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A few days after Naruto's inauguration, said blonde was getting fidgety.

Hinata placed a cup of tea on the coffee table and sat beside her husband on the couch. "I never knew the transition for the position could take a while."

Naruto nodded grimly but soon grinned at his wife. "But I'm thankful because I can spend a whole week together with my family," he said, wrapping his arms around his wife and snuggled.

Himawari, who was seated on the floor as she watched her brother play with his game, perked up at her father. "Really, daddy? A whole week?"

Boruto's eyes were still fixed on his game but that didn't stop him from exclaiming that he wanted to go somewhere fun. The siblings were happy that their parents weren't opposed to the idea.

Suddenly, everything went dark and Naruto almost activated his sage mode when his daughter screamed.


The little girl's cries slowed to a sniffle when she felt her mother's warmth envelope her.

"Shh, mommy's right here," Hinata soothed her daughter. When her eyes finally adjusted to the dark, she turned to her husband and saw that Boruto was already clinging onto him like a leech. "Come on, go to daddy and I'll try to find some candles."

Himawari's eyes lightened as bright as the candle that shone in front of her. She smiled and Naruto was glad she was feeling a lot better. An idea struck him and he pulled his children close to him. "Do you wanna hear a horror story?"

Both kids snuggled closer to their father in fear but meekly nodded. "All right. Well, there was this -"

The lights suddenly turned on and brought color to the room. Himawari and Boruto cheered happily.

"Hey, Hima-chan," the little girl turned to her father when he called for her. She watched as her daddy gestured for the still lit candle on the coffee table. "Do you wanna make a wish?"

More than happy, Himawari rushed to her daddy's side and stared at the candle with sparkling eyes. "It's feels like it's my birthday!"

His baby girl was smiling so much that he can't help but grin back at her.

"Ah!" Himawari spotted another lit candle and turned to her brother. "Onii-chan, you can blow that other candle!" She said as she enthusiastically pointed at the other candle.

Boruto was skeptical. "That's too childish. I don't wanna." He crossed his arms over his chest in refusal.

A little irked at her brother, she frowned. "Onii-chan…"

In an instant, Boruto felt a chill run down his spine and he refused to look at his sister. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that his own father had carefully distanced himself from the little girl.

Scared out of his wits, Boruto walked over to the candle and blew on it. He didn't want to anger his sister. After all, he had experienced first-hand just how strong and scary she could be.

She's just like mom.