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A/N: Written for Fag End's Halloween 2014 Zombie Uprising challenge for the prompt "romance."

She does think it's sweet. She really, really does. She thinks it's the sweetest, most flattering thing Spike's ever done for her since he fell in love with her, and he's been tortured, suffered life-threating trials, and died for her. (He even babysat when she asked him too.) But this is definitely the sweetest.

She just… doesn't like it is all.

But it's really sweet.

She does appreciate it. Every moment, every breath, every syllable of it. She's known he was a poet for years. It had stopped being a secret a while back, even. She knew it. The group knew it. They just didn't get to know the actual poems (except for Angel for some reason, but she still had nightmares about slashy-smoochies and didn't really want to ask about that).

And for about as long as she's known about Spike's poetry, she's known about Spike sensitivity about his poetry. And it makes it way more sweet and way more flattering and when she thinks about how crushed he'd be if she laughed at the forced rhymes or awkward word choice or the drippy, overly-floweryness of it, it makes it easier to not laugh.

When he finishes reading he sits back and she sees terror in his eyes, but also hope, and so Buffy puts her arms around him and kisses him and tells him exactly what she thinks.

Just not all of what she thinks.