaks. It was twice the size of any baseball stadium Bella had ever seen. They could see all the others were there; Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie, sitting on a rock. Jasper and Alice were throwing something back and forth. Bella guessed it was a ball because even with her enhanced vision all she saw was a blur. It looked like Carlisle was marking bases.

Soon Edward, Emmett and Jasper started explaining the game rules to Sebastian, Lucifer and Undertaker. Bella joined Esme and Rose on the builder and watched her mates getting animated along with the King of hell and an undertaker. She chuckled at her thought and mouthed 'I love you' at Edward and Sebastian as they glanced at her.

Alice, who was practicing with Carlisle now, left her position and ran towards them. She came to a fluid stop in between the two teams. "It's time," she announced, grinning widely. As soon as she spoke, a deep rumble of thunder shook the forest beyond them, and then crashed towards the town.

"Eerie, isn't it?" Emmett said with easy familiarity, winking at Lucifer.

"Impressive!" Lucifer grinned at Alice.

Alice took a graceful bow before with a "Let's go," she reached for Emmett's hand and they darted toward the oversized field.

"Are you ready for some ball?" Edward asked, his eyes eager, bright as he passed Bella.

"I'm ready to see it," Bella laughed.

"Why, Kitten? Are you worried about falling down?" Sebastian teased her as he joined them.

"GO PLAY! Stop harassing me!" she poked her tongue at her mates, making them snicker and fist bump. Then they bounded off after the other two.

"Shall we join them?"Esme asked in her soft, melodic voice. Bella quickly nodded at her.

"You don't play with them?" Bella asked curiously.

"No, I prefer to referee them," she explained with a smile.

"Do they cheat?" Bella asked jokingly.

"Oh yes! You should hear the arguments they get into! One would think they were raised by a pack of wolves." Esme chuckled.

"Then Sebastian, Lucifer and Undertaker will blend in flawlessly," Bella smirked. A chorus of "HEY!" came from three different parts of the field

The game started as another peal of thunder sounded. Bella was correct in her assumption. Where vampires usually fears demons, on that field was only space for friendship, family and contentment. Bella smiled as a feeling of belonging settled in her. After what had happened all those years ago, she had finally found peace in her soul. However, it seemed Bella thought so too soon. Carlisle was up to bat, Edward catching, when Alice suddenly gasped.

Bella was ogling Edward when she saw his head snap up to look at Alice.

Their eyes met and something flowed between them in an instant. He was at

Bella's side before the others could ask Alice what was wrong.

"What happened?" Sebastian asked curiously.

"Alice?" Esme's voice was tense.

"I didn't see them coming…. They heard us playing and made a snap decision," she whispered. All the others were gathered around by this time.

"What is it, Alice?" Carlisle asked with the calm voice of authority.

"Nomads," Edward answered.

"How many?" Emmett asked Alice.

"Three," she answered abruptly.

"Okay, back up a few seconds please," Lucifer interrupted.

"We don't have time. They are almost here," Edward and Alice answered.

Lucifer shook his head and snapped his fingers. In an instant everything turned black and white. Other than the people gathered in that field, nothing was moving… not even the leaves of the trees. At Bella's questioning look, Lucifer stated, "I stopped time. Now, Ms. Alice, mind explaining was has you so panicked?"

"SWEET!" Emmett boomed happily.

"Nomad vampires hunt humans. These three were hunting around this area. Hearing us play, they decided to check it out," Alice explained.

Only the vampires looked worried. Sebastian, Lucifer and Undertaker just looked confused, shrugging and saying, "So?"

"Oh… you are worried that they might hurt me?" Bella guessed. At Edward and Alice's nods, Bella smirked. "But I'm not a human anymore, remember? I'm almost a demon." All the vampires' eyes widened, as it seemed even with their picture-perfect memories they did forget sometimes.

Sebastian laughed at their reaction. "Even if my kitten was a human, did you forget you have a demon, a Grim Reaper and the King of Hell with you? As soon as they realize what we are they would be so frightened that they would've run away without doing anything to Isabella," he explained.

"Wow… now I feel silly," Jasper huffed adorably.

"So do I," Carlisle, Rose and Emmett said at the same time. Alice and Edward looked at each other and burst into laughter.



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