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Alvin lay on his bed listening to Max ramble on about some snowboarding thing. He really wasn't interested but didn't have anything better to do. He also kind of liked listening to Max's voice. Of course he'd never say that out loud. He could never tell his little secret. No, his big secret. Max Asher had every girl swooning for him. Unfortunately Alvin had somehow been tacked in with that group. Yes Alvin was in love with Max Asher, the boy he was sharing a room for, a boy that he had nothing in common with, a boy who considered him like a brother. He could never say that out loud.

"Shred, are you even listening?" Max called. Alvin jumped, not realizing he'd closed his eyes.

"No not really" he admitted. Max frowned but just rolled his eyes.

"What could possibly more important than listing to the amazing Max Asher recount his greatest victory?" he said, protecting to be insulted.

"Watching paint dry" Alvin said sarcastically.

"Watch it bro. You don't wanna make me angry." Max warned in a pho angry tone. Alvin laughed at him and got up, heading to leave the room. "Oh no you don't" Max yelled, jumping at the other boy. Alvin screamed in shock as Max put him in a head lock and started nuggying

"Ahhhh" Alvin screamed trying to wriggle out of the other boy's grasp. He was both angry and exited that Max had his toned arms around him. Finally Max released him.

"That'll teach you" Max laughed. Alvin growled at him and stomped out of the room. Two hours later Max had left the house to practice snowboarding again. Alvin grudgingly headed back to his room to start on the robot him and Howie were supposed to start almost a week ago. His mind just couldn't concentrate with Max looking over his shoulder, fascinated at what they were doing. Alvin hated that cute little confused face made his insides melt. He felt like a pathetic fan girl. Only three minutes after Max had left Howie slid through the window.

"Alvin! Robot Time!" She squealed in a very un-Howie like way. Alvin gave her a weird look. "Do you have all the supplies?" she asked, more seriously. She had picked up on how distracted he was, but thankfully never asked why. Everyone knew he couldn't lie.

"Yea" He told her, nodding his head. For the next hour they worked in perfect harmony just like they used to before Max Asher. Of course Alvin couldn't hope to go the rest of the day without being reminded of his terrible crush.

"So where's Max" Howie asked. Alvin only froze for a second, not long enough for his young protégé to notice.

"Training" Alvin said, in a monotone voce. Howie sighed, looking sad.

"That's unfortunate" she said, looking at the wall. Alvin could almost see the cartoon bubble over her head depicting Max Asher, with his amazing hair and eyes, not to mention his abs. Howie had never seen the other boy shirtless but Alvin shared a room with him and he had to admit the boy was amazingly hot. He never dared to look any lower. That would be so wrong in so many ways.

"Alvin" Howie called, waving her hand in front of his eyes. The cartoon bubble above his head popped.

"Sorry I got distracted." He said. Howie gave him a look somewhere between annoyance and confusion.

"Who is she?" Howie asked.

"What?" the older of the two asked. Now his heart was pounding at a thousand miles an hour. Actually that wasn't true. If that was true he would be dead.

"You have the Max Asher look." She smirked.

"What?" Alvin squeaked, fear flashing through his eyes.

"You have the look I get when I think about Max" she smiled, her thought bubble returning for only a second. "So who is she?"

"There isn't anyone" He told her, his voice squeaking toward the end. Howie gave him a look.

"You've bee acting weird all week. At least last time you told me who the girl was." She mumbled. She was actually hurt that he wouldn't confide in her.

"There isn't anyone" He told her sternly.

"Fine" she hissed at him. "Be that way. I just wish you wouldn't keep secrets." At that moment the front door opened and a certain snowboarding champion walked in.

"Howie please" Alvin begged.

"No" she hissed.

Max froze his hand outside the door. Shred and Howie were fighting. IN his entire time here he'd never seen them fight.

"There isn't anyone" Alvin told her again.

"Yes there is" she said angrily, sadness in her eyes. "I tell you everything. Why can't you do the same? She stepped out the window.

"Wait" Alvin nearly shouted. Howie stopped, one foot out the window. "Come back in" he muttered. She did as she was told, sitting down on Max's bed.

"Well?" She asked after a second.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone" Alvin said. Howie looked confused, the fear evident in his voice.

"Ok" she drawled out. Max had his ear to the door now. Alvin's voice became a whisper and Max couldn't make out what he was saying.

"I kind of have a crush on Max" Alvin whispered. Howie's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open.

"OH My God" She yelled "You like MA….mmnnnmmm" Alvin covered her mouth.

"Shhh" he hissed. "Do you want the whole house to here?" Howie nodded her head, promising to keep quiet. Reluctantly Alvin removed his hand.

"You're Gay" she hissed, not out of anger but out of shock.

"No" Alvin grumbled. "No" he said more calmly. "It's just him." Howie sat quietly on the bed.

"Do you want me to leave?" she asked. Alvin nodded.

Outside the door Max's mouth was wide open and his brain didn't seem to be working. Shred liked a guy! It was a shock but he was also really disappointed. He was disappointed that Shred didn't trust him enough to tell him. They were supposed to be bros.