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Disclaimer – I don't own Gundam Wing

By – Merc

Rated – G

Haiku of a Gundam Pilot

Blowing stuff up's fun
Fighting wars is what I do
No where is my Gundam?

I'm always happy
Gloriously I fight wars
Eat my dust Heero Yuy.

Shy is who I am
I am the brains of the group
And I am not gay!

I will never talk
And you will never make me
Now where is my phone.

Wu Fei
You're all very weak
You hear me? You are all weak!
Weak, weak, weak, weak, WEAK!

Two names I go by
I never decide on one
I am strong, you're not

Lady Une
Treiz is my whole world
I've two personalities
Thank God for contacts!

I need lots of help
Thank you Quatre and Heero
I am nuts for Zechs

I am a weird man
I really like bubble baths
I like to sword fight


Pure, true, strong, loyal
A Gundam pilot is these
Who cares that they kill?


Insane pacifist
I was once queen of the world
Come kill me Heero!

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