No Single Raindrop

Matriarch Benezia T'Soni, on Siari, Athame, and Asari Culture, through the lens of those left behind.

As gathered and organized by Liara T'Soni-Shepard

My mother was a believer.

She believed in the power of almighty Athame, in Her compassion, Her protection and Her guidance. She believed in the wisdom of siari, in the concept that everything is merely piece of a larger whole, a stunning work of art by hands we cannot see, on canvas too broad to behold. She believed in the ability of science and education to life intelligent beings to a truer and clearer understanding of the Galaxy, of life, of love.

In the end, while my mother did commit very terrible and tragic acts, she proved that her love and her faith were stronger than ancient monsters of the dark, of old machines and older powers, and that the Sun does indeed always rise.

I have collected as many of her writings, and as much of her spoken wisdom, as I can, in an attempt to recreate the core of her original teachings, before she was broken by life and sorrow. I do this not only as a way to reconnect with happier memories of my mother, not only to redeem her name and her teachings, but because I think they have value in our broken, shattered society.

The very core of what she taught was simple, almost turian in a way: Everyone must take responsibility for their interactions with the universe. If you act in a dark fashion, what you leave behind will be equally dark. If you act in a selfish manner, when you pass on to the Abyss, you steal away from the greater whole.

We often tell ourselves that our actions are, in the greater scheme of things, harmless. Corporations act on profit rather than pity, mercenaries follow distasteful orders to get a paycheck and maintain their reputation, and governments turn a blind eye to the evil actions taken in the name of 'preservation'.

My mother summed this up with a single phrase, one that she eventually took up as her own motto: No single raindrop blames itself for the flood.

Siari weaves through all things, even for those who do not believe in it. There is no being, no act, no subject that can be isolated from the impact it has on others. Every raindrop that falls into the lake is important. Every minor action has an impact.

A/N: There is no real documentation on how the asari worship Athame, or about siari. And there's a crippling lack of insight into the character of Benezia before she turned to the darkness.

This document , a series of short passages, will attempt to fix that. I have no clue where it's going, but it's going. The time setting will be after the defeat of the Reapers, but it will tend to focus on concepts and asari culture (well, Premiseverse Asari High Culture seen through the lens of Liara, so double lolz) as well as siari and asari philosophy.

There will also be snippets of Aethyta/Benezia and a few other surprises. Updates will tend towards irregularity.