Typical be-my-fake-girlfriend-so-we-can-fall-in-love trope. I mean I dont know about everyone else but i can never seem to get enough of these. So hope you like it my fellow bechloe-ians? wtf

"I refuse to believe it Chloe"

The tears begin to well up in my eyes "you refuse to believe what dad?"

"My daughter isn't, and never will be gay" he says waving his arms in the air

"Dad it's a bit late, there isn't much you can do about it"

"What will my friend's think, what will your friends think?" he says pointing at me

"My friends are 100% supportive which is more than I can say about my own father"

He pinches his brow and says in a much calmer voice "W-what would your mother say?"

I stand there in shock, not believing that he would bring her into this "Mum would think that you should stop being an ignorant jerk" tears are streaming down my face uncontrollably

"Well what am I supposed to say to this Chloe?"

"You're meant to t-tell me that y-you love me no matter w-what" I say barely discernibly

"Chloe Beale. You know that I love you but we can try to fix this, we can get help"

I look at him through the tears "Are you kidding me? There is not a single thing that you have said that would make me believe that you have an ounce of love for me"

I shake my head and walk up the stairs and run straight to my room, I slam the door and lock it. My back slides down the door and I bring my knees up to my chest and let the tears fall. How did I not see it? I guess I just blocked out everything that he would have to say... The times he would switch off the Ellen DeGeneres Show and mutter something under his breathe, the times we would see a stereotypical gay person walking down the street and he would roll his eyes and look away.

Why was I expecting him to hug me and tell me that he accepted and supported me? Why? Why does this even have to be a thing?

I wake up to the message tone of my phone

"Break is nearly over Chlo, 2 more days! I'm so excited to see you, I miss you so much"

I smile at the thought of my best friend "I miss you too Bree, I'll see you then. Xx"

I then realise that I fell asleep on the floor, I stand up and stretch, my back is aching from the hard ground.

I tie my bed hair into a messy bun and I pull on my Barden hoodie. I make my way down the stairs and fix myself some cereal and sit down at the counter.

I hear a beep from my phone; I pull it out of my pocket and see that it's a message from Beca

"Look what I found" Underneath is a photo of her with no make-up on and a beanie pulled all the way down to her eye brows.

I giggle and reply "It looks adorable on you. You should totes keep it"

I put my phone down and continue to eat my breakfast until I hear footsteps. A smell of cologne fill the air, which I would recognise anywhere. I see my dad walk past in his required suit and tie. He glances at me "Morning."

I mutter a barely incoherent reply

He fixes himself a coffee to-go, he then faces me "I'm off to work now, but I might be home a little late so..." He puts down his mug and brings out his wallet and pulls out a $50 note dropping it on the counter "Buy yourself some dinner" He says

"Uhhhh ok?" I say glimpsing at my phone which just beeped

He doesn't take any notice "See you when I see you" he says with a kiss on the head and then he's out the door

I sigh and pick up my phone to another message from Beca.

"Should I also keep these?" Accompanied by a picture of her wearing the same beanie but with my giant hangover sunglasses and my favourite scarf wrapped tightly around her neck.

I laugh "Keep whatever you want, they all look super cute on you"

I put my bowl and spoon in the sink and begin to rinse them when I hear my phone go off again.

"You know I hate being called cute, so just to remind you of how sexy and badass I am..." along with a picture of her wearing a snapback backwards, a pair of RayBan sunglasses and her giant headphones.

I chuckle "omg. So sexy babe. Could you get anymore badass?" I reply sarcastically…. Sort of.

I take the cash off the bench and make my way upstairs. My phone goes off just as I walk into the bathroom.

"Hey I thought sarcasm was my thing?"

I reply "Oh it is but I guess it's just been rubbing off on me"

Almost immediately "It is pretty contagious BUT I shall talk to you later."

"Totes. Later B, miss you. X"

Not expecting a reply due to Beca being emotionally stunted. I get in the shower.

20 minutes later I'm clean, shaven and smelling good so I get out of the shower. I unlock my phone to check the time but I then find that I have a text message.

"Miss you too."

I smile like an idiot. Maybe she isn't as emotionally stunted as I thought.

I wrap myself in a towel and make my way to my room. I choose to wear a light blue sundress along with white slip ons and minimal make up. I wear my hair in a single side fish braid.

I grab my handbag and phone and make my way down stairs. I'm walking past my dad's office when I hear the landline ring. I slip into his office and pick up the wireless phone.


"Chloe? Is that you?"

I smile at the familiar voice "Yep, hey Nan"

"Hey my little chickaboo, I was checking if you were still coming today?"

I giggle at the nickname "Yep, I was just about to leave"

"Oh good, do you still remember where Lex's house is?"

"Of course I do nan"

"Ok well I guess I'll see you soon then dear"

"Yep ok, I'll see you then" I hang up the phone and put it back on the base.

Just as I get up I notice the picture frame, the medium sized picture of my mum, my dad, my brother and I. I smile sadly remembering that day as if it were yesterday. All of us sitting at the park mum and I having a conversation about how being a doctor would suit me. As my brother and my dad chatted about the before football game. It was a perfect day.

I snap back to reality and shake of the sadness that's beginning to kick in. I quickly stride out the front door locking it behind me and to my car.

I get in and plug in my phone; I press on "Beca's mixes" and let the music fill the car.

I drive carefully, not allowing the memories to flood back in. I stop at the nearest supermarket and get a nice bouquet of flowers I then head to the liquor store and get a nice bottle of wine.

I jump back in my car and head to my destination.

I get out of the car bringing the flowers and the wine. I make my way to the front door when I hear a bunch of screaming.

"Aunty Chloe!" I see three little kids latch onto my legs.

"Hey guys!" I crouch down to their level "How are my little munchkins?"

"GOOD." They all say at once

"How about we all go inside hm?" They all nod and run inside ahead of me. I smile at my three nieces and nephews.

I manage to shut the door but when I turn around I see my oldest niece Hayley standing there with her arms behind her.

"Hey Hayley bear, how can I help you?"

She points to my full hands "Do you need some help holding anything?" She says sweetly

I smile "You can hold these if you want" I hold out the flowers.

She steps forward and takes them carefully like it's a new born baby.

"Let's go give them to mummy hey?"

She eagerly nods; we make our way through the house and eventually into the kitchen.

"Chloe! Hey" Lexie my blonde cousin strides over and gives me a giant hug "How are you? I haven't seen you in ages"

"I'm alright I guess" I say as we exit the hug "But these are for you" I say handing her the wine and as Hayley holds up the flowers.

"Aw thanks Chlo"

"No problem" I say, I look down at Hayley "Thanks for helping me little one"

She smiles "No problem" She giggles and runs off

I look up to see my Nan and other cousin walking in the room "Chloe?! " Two hugs come simultaneously

I smile "Hey guys, I've missed you" I say

They smile "It's been a while hasn't it Chlo?" Says my younger brunette cousin, pulling her sunglasses to the top of her head.

My Nan smiles "Only a few more people to come"

I look around thinking about who else is coming today; we have Lexie, Dani, Nan and myself. We have Lexie's kids, Hayley, Maybelle and Chace.

"Hey Lex is Brad here?"

She nods "Yep he's out the back with Uncle Paul watching the footy"

I nod "of course he is and is Matt coming?"

She smiles at the mention of her brother "Yep, he's making his way down with the family"

I smile "Aw good"

My mum had 2 siblings, a sister (Josie) and a brother (Ethan). Aunt Josie married Uncle Paul and they had Lexie and Matt while Uncle Ethan raised Dani on his own.

"Where's Josie and Ethan?"

My Nan answers with "Oh they went into town to get some stuff, they'll be back soon"

I nod "Oh good, well I'm gonna go say hi to the boys but I'll be back to help with lunch"

"You can stay out there with the boys if you want" my Nan says

Dani interrupts "Yeah, I'll go too. If you want the house to remain intact, I suggest you don't let me in the kitchen"

Dani and I make out way out into the back room.

"Score?" Dani says as she settles down on the couch.

"32-24" Brad replies

"Who we rooting for?" I say from behind them

They turn around "OH Chloe, it's you" Brad says as he jumps up and gives me a hug

Uncle Paul smiles and pulls me into a giant bear hug "I missed you squirt, how've ya been?"

I giggle at the nickname "I've been alright, how about you old man?" I say as I sit down next to them

He shakes his head "Never better"

We watch the game with a few bits of small talk chucked in there until I hear tiny footsteps. "Uncle and Aunty are back Chlo, Chlo" I hear a little boy say

I turn and face my nephew "Well thank you for telling me that Chace, you're turning into a big boy now huh?"

He giggles "Yep, I'm 4 years old now"

I act shocked "4 years old?! Oh my gosh you're so big now!" I jump up and swoop him up in my arms. I carry him on my hip "Let's go then big boy"

He nods his head enthusiastically

We make our way back inside, I put him on the ground when I see my Aunty "Aunt Josie!" I say as I run over and give her a giant hug. I turn to the person next to her "Uncle Ethan!" and I pull him into an embrace.

We exchange the common small talk until someone asks "How's your dad?"

I sigh and put on a fake smile "I guess he's ok, I mean he's been working a lot, I guess it just distracts him"

"Well it was such a shame that he couldn't come today"

I nod "Yeah, a shame"

My aunt changes the subject, thank goodness. We all grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit around the table. Eventually the boys and Dani come inside and join us; we laugh and have a good time. 2 cups of tea later and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself that is until…

"So Dani have you got a boyfriend yet?" asks my aunt Josie

Everyone laughs and my brunette cousin goes red "Uhhhh, nope"

Uncle Ethan interrupts "I hope not. There isn't a single person good enough for my little girl"

Everyone laughs, Dani included "And that's my reasoning"

When the laughter quietens down, Uncle Pauls asks "What about you Chlo? Is there a lucky lad?"

My palms begin to sweat "Uh, nope."

I'm starting to get extremely nervous "Well why not? You are drop dead gorgeous, there would be lines of guys willing to swoop you up" says Brad

"Uh" I'm starting to hyperventilate

"Chlo, have there been any guys?"

"Any one you're at least interested in?"

"Surely you've had to at least have had one boyfriend"

"What about your friend Tom? Was it?"

All these questions come flying around the room and drilling into my ears.

My heart is pounding, my face is red, and I'm starting to feel dizzy. What is happening? Why can't I breathe? Are the walls closing in? Holy shit.

The questions continue

I look at my cousin Lexie. She isn't saying anything; she is giving me a look of concern. She mouths 'Are you ok?'

I shake my head and stand up. Making the chair squeak behind me, everyone stops talking. I need some air "I can't do this anymore."

I run out of the room ignoring the calls of my name.

I stride out of the house and up the drive way, passing multiple cars until I reach mine.

I unlock the door and get in the car. I close the door and lock it.

I turn the car on but I don't drive anywhere, I turn on the air-conditioner and plug in my phone. I press play not caring what song comes on.

I put my hands on the wheel and drop my head. "Shit."

I have no idea what happened back there, that has never happened before. Even when I was coming out to my dad that didn't happen, it was all just so overwhelming.

I regain composure and take my hands of the wheel and look down at my phone. The beginning notes of a familiar song begin to play. Titanium.

I smile at the thought of the small brunette. I lean my head back and close my eyes, soaking in the mix.

The last few bars finish and I sigh in content.

I hear a small knock on the passenger window. I turn my head and see Lexie giving me a sad smile and gesturing to the door.

I nod; I pick up my phone and turn the music off.

She slides into the passenger seat and closes the door behind her. She gets comfortable and then looks at me.

"There's a girl isn't there?"

I jerk my head to look at her and say "What did you just say?"

She raises her hand "Chloe, I've known you since you were born. I can tell when something's up"

I begin to panic again "What makes you assume that there's a girl?"

She puts her hand on top of mine "Chloe, stop panicking. Just breathe."

I look down at her hand and back to her face, not a single sign of disgust, disappointment or anger. Only concern, love and care.

I begin to take quiet deep breaths "Ok, so what makes you assume there's a girl?"

She smiles "Chloe, you are absolutely gorgeous and you have one of the most endearing personalities, you cannot be single. And after you freaked out about the mention of guys, the next best thing is to assume girls"

I nod "So you wouldn't have guessed it before hey?"

She shakes her head "Oh no, I had my suspicions since we were young."

I give her a questioning look "What do you mean?"

She smiles "Well your last boyfriend was when you were 9 and then I remember when we were like 17 and we were at the beach house and all these hot guys were checking us out and you completely shut down the hottest guy there."

I laugh "oh I remember that, he wasn't that good looking"

She scoffs "uh he was like Taylor Lautner hot AND he was sweet too"

I roll my eyes "Well he wasn't my type"

"Well obviously"

I laugh "Obviously"

She grins "So who's the girl?"

I shake my head "They're isn't one"
Her jaw drops "Wait, what? Why?"

I shrug "I don't know"

She sinks back into the chair "Well I don't want you to panic but that's what everyone else thinks"

I begin to panic; my eyes widen "WHAT?"

She jumps at the raise in volume "Well when you left everyone started talking about what they thought that was about and then someone brought up the gay thing. So now they all assume you have a girlfriend"

I face palm "Oh my gosh, well what do they think of that?"

She shrugs "There was a bit of... – uh how should I put this... controversy? From uncle Ethan but then mum set him right. They all think that you should be happy no matter who your with"

I smile sadly "So Uncle Ethan hey?"

She groans "Chloe, why do you focus on the negatives? I just told you that everyone wants you to be happy and you go back to the one bad thing!"

I shrug "I don't know Lex; this is just so emotionally draining"

She nods "Yeah, it would be."

"So should I tell them that I don't actually have a girlfriend?"

Lexie tilts her head "Uhhhh, I don't know about that one. I mean I think that the thought of you having a girlfriend only just managed to stick. But coming out as gay and single is a lot more difficult to understand y'know?"

I nod "So because they think I have a girlfriend, they will have an easier time understanding it?"

She nods "Yep"

"Well I better get a story going"

She smiles "OH I just remembered! While you were freaking out in here Matt, Natalie and the kids arrived."

I jump in excitement "Oh my gosh! Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

I turn off the car, grab my keys and phone and make my way inside.

As soon as I enter the kitchen everyone turns and looks at me. Including Matt.

I ignore all the looks and run over to my cousin "MATT!" I leap on him and pull him into an embrace.

He smiles "Hey Chlo" I pull out of the embrace "I've missed you so much, how long have you been back?"

He chuckles "Uh, I think a week. Just in time for my little girl's birthday" He says patting an adorable blonde headed girl standing next to him.

"Jamie! You're so tall now?!" I say as I crouch down to her level

She giggles and jumps on me "Hi Aunty Chlo Chlo, I missed you"

I pick her up and carry her on my hip "Well I missed you too little one"

I look around and see everyone smiling at me; I turn to the beautiful woman next to Matt

"Natalie, how are you?" I say as I lean in for a quick embrace.

She smiles "I'm pretty good, you?"

I shrug "I'm alright"

I place Jamie on the floor and she runs up to Nan asking for a drink, I then see 2 identical little boys sitting on a play mat. I crouch down and kneel next to them "How old are they again?"

Natalie replies "They'll be a year old in about a month"

"They're growing up so fast, I remember the day they were born like it was yesterday" I play with their small hands and feet "Hello Jordan, Hello Liam" I say in a goo-goo voice "you're so cute oh my gosh"

I stand up and say "Well that's the whole clan right?"

Everyone looks around and nods, my Nan nods "yep, well lunch is nearly ready so set up the table, go get the kids, you know the drill"

Everyone walks off to do their respective duties. I grab a dishcloth and make my way out to the large table in the backyard. Brad and Matt bringing out the giant umbrella along with more chairs, I begin to wipe down the table.

I walk back inside and see Dani struggling with the plates, I rush over and take some from her "Take some advice Dani… don't become a waiter"

She laughs "Well there goes my dream job"

I laugh at her somewhat familiar sarcasm. We walk back out to the table and see that someone has set out a tablecloth, Dani and I place the plates down.

The kids all sit down the end together, with their plastic plates and cups while the adults sits up the top.

Paul brings out an armful of drinks while Hayley follows him with a bottle of water.

As I pass them I hear Dani say "What a good little helper you are Hayley"

She giggles and skips the rest of the way. It's funny how something so simple can mean so much to a kid.

When all the food is set on the table, everyone begins to sit down. I sit down next to Lexie; she gives me a reassuring smile.

I smile when I see someone struggling to get up on the seat next to me "You ok Hayley-bear?" I help her onto her seat

"Yep, I'm fine" She says with a giant grin

Once we are all seated, Nan says "Would anyone like to give thanks?"

Lexie jumps at the chance "I will"

Everyone nods so Lexie begins "I would like to give thanks for bringing us all together, although there are a couple people missing-"She says referring to my mother and brother "-we are still thankful. I would also like to give thanks for bringing my brother back safe and sound and we all pray that he is kept safe in the future. One last thing I give thanks to… our family. For being so supportive, loving and caring no matter the circumstances" She says giving my leg a reassuring squeeze

Everyone nods and murmurs in agreement "That was lovely Lex" I hear my Uncle Paul say

Matt asks "Well what are we waiting for? Let's eat"

Everyone immediately digs in; we share easy going topics like movies, school, kids, all of the normal family reunion stuff.

When the kids are all finished, they ask if they can be excused. They are given permission to go sit down and watch TV quietly as the twins are asleep.

The adults are left to more serious conversations like politics and economics, which I barely understand.

"So what do you want to be when you get out of college Chloe?" Natalie asks politely

I smile "um a teacher."

She nods her head "I can totally see that, you have a way with kids"

"Chloe's always had a way with kids actually; every single kid that we've ever met would always take a liking towards Chlo in like a second." Lexie interrupts

No one else says anything and you can feel the tension; everyone is trying to ignore the pink elephant in the room but knowing my family they won't ignore it for very long.

"So I know no one wants to bring it up but…"

I was right.

"Honestly Chlo, you know we love you." I hear my Aunt Josie say

I begin to hyperventilate and sweat but then I feel Lexie giving my leg another reassuring squeeze. I begin to calm down; I scratch the back of my neck "Uh yeah I know that"

"Then why didn't you tell us sooner?" Asks Brad

I shrug "I don't know?"

"So who is this mystery girl?" Asks Matt

I look at Lexie, she nods.

"Well her name is…-"I'm interrupted by the sound of my ringtone.

Everyone looks at my phone which is on the table, lighting up.

My favourite picture of Beca pops up, with her name and love hearts next to it (a joke between the two of us)

Everyone alternates looks from the phone to each other, they're connecting the dots.

I quickly pick up my phone "Uh Hey Becs"

"Hey Red, how are you?"

"Uh I'm pretty good you?" I look around and everyone is staring intently

"I'm alright but I'm bored out of my mind"

"Well I wish I could say the same, so not that I don't like that you're calling- coz I totally do but is there any particular reason that you're calling?" I say as I put my napkin on the table and begin to get up

"Uh, nope." A long pause because I know she's lying "Urgh fine, is it weird if I say that I miss you?"

I giggle "Of course not Becs, I miss you too" I then realise that I'm not out of earshot. I look up to see everyone staring at me; they all quickly break eye contact and pretend to be talking to the person next to them.

"Oh my god, you're turning me into a cheese ball"

I smile "I hope so because I really love cheese balls"

"You're such an idiot Beale"

I laugh "Trust me, I know"

"So what are you doing right now?"

I sit on the stairs leading up to the house "Well I'm actually at a family reunion lunch"

"Wait, what? Are you serious? Shit. I didn't mean to interrupt, oh my gosh go back to lunch you butt head"

I laugh "Beca, its fine"

"No it' not, you went to Illinois to visit your family and now here I am interrupting your time with them"

"Oh my god Beca! It's fine."

"Nope, nope I see you in 2 days anyway. So I'll talk to you later Beale, love you, miss you, bye!"

And with that she hangs up "love you too?" I say to her even though she can't hear me

"Who do you love?" I see Maybelle standing behind me

"Oh just someone" I say smiling

"Oh. Well what his name?" She says taking a seat next to me

I chuckle "It's actually a girl and her name is Beca"

She nods "Oh, a girl? Well is she nice?"

I smile "I think that she is very nice"

Maybelle stands up "Well then I guess that's all that matters right?"

I nod "I think so"

"I've never heard of a girl who loves another girl who isn't her family… is that normal?"

I shrug "I think it is, do you?"

She smiles widely "I think that you should be able to love whoever you want"

I nod "I absolutely agree Belle"

She smiles and walks down to the back yard; I shake my head and laugh silently. I follow the direction of Maybelle back down to the table, I sit down and the conversation immediately seizes.

"What?" I say as I look around, I notice Maybelle sitting on Lexie's lap still smiling.

Everyone else looks at me as if there are expecting something.

"Well?" I hear Brad ask

"Well what?"

The all groan "Was that her? Beca was it?" Uncle Paul asks

I'm about to object but I'm beaten by the sound of a squeal "hey! I know that Beca girl! Chloe told me that she loves her."

I drop my head

Everyone is smiling "So it is her" Dani confirms

My Nan joins in "She's awfully pretty, isn't she?"

Everyone nods "Yeah, she's really pretty"

Maybelle adds in "Oh and Chlo Chlo told me that she's really nice as well"

I put on a fake smile; well I might as well go with it seeing as they probably won't ever meet her anyway. I mean it's simple, pretend that she is my girlfriend for a couple more weeks, let them adjust to the thought of it and then tell them that we broke up. Simple and Beca doesn't even have to know about it.

"So how long have you guys been a thing?" Asks Dani

I think to the beginning of the year when I first met her "Uh at the beginning of the year"

Some nod, some gasp "You've been hiding this from us for months on end?" My aunt Josie asks shocked

"Well I had to make sure it wasn't just a stupid little fling" I say reassuringly

She nods "Oh good, so it's serious?"

"Uh I guess, as serious as any college relationship"

Everyone chuckles "Hey! Lexie and I met in college" Brad states

"Well that's a good sign for Chloe then"

I nod "Hopefully"

"Well we'll have to meet her then." My Nan says

"Uhhhh I don't kno-"

"Oh come on Chlo, it'll be fun. I have to meet her" Says Brad

"Yeah I want to meet her too" Maybelle agrees

Natalie adds in "The twin's birthday is in a month and you're coming to that right?"

I nod "Of course"

"Well then you can bring Beca with you"

Chatter erupts, all agreeing, getting excited and planning everything.

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