Hey guys this is my first ever Naruto fic, but it's not my first fic. I've been bouncing this idea around in my head for awhile now, and after being thoroughly disappointed with the manga's ending it inspired me to officially write this fic. Since I've never written a Naruto fic before I'm not to verse on japanese suffixes or jutsu translations(I might just write the jutsus in english), so bear with me on those. Also I've never written a fight scene before so if it sucks I apologize. If any of you know of a good place to translate jutsus into from English into Japanese please let me know. So with that out of the way let's start the fic.

"Normal Speech"



"Kurama/ Inner Sakura Speaking"

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They had done it. Naruto couldn't help the smile that spread across his face as this realization hit him.

They had defeated Kaguya, Madara, and Obito and saved the world. Infinite Tsukuyomi could be stopped, and everything could go back to normal.

"I can't believe we did it." Naruto thought as he looked at Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi. All of them were exhausted after the nonstop fighting they had endured.

"You really pulled through on this one kit," Kurama's ying half said with a small grin gracing his face.

Naruto did a full 360 looking at all the bijuu that were standing around them. Seeing the beast he was looking for Naruto's face lit up.

"Oi! Kurama!" Naruto yelled to the Kyuubi who was now towering over him. "I missed you man, did you miss me to!?" Naruto yelled waving to the demon fox, who he had recently befriended.

"Shut up you baka! I didn't miss you at all. Besides my ying half is still sealed inside you." Kurama yelled in mock anger as he flipped Naruto off.

"Aww come on I know you love me!" Naruto said holding out his fist for Kurama to bump. Reluctantly Kurama extended his massive paw and bumped fists with Naruto, causing a massive grin to form on both their faces.

"To think a shinobi could come along and befriend the bijuu, and have them offer him assistance. Truly remarkable." The Sage of Six Paths said as he watched Naruto with a small smile on his face.

"Obito too... Naruto was the one to save Obito, and drag him out of the darkness." Kakashi said as he looked at his student talking with the tailed beasts, as if they were long lost friends.

"Hmm then when I see Obito I'll have to have him tell me all about it." The Sage said

Suddenly Kakashi started to collapse, but he was quickly caught by Sakura.

"Sensei! Are you alright!" Sakura said worried that Kakashi was hurt.

"I'm fine Sakura, I'm just exhausted." Kakashi said as Sakura helped him stand up.

Just then Naruto walked up to the group, just as the reanimated Hokage were getting ready to return to their proper place in the after life.

Naruto walked up his father and they exchanged heartfelt goodbyes, causing both of them to tears. Naruto wished he could have more time with his father, but he knew he didn't belong in this world. But it still broke his heart to see his father slowly fade away, until there was nothing left.

"Farewell dad, I love you and mom so much." Naruto said as he rubbed the tears from his eyes.

Sakura and Kakashi were both saddened to see Naruto have to say goodbye to his father. Sasuke just looked on with an emotionless mask.

Naruto turned to all the bijuu, who were discussing what they planned to do now that they were free. The Sage of Six Paths explained that since Naruto had all their chakra in him, that he was a sort of meeting place for them. That if they ever wanted to talk, they could do it through him.

"So how do we undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi? Do you need our chakra?" Kurama said asking the question that was on everyone's mind.

"No all we need is Naruto, since he has all your chakra in him, and Sasuke's rinnegan." The Sage explained, but an uneasy feeling washed over him as he looked at Sasuke.

"Now what about you Sasuke?" The Sage asked narrowing his eyes.

Sasuke paused for a moment before he answered.

"Let me think about it," Sasuke said as he lowered his head and his eyes darkened. "But first... I'm going to kill all the Kage."

This shocked everyone, but Hagoromo, who had a a sneaking suspicion about Sasuke ever since the battle ended.

"What did you say Sasuke?" Kakashi asked shocked by his former students words.

"Also... bijuu," Sasuke said his rinnegan blazing. "You are under my control, and I will destroy you as well."

"You bastard!" Kurama yelled as he tried to take a swipe at Sasuke. But he was stopped, when he and all the other bijuu were place under Sasuke's trance.

"He put the tailed beasts in a trance, from just one glance," Hagoromo said in shock. "Naruto I leave this to you, you're the only one who can stop this."

"You're right Hagoromo, but I won't end up like your kids. I'm not Ashura, and Sasuke isn't Indra." Naruto said as he stared Sasuke down.

"Sasuke are you still hung up on revenge?" Kakashi asked wanting to dissuade his student.

"A while ago yes, it was for revenge and destruction. But now I want to destroy and rebuild upon the ashes, I want a revolution!" Sasuke said with the most menacing face he could muster.

"A revolution?" Kakashi said confused.

"It's the current Kage, who have made the world the way it is today. That's why I'm gonna become Hokage and change everything." Sasuke said as he turned his back to everyone.

"Chikbaku Tensei," Sasuke said forming a hand seal. Suddenly the ground started to shake. As the tailed beasts were lifted into the air and encased in large spheres created from the Earth.

"Now that the bijuu are taken care of, the only obstacle left... is you Naruto." Sasuke says just as Naruto lands in front of him.

Naruto takes a deep breath and looks Sasuke right in the eyes.

"This shit between us ends right now, Sasuke." Naruto says calmly his eyes full of determination. "Just let the bijuu go. I know them now and they won't do anything evil, Sasuke." Naruto said trying to persuade his friend.

"You don't get it Naruto. You've got a little of all the bijuu's chakra in you, and I must destroy all of it." Sasuke said continuing their stare down. "Once I kill you, I'll use the captured tailed beast's chakra to undo this genjutsu

"There's no way in hell I'm gonna let you do that!" Naruto said getting angry.

"Fine, I'll just kill you first then, Naruto. Let's head somewhere else." With that Sasuke turns to leave.

But Sasuke was stopped when he heard Sakura call out.

"I know there's nothing I can really do to stop this, but I did love you Sasuke," Sakura said as she supported the exhausted Kakashi. "But I never thought you'd turn out like this. Please Sasuke, we're all finally reunited, don't do this."

Sasuke turned his head to look at Sakura, and he had an evil smirk on his face.

"You're so annoying, I'll shut you up for good." Sasuke said, and with amazing speed he was in front of Sakura. His arm extended and crackling with electricity, as it pierced Sakura's heart.

Sakura's eyes widened as she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"Sas...uke." Sakura managed to say before she fell over, her blood staining the ground surrounding them.

Naruto watched on in horror, praying that he was in a genjutsu. He formed a hand seal and flared his chakra.

"Kai!...Kai!...PLEASE KAMI KAI!" But to Naruto's horror the scene didn't change. Tears started to pour out his eyes as he ran to Sakura.

When Naruto reached Sakura, he immediately took her in his arms. He checked for a pulse, there was none. Naruto hugged Sakura close to his chest and sobbed openly.

"Hn, how pathetic," Sasuke scoffed as he continued to walk. "I believe we something to finish, Naruto."

Hearing Sasuke say that, something snapped inside Naruto. He let out a growl as he looked at Sasuke.

"I was gonna try and convince you to stop this, but now I"M GONNA KILL YOU!" Naruto yelled his eyes turning red.

Sasuke for the first time was actually afraid of Naruto. He had never heard Naruto speak that way, and he had never seen him so angry.

"Fine try your best, dobe." Sasuke said before he took off.

Naruto looked down at Sakura, and chocked back one more sob before a look of fury spread across his face.

"I swear Sakura-chan, I will avenge you." Naruto thought as he tightly held Sakura on last time.

Naruto looked at Kakashi who was too shocked to speak, but he did have a few tears falling from his eyes.

"Sensei, please watch Sakura-chan for me. I'm going to finish this now." Naruto said as he handed Sakura's lifeless body to Kakashi.

Kakashi dumbly nodded and clutched Sakura to his chest, and held her in his arms. The silver haired man looked down at his student and fresh tears fell from his eyes.

"Sasuke, you've gone too far this time. You are dead to me!" Naruto thought as felt Kurama's chakra course through his body.

"Go get that bastard kit!" Kurama's ying half said lending Naruto as much of his chakra as possible.

With this extra chakra pumping through his system, Naruto raced after Sasuke. Ready to kill the man, who he had promised to save.

(10 Minutes Later)

After chasing after Saskue for over 10 minutes Naruto landed on Hashirama's head at the Valley of the End.

"Heh, I knew you'd come here," Naruto said closing his eyes. "This brings back a lot of memories."

"Nothing will change." Sasuke tried to speak, but he was cut off by Naruto.

"SHUT UP! You don't get to talk you bastard. This time things will end differently. This time I'm not trying to bring you back. This time I'm gonna kill you!" Naruto growled out his voice full of rage.

Without another word both former friends took off towards each other. They meet in the middle of the ravine, and there arms clash.

Instantly there both thrown back. Sasuke seizing the opportunity launched a massive fireball at Naruto.

Naruto quickly activated his sage kyuubi mode, and dodged the fireball. Sasuke suddenly appeared behind Naruto with a Chidori charged, ready to spear Naruto. But Naruto was ready for this and dodged attack and delivered a powerful kick to Sasuke's jaw.

Sasuke was sent flying back by the force of the kick, but he managed to straighten himself out and land on his feet. Quickly wiping the blood from his mouth, Sasuke activated his Susanoo.

Sasuke fired an amaterasu arrow at Naruto. But again Naruto dodged and went into his bijuu mode. Naruto quickly made a familiar handsign and two more bijuu mode Narutos appeared. All three of them made a bijuu powered Rasenshuriken in each hand, and threw them at Sasuke.

Seeing all six attacks flying towards him, Sasuke used his rinnegan to quickly teleport out of the way. But Sasuke had no time to relax as Naruto, still in bijuu mod, was already charging at him, with a Rasengan in his hand. Sasuke charged a Chidori in his susanoo's hand, and he started to charge Naruto.

Both attacks clashed, each trying to overpower the other. Am explosion rang out, and both Naruto and Sasuke were sent flying backwards.

Naruto and Sasuke were both exhausted now, each had used there strongest attacks and were out of chakra. But neither was ready to stop fighting yet.

It now came down to a battle of fists. Both traded and blocked blows. When Naruto would land a successful blow, Sasuke would follow with one immediately after.

"Just hold on kit, I've almost got some chakra ready for you." Kurama said as he gathered chakra and sent it to Naruto.

But to Naruto and Kurama's horror Sasuke grabbed Naruto and started to absorb the chakra he was receiving.

"Since when could this asshole absorb chakra!?" Kurama yelled in anger.

By now Sasuke had throw Naruto to the ground and had a Chidori charged. Naruto was so exhausted he could barely move.

"This ends now Naruto!" Sasuke said as he lunged towards Naruto, ready for the kill. Naruto however was not ready to give up. Mustering up strength Naruto managed to deliver an uppercut to Sasuke's jaw, making him stumble back.

Seeing his opportunity Naruto scrambled to his feet ready to finish this.

"Here kit, this is all I've got. Remember don't let him take it." Kurama said as he gave Naruto the last of his chakra. Both Naruto and Sasuke were battered and bruised, but Naruto was determined to kill Sasuke.

When Sasuke looked to Naruto he saw he had a Rasengan swirling in his hand.

"It's time to end this." Sasuke thought as he charged a Chidori, the electricity crackling around his arm.

In a flash they were both charging towards each other.



But just before the jutsus clashed, Sasuke's eyes widened when he saw Naruto's Rasengan change. A loud howling soud was heard as the Rasegan formed four spinning blades of wind. Naruto had managed to change his Rasengan into a Rasenshuriken.

Both attacks clashed, but this time Sasuke's Chidori was quickly overpowered. Sasuke was sent flying backwards as the Rasenshuriken was shoved into his chest. A blinding explosion went off as the Rasenshuriken destroyed Sasuke's body at the cellular level.

When the light died down Sasuke was lying in a crater gasping for breath with his right arm missing. Naruto walked up to the crater and stood over Sasuke.

"Just do it, finish me off." Sasuke wheezed out as blood poured from his mouth.

Naruto was hesitant, but he pulled a kunai from his pouch. Taking a deep breath Naruto plunged the kunai into Sasuke's chest killing him. Naruto dropped the kunai and fell to his knees. Tears fell from his eyes, as he was overcome with grief.

"My best friend, and the girl I loved. They're both dead." Naruto thought as he continued to cry.

Naruto didn't know how long he sat there, wallowing in his grief. But suddenly he felt a hand grasp his shoulder. Naruto turned his head to see Kakashi standing there with a sad look in his eyes. Naruto looked past Kakashi and spotted Sakura's body gently laid out on the ground. Then Naruto looked to Sasuke, he looked into his lifeless eyes. Then Naruto looked at Sasuke's rinnegan, then to Sakura, and an idea came to him.

"I've lost so much already, I refuse to lose her too!" Naruto thought as he steeled himself for what he planned to do.

Sakura had never felt so much pain in her life. When she felt Sasuke pierce her chest, she looked into his eyes and saw nothing but evil and hatred. Then he slowly extracted his arm from her chest. She managed to utter his name, before she fell over.

There was nothing, but complete blackness for what seemed like hours. But then Sakura saw a light off in the distance.

"They say to not walk towards the light, but it's like I'm being drawn towards it." Sakura said as she started walking towards the light.

When she got closer she noticed that the light was a small campfire. But that wasn't what struck her as odd. What struck her as odd was that there were two figures sitting around the fire, a man and a woman.

As she neared both people turned towards her. The man she recognized, but the woman she had never seen before.

"Ahh Sakura we were just talking about you," The man said.

"Yeah come take a seat ttebane"

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