Flynn finds me a few cycles after I escape. Because of what I'd just been through and the plague of nightmares with no hope of being able to stop them, I am savage and extremely spooked. The distinct likeness in his face to Clu's and the fact that Clu had brain washed me about him makes me even more wary. I just hiss and growl when he enters my locked room. He has to treat me like an animal for several cycles before he can get near enough to me to remove the nightmare inducing code.

I wasn't the first one Clu had used the disk hack on. Another low blow that I am just another in his long line of those used and thrown away by 'His Excellency'.

Flynn was joyous at first that he wasn't alone anymore - that he wasn't the only User on the grid. But the trauma I've been through has taken such a toll on me, that I can't even speak for cycles on end. Even 'The Creator' gives up trying to coax me to communicate.

When my words finally return and I can speak to him of what I'd been through, Flynn offers his deepest sympathies. "I neglected my first 'son'. Expected him to carry on my work on the grid with little guidance. Expected him to have my human sensibilities and compassion. I expected the impossible of him and he won't quit until it is achieved. Man, I could have done so much to prevent this."

I know that's not the whole of it though, so I counter, "Clu also made his own choices, because he's fiercely independent. It was the perfect storm."

We talk over and over about what, if anything, that can be done. Flynn has seen so much destruction and death in the fight against Clu. If only either of us had known, we could have stopped this insanity sooner. But would have, should have and could have get us no where.


All I truly feel like I understand any more is that I have stood directly in the fires of hell with its mesmerizing red and gold circuit glow. I have met the devil and he's temptingly beautiful, irresistibly charming, utterly cunning, and devoid of humanity. I still dream of him and what we shared from time to time. I had truly loved him, now I repeatedly tell myself I hate him. It makes me dread our next meeting. While I know what must be done, I don't know if I am capable of it.