Title: When you say nothing at all.
Author: Ginny
Summary: Ginny has to tutor Draco and then some really neat things happen, then some sad things happen, and then some happy things happen.
Pairings: H/Hr, R/L, and of course G/D.
Time period: Summer before Draco's 7th year.
Spoilers: I don't think so.
Rating: PG-13
Date: 11/23/02

Disclaimer: I owe nothing. I am only borrowing them and playing with them for a little while. If I feel like it maybe I'll be good and put them back when I'm doing... MAYBE!

Author Note: I know that there *HAS* to be a story out there somewhere where there is tutoring involved, but in no way am I trying to steal or copy anything. Tutoring is only in the first few chapters.

Author Note #2: This is my first time writing a HP story so please be kind when reviewing.

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WARNING!!!: I *WILL* be using song titles as chapter titles, so if they seem a little weird title chapters, it's mainly just because. ~*~HP~*~S&G~*~D/G~*~HP~*~S&G~*~D/G~*~HP~*~S&G~*~D/G~*~HP~*~S&G~*~D/G~*~

Warning #2: At some points Draco and Ginny will be acting out of Character


Last day of testing...

"Pens down everyone," Professor McGonagall called out, "Please bring your papers up here and place them on my desk."

Everyone stood up and brought their papers up to her desk. She wished everyone a good summer as they came up. Each student wished her one too and left. When Draco Malfoy came up to her desk, she asked him to stay. Ginny put her test on McGonagall's desk and
went back to sit at her own desk.

Draco sat in a near by desk and waited for McGonagall to talk to him. After a few minutes Draco turned to Ginny and asked, "What are you still doing here, Weasley?"

Ginny, who was one of the very few girls who wasn't scared of Draco, said, "I asked Professor McGonagall to correct my test before I leave. Though I don't see why that's any of your business. What's your excuse?"

Before Draco could reply McGonagall looked up and said, "Miss Weasley, Mr. Malfoy, please come up here." The two walked up to her desk. She smiled and looked at Ginny, "Congratulations Miss Weasley, you got a perfect score," Ginny was beaming, "And I got
you into next year's advanced Transfiguration class too."

"Really?" Ginny squeaked loudly.

Draco had to rub his ear to make sure that he could still hear out of it.

"Yes, really."

"Thank you Professor! Have a good summer!"

She didn't say anything to Draco and was about to leave when Professor McGonagall said, "Not so fast. I need you to stay." Ginny stayed put.

McGonagall turned to Draco, "Now Mr. Malfoy, we had a discussion a while ago."

Draco nodded and said, "I remember."

"Well, you didn't fulfill it."

Draco's eyes widened, "You mean I failed?!"

"I'm sorry, but yes."

Draco sighed, "Does this mean I'm not going to move on to my 7th year in September?"

Ginny was feeling bad for him, but then realized, 'Oh my gosh! If he doesn't move on, he'll be in my class!!'

"Well, no. I've talked it over with Professor Dumbledore. We have discussed it and because you have tried harder we are going to pass you." Ginny was shocked; could they really do that? Ginny just shrugged.

"Thank you Professor," Draco paused for a moment and then said, "Why did she," pointed to Ginny, "have to be here to hear that?"

"I am not done. We have decided that we will pass you, but I am assigning you a tutor."

"A tutor? Who are you going to get to tutor me?" He asked.

Professor McGonagall waved a hand towards Ginny.

"NO!" they both exclaimed.

McGonagall let out a very disappointed breath of air, "Now Miss Weasley, Mr. Malfoy, you really have to stop this huge feud." The two looked at each other and looked away.

"I'm sorry Professor, but I don't really think that you can make us do that," Draco said boldly, then added, "can you?"

"Actually no," the two let out a sigh of relief, "but if you two don't, I shall write a letter to your family and tell them that they need to set you up with a tutor who you see fit."

Draco's face dropped; there was no way that he could let his father know that he failed Transfiguration. "Fine," Draco whispered.

Ginny just glared at him. Draco turned, mumbled a 'Good-bye' to Professor McGonagall, glared at Ginny, and walked towards the door thinking, 'I'll just study really hard and won't have to worry about Weasley'.

"Oh and one more thing," McGonagall called after him. Draco stopped and turned
around. "I will be writing to Mrs. Weasley about this whole arrangement and will ask her to keep me posted."

"Why Professor, don't you trust me?" Draco said.

"No, Mr. Malfoy, I don't," and she went back to grading her papers.

Ginny said 'Good-bye' to the Professor and walked over towards Draco.

"Weasley, I swear if you tell anyone--"

"Whom am I going to tell?" she asked and started to walk out of the classroom.

Draco walked up to her and said, "Your brothers, Potter, that Mud--"

Ginny stopped in her tracks, turned around, and gave him the evilest look, "Shut it Malfoy. If you dare speak that way about Hermione again, I swear I *will* tell everyone, including your family, and that's not a threat."

Draco looked a little stunned. "Well, well, looks as though the littlest Weasley has finally grown a back bone."

Ginny kept on walking, "Everyone but my mother and father will be gone this summer," before Draco could say another thing, "All the boys, including Harry, Hermione, and Lavender are going to Romania to visit Charlie and Sarah."

Draco couldn't help but hear a little bit of disappointment in her tone. "Awww, and they didn't want their baby sister to tag along, huh? What, is Granger still afraid that you'll steal Harry away?"

Ginny stopped and turned around. "I mean it Ferret Boy, don't try me! I'm not in the mood for it." Before Malfoy could say another word, Ginny continued, "I will send you an owl as soon as everyone leaves." With that, Ginny turned around and ran down
the corridor.


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